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  1. I'm kind of a conniver, but I'd just "steal" some interesting pieces and keep them in my pocket...lol
  2. Same issue here. I take Magnesium, but what really helps is L-Tryptophan, 1000mg right at bedtime. I still wake up, but I just go right back sleep. It affects how I dream, too. I'm not sure why. It helps w/ anxiety/depression, too.
  3. LOL! My 18yo cannot form a cursive 'K' to save his life. Unfortunately, he has a K in both first and last names. He kind of makes an "l" then goes back and makes the "less than sign" on it. I laugh my butt off every time!
  4. When this happened to me, I acted like I was happy (dh knew I wasn't), then bawled all the way home and demanded he start planning a vacation for our family. (Since the party cost as much as the trip I'd wanted to take that "we can't afford"). Boy, was I ever mad.
  5. Reading the Ralph Moody books would be of similar value, I find that helps me a lot and is inspiring. Know you aren't alone! My husband finally got a new job after 27 years of making less than 30K. I work full time and have for the last 8 years (and part time before that). And NOW, finally (youngest is 10) we are doing better!
  6. We took my 10yo there when he was 3...he loved the characters most of all, and most of the rides were great for his age in MK. We got to the parks each day at 8:30am, then left around 1 and napped/swam, then would go back for dinner or just to leisurely hang out or see fireworks. He remembers nothing now! But he did have a great time. At least you are going when the weather will be wonderful! It was 95 every day for us :)
  7. Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom Le Cellier in Epcot Boma (if you like a big variety of exotic flavors) Coral Reef in Epcot We were not impressed with Tutto Italia. I spent some time looking at menus on allears.net and tried to find places that had dishes that were within our tastes.
  8. Thank you! I will check these out! It is really hard to find anything at consignment in a plus size, sadly!
  9. Anyone know of a good place to find a plus size short homecoming dress (looking at size 18, probably)...are there online places that sell used inventory? I have looked on Ebay and at the following stores: Deb, Torrid, JcPenney, Macy's, and Goodwill so far. We found one at Deb, but it wasn't her exact size and we'll have to order online and take a chance on that, plus their clothes are pretty cheaply made. Any advice welcome!
  10. My ds had 3 warts in one area for the longest time. One day he picked at one and made it bleed, so I applied a bandaid with "boo boo blend" on it. (BBB is fractionated coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil in it). He left it on that night and I thought no more about it. About 5 days later, the warts were gone (no re-application!)...I couldn't believe it! All that to say, the tea tree oil works!
  11. My son is 8 and there are only about 3 kids on his team that I would consider even close to "skilled"...There are only 2 who can catch a pop fly, throw with accuracy, and catch a ball that is thrown to them with some speed to it. About 1/2 the team can hit the ball and the ones who can't are not listening to their coaches about swinging level and quickly. So, I think he's fine to start at 8! :)
  12. Costco has great rates, if you are a member. Also, check on hotwire and priceline for better deals.
  13. We didn't have too much problem--we had 2 kids at the time who were 7 and 4 (we took dh's dad out there with us to see the Grand Canyon and ended up staying a night or two in LV, which he also wanted to see). We stayed at the Rio, which is a block or two behind the strip, and it was great--3 pools and no problems. There were a few drunks/weirdos on the street. All in all, it was fun and they probably remember being shocked at the Roman Statures outside Ceasar's Palace more than anything! :)
  14. Kale chips (google, they are so easy to make and surprisingly delicious)...you can do the same technique with broccoli, too!
  15. I like them all...I've even seen ones with people like Susan Lucci and Tori Spelling as the "Scrooge" character and enjoyed them :) If you like musicals, you might like Kelsey Grammer's version. It had its ups and downs, though!
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