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  1. On the desk area: library books, radio, nail polish rack filled with essential oils, my church bag, my knitting project bag, my purse, and a bunch of board games that the kids need to put away. The perimeter counters: knife block, crock filled with cooking utensils, drying rack, blender, mortar & pestle, kuerig, bread machine, toaster, basket for bread, and oil diffuser. Island: recipe binder, napkin holder, magazines, rice maker & crock pot (child needs to clean and put away), and onions.
  2. I have a kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing. In fact, every person who comes into my house remarks on my awesome kitchen. I hate it! The island is a double island so it's way too big. The area between the island and the other counters is too far apart. I have to call out when I'm moving something hot from the stove or oven onto the island so the rest of the family is out of the way because of the space. But it looks great. ?
  3. Go to Catalog Choice and request all of the catalogs to stop mailing to you. I did this for myself and it is wonderful. It's a free service. I was also able to do this for catalogs for the previous owner of the house.
  4. This 100%. Contact an attorney as soon as you can. Hugs!
  5. I agree with the others. As an agent, I would advise my clients to not accept an offer like you propose. It's not very strong and the timeline is too ambiguous.
  6. Wow! My mom was a family law attorney. She's had several clients like your husband. Had one where she was trying to get him to settle. He said that he'd rather the attorney get all of his money than his ex.
  7. Larkrise to Candleford and Grantchester. I just started watching Grand Hotel (it's Spanish with subtitles).
  8. I started reading it and just can't get into it. I'll try again when I finish the book I'm currently reading. A friend said it was a good book.
  9. We won't be going out of town as I have to teach on Sunday. We'll probably go for a hike Sat & Mon.
  10. I'd call a Husky rescue. Try to get in touch with the neighbor too.
  11. Glad for the update. My DH got upset with DS for a similar thing this weekend. DS is usually home by 1 on Sat but there were two events happening at work which went until 4:30. DH didn't know and DS didn't call to let him know. He blew up on DS which doesn't really help at all.
  12. I know my sister's ex-DH's birthday because it's one day off from mine. I don't even know what month her 2nd DH's birthday is in. I don't think I've ever been told my other sister's DH's birthday. I don't think my DH knows his sister's DH's b-day so there's no way I would know it either.
  13. ashfern

    So angry!

    I don't even have words for this situation. The only good thing is that she's moving far away. Hugs to you & your son.
  14. You need to complain to her broker as she's not listening to you. Keep in mind that in some offices there is a secretary who does all of the data entry for listings into the MLS. She may not have access to be able to make those changes. I worked for a brokerage where I was unable to do anything with the listings. It was very frustrating.
  15. It's great for the way I eat cupcakes. I take the bottom half & put it on top. So the icing is the filling of my cupcake sandwich. I find most cupcakes dry so this helps make them moist and easier to eat.
  16. Congratulations!! That's my biggest fear right now. I don't want to go through the baby stage again. I had my youngest just before turning 42. He's great but so much busier than the others were. At least I have the rest of them to help. ?
  17. We did a long time ago. I don't remember the agency. The first girl stayed for a year. She was very rigid and our personalities clashed. Our 2nd girl was a couple of years older and she stayed for two years. She really acted as part of the family. We're still in touch with her.
  18. Bathroom & kitchen. Make sure there aren't any strong odors (pet, perfumes, etc). Make sure you take down cobwebs, dust baseboards, dust/clean blinds & windows, do a "spring cleaning" where you catch those things that you don't do as often.
  19. Could you make a compromise and find out what his schedule is in advance so your cleaning people don't disturb him?
  20. I wouldn't have eaten those because I would figure the donuts could be soggy from the strawberries next to them. You say that you didn't know the bride-to-be. Do you know the groom? I wouldn't have gone to a shower if I didn't know the bride. Actually, I don't go to showers even when I know the people. ?
  21. For outside workers I always offer cold water. Most of the time they have their own but I feel bad when it's so hot out.
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