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  1. One of mine had that when she was little (under 2). At the urgent care the doc just popped it back into place. Kid was in pain before but no problem as soon as it was fixed. Hope they can do the quick fix for your DD.
  2. Adding to what the others have said. You could use disposable plates, cups, silverware for her. I would do the 2 weeks confinement like the experts are suggesting. No visits from boyfriend. It lives up to 12 hours on hard surfaces and less on fabric. Leave her things in the garage for at least that long.
  3. Is she wandering the store picking out the groceries? Do you have any cases in your area? My 17 yo works at Hardee's. She said that she will quit if we get any cases in our county because she doesn't need the money to live off. They called yesterday to let her know that they are going to drive-thru only.
  4. I didn't vote because I still don't have gray hair. Most of my younger (in their 30's) friends do color their hair. My older sister colors her hair. For me, I wouldn't do it because I don't want to have to be dying my hair every 6 weeks. I'm a low maintenance kinda gal.
  5. We had ours cleaned in our "new" house. This house is almost 50 years old, there was a mold issue in the basement, we had remodeling done so lots of drywall & other dust, and the vents are on the floors. So, definitely worth it for us. They pulled out chunks of carpet, brick from the fireplace we had removed, puzzle pieces, dead bugs (there was a wasp problem), and lots of dust. I am the one with allergies and made DH get it done. It wasn't very expensive & only takes a couple of hours.
  6. That's a weird place to store a product that touches food. Will that argument work? Honestly, the main cook gets to decide where to put things in our kitchen. That's me! Can you move the junk drawer somewhere else?
  7. Seriously! On the one hand, it's a free service to the user so they have to make $ somewhere. On the other, does any company give a though to privacy anymore? We don't use many medications so I've only ever used it a handful of times. Guess I'll go ahead and delete the app.
  8. We had 4 different people come out to quote us for replacing our windows. We went with the middle priced company because we meshed well with the sales guy.
  9. The one from Costco is supposed to be the best of that kind. I found that it wasn't accurate on my forehead but behind the ear worked on me.
  10. I think there's also a family dynamic thing. When we went through our hard times, my DH refused to ask his parents for help. I did let my mom know what was going on and we "borrowed" money from them (she refused our repayment). I don't think he ever told his parents that we went through a bankruptcy. It was hard not being able to ask them for help. They would have helped but I know that his dad would have been a jerk about it.
  11. What a mess! That is why I won't get one for my kids. DH got one for our 14 yo that is full of foam instead of the pellets.
  12. Congratulations to both families. I agree with everyone else that your baby is so gorgeous!
  13. My step-father is the same. He wears under armour shirts (long sleeve) under his shirts practically all year long. He likes them because they are form fitting and keep him very warm.
  14. Peanut butter & jelly. Can go on crackers or any type of bread. Canned meats: tuna, chicken, chili, etc.
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