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  1. I would and have been there for my siblings in whatever way I can/could be. Some of them would be there for me.
  2. She's applied to 7 other schools. Northern & Arizona University are her top choices, and now she knows she can go to one of them. She's thrilled and I'm thrilled for her :D
  3. I'm pretty sure if it's a girl she'll be Molly, unless we find a name we like better :001_smile: I love Ella too, but I think it's to close to dsd13's name (Elizabeth). Madison was one dh really liked, I like it too but I know 4 girls with the name.
  4. I've tried and tried! It never works. :glare: Everyone always gives us the hand me downs, the kids get clothes for gifts, the older ones have their own money to buy clothes too. It got so bad I made dd14 go through her clothes recently and get rid of some (3 boxes worth) now she's has 29 shirts, 10 hoodies/sweaters, 16 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of jean shorts, 7 pairs of sports shorts, 7 jerseys, 3 work shirts, 3 skirts, 8 dresses & 15 pairs of shoes. She's bought most of it with her own money or we're given to her. It is insane!
  5. Grace will be the middle name for all of them. We can't decide and I'm curious what others think :)
  6. :grouphug: No advice but I'll pray. :grouphug:
  7. What about Delia's? We don't have a store in our area but dd14 gets the majority of her jeans from their online store.
  8. Love the name Lucas :) Thanks :001_smile: Mackenzie is so popular around here! dd8 has 3 friends with the name. I do like it though. Love it :) Thanks everybody I'm hoping I have enough names on the list now that we can find one that everybody likes. :)
  9. :001_huh: ? I don't like nicknames very much, my mom started calling them by their nicknames when they we're babies then it stuck. The only one we planned is to call Lucille Lucy, we would've just named her Lucy but we named her after my Grandma. It is, Thanks :001_smile:
  10. It's cute, but the name Anna is really popular around here. Thanks though. Thanks! That's cute too, dh said he doesn't like it though. :glare:
  11. I lean more towards Old Fashioned names, but there are other types of names I like a lot too. My biological kids are Natalie, Richard (Ricky), Darren, Alexandra (Lexie), Caroline and Lucille (Lucy) and my step kids names are David, Stephanie, Elizabeth and Andrew. We're trying to stay away from names with that start with the same letter as the other dc. I'm hoping if I have a long enough list we'll be able to find a name everyone likes! :bigear: ETA: Thanks for the website suggestion it looks good, I'm going to see if our bookstore has the actual book to buy :)
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