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  1. Most places will have a trial class where you can see how the instructor interacts with the kids and what they teach. If he wants to get to black belt then you will need to stay at the same dojo. Our first experience was awful. The people there couldn't teach. He just expected the kids to know what to do by following him and his wife/co-owner seemed like she hated kids. We switched to a new place and loved it. We've been there for 12 years! My son earned his 3rd degree black belt last year and my oldest daughter is testing for her 2nd degree this weekend. They do American style karate.
  2. I used to subscribe to the Free Library of Philadelphia because the ebook selection is far superior to my local library. I think it was $50 per year. I live in GA and it was super easy to sign up online.
  3. Glad you got it. My suggestion was going to be to spray saline into your eye to lubricate it.
  4. Found this site had interesting info on the dates as well. Understanding dates on egg cartons
  5. Here's what I found searching about the date on the carton: "Dates on egg cartons and all other food packaging reflect food quality, not food safety. A “Sell By” or “Expiration Date” ensures eggs aren’t kept on shelves past a certain date. However, eggs can be safely eaten 2-3 weeks beyond the expiration date or sell by date." I'd probably call the store so they can check the rest of the inventory.
  6. Are you sure you didn't step on something? When in doubt go to the doctor.
  7. I cannot use the epilator on my legs. I have tried so many times and it is just too painful. But I do use it on my armpits. 😆
  8. Baked beans, fruit salad, pasta salad.
  9. Enjoyed the first session. Love the choir most of the time but they made I Am a Child of God sound like a funeral dirge.
  10. My sister has very pale skin and dark hair. She gets her arms waxed when she gets her legs done. For your daughter, I would just suggest she shave.
  11. Two older girls have church camp the first week of June. We're hoping to be moving so will be busy with that. May try a trip up to the mountains.
  12. Congrats! My 16 yo started at the high school in 10th grade. She is doing great academically but hates the social aspect of it. This semester she's taking half of her classes at the school and half online. For her senior year, she's signed up for dual enrollment.
  13. Mine works from home. I make our biggest meal of the day for lunch. When he worked in an office I didn't pack his lunch because he hates sandwiches. He would eat out with his coworkers.
  14. My kitchen and family room are totally open to each other. There is one little pillar to hold up the 2nd floor. The family room also is 2 story and there is a walkway upstairs. I HATE it. I told me DH that our next house will not have any 2 story rooms. The open area is nice for entertaining as our kitchen is really big (I call it ridiculously large) with a double island, room for our 8 person rectangle table, and I put a sideboard to have a bit of separation from the family room.
  15. I"m an adult convert. I have a lot of LDS friends who married someone who wasn't. The religious issue for them didn't get bad until the kids came. Then the LDS parent wanted the kid raised in the church and the other parent did not but was not active in their faith. The biggest issue with marrying someone outside of the LDS faith is that church is a HUGE part of our life. We have 2 hours (love the change from 3) of church on Sun. We have a weekly activity for kids starting at 8 yo. There's daily seminary for the high school kids. Depending on your calling, you will have additional hours of prep. I'm a secretary in the Young Women's organization so I have those duties that I do weekly, a monthly meeting, and if needed I have to teach. My DH is a secretary for the Bishop. He has to be at the church about 1.5 hrs before church and then stays as long as needed. He also is at the church on Tues night while the Bishop meets with people. Sometimes he will be there from 7-10. My 16 yo is a secretary for her class. She is expected to be at the weekly activities and has a monthly meeting. I could see where someone not of our faith would get resentful of the amount of time that we devote to our church activities and callings. Add in what the others said about having the same values and dating outside the faith would be difficult.
  16. I was wearing mine when he was 4 yo in the Ergo. His legs were getting too long and he complained that it hurt his crotch. He was still within the weight limit of 50 lbs. I believe he was around 45 lbs. I was still able to carry him around without difficulty. Was great when we were touring a historic home and he was easily contained. I did have to watch out for him grabbing stuff.
  17. My DD school choir has matching black dresses for the girls (short sleeve, sweetheart neckline, ankle length) and the boys wear tuxedos with black bowties.
  18. I was also going to suggest Facebook Marketplace.
  19. I only expect to get sick if someone has a puke bug. Otherwise, I wash hands more often and down massive amounts of vit C.
  20. The guy came to set up our internet and asked me for a username. I didn't want my actual name so I picked the street name. I use it a lot but not exclusively.
  21. This is the best update you've ever had. Hope that everything falls into place and you can be done with him soon!
  22. Hilarious! I love the details that can be seen when these are huge. 🤡
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