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  1. Bathroom & kitchen. Make sure there aren't any strong odors (pet, perfumes, etc). Make sure you take down cobwebs, dust baseboards, dust/clean blinds & windows, do a "spring cleaning" where you catch those things that you don't do as often.
  2. Could you make a compromise and find out what his schedule is in advance so your cleaning people don't disturb him?
  3. I wouldn't have eaten those because I would figure the donuts could be soggy from the strawberries next to them. You say that you didn't know the bride-to-be. Do you know the groom? I wouldn't have gone to a shower if I didn't know the bride. Actually, I don't go to showers even when I know the people. ?
  4. For outside workers I always offer cold water. Most of the time they have their own but I feel bad when it's so hot out.
  5. I would get the ducts cleaned. It's not too expensive. We had it done when the carpets were cleaned because you had to stay out of the house for a day or so.
  6. Thanks for everyone's input. I read the synopsis that prairiewindmomma posted and decided that this book just isn't for me. I returned it to the library tonight.
  7. I might have an older half-brother. Would be nice to know as officially I have only sisters.
  8. My understanding is that it's loosely based on her grandmother's story.
  9. I have managed to read 16 pages of this book. So far, the younger brother was bitten by a snake & died, they were attacked by Indians and 2 of their party died plus the older brother had his leg amputated, the girls were attacked & the youngest raped by two random dudes that the main character shot & killed. Seriously only 16 pages in!! I'm reading this for our book club not for pleasure. I have read 5 other books since starting that one. Anyone have a quick synopsis of this book or a compelling reason for me to finish it and not return it to the library ASAP.
  10. I assume the SPCA would come out with humane traps. A threat would be saying she was going to poison or shoot the cat. We have a problem with loose dogs. The non-owners complain and the dog owners (in general not the loose dogs) say there's no problem. ?
  11. Saw Mission Impossible Fallout over the weekend. It was good for an action movie. I figured out the plot twist very early on but it was still entertaining. Vanessa Kirby who played The White Widow was stunning.
  12. This. It's not for kids even though it's a cartoon. My 13 year old is always asking about shows that I find inappropriate. I usually tell her when she's 16 she can watch it. I figure by then she'll be more discerning in watch she wants to watch.
  13. Are your messages being forwarded? That always delays on the receiving end.
  14. Looked it up on, "Rated R for language and some sexual material"
  15. If you don't want to deal with washing the reusable ones (I just toss in with towels) then a vacuum would be best. Or you can get a dust mop.
  16. Thankfully this house has solid doors. Our old house did indeed have glass french doors into the bathroom. Very annoying when one is trying to sleep & the bathroom light was turned on.
  17. Our bathroom has the toilet in it's own little room so that's not as annoying but just once I would love to have a full shower/get dressed/dry hair without being bothered. I can't lock the door because we have french doors. Who ever thought that was a good idea?
  18. Public school starts tomorrow, the 1st!! DD and I went and walked her schedule this morning. I'll start the rest of the kids the 14th or the 21st. Our extracurriculars start on the 6th.
  19. I have been trying to teach my husband this. Any gift from his parents must be kept FOREVER. When his mom helped clear out her parents home she brought us a bunch of things that we had bought for his grandparents over the years. I don't want or need these things but he won't part with it.
  20. We did not enjoy that show at all. For supposedly highly intelligent people they did a lot of amazingly stupid things. I only finished out the season because DH insisted. I was ready to bail after the 3rd episode.
  21. We started watching Sneaky Pete. I LOVE Bosch! I got my parents hooked on it when they were visiting. It got them to have my sister set up their tv to be able to watch Amazon Prime when they got home.
  22. I donate and figure that the staff will decide if they are going to put it out or not. I wouldn't donate things with stains or holes.
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