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  1. :blush: Yikes! But I feel for the mom, she may regret her spelling now.. Like me :001_huh:... I wanted my DD's name to be spelled differently. We loved the name Brianna, but i didnt want people calling her Briana... We also wanted her nickname to be Bree.. So.. Breaunna it was .... Id change the spelling of her name if we had an extra $500+ laying around. I really HATE having to spell out her full name when we sign her up for stuff :eek:.
  2. Team Illuminate!!! I also loved kinetic king, even though I knew he would not win
  3. If she is asking for one, go let her try some sports bras on & see if she finds anything that she likes. I blossomed VERY YOUNG -- in 2nd grade my mom was told by the school I had to wear something :blush: under my shirts! Also make sure to teach her at a young age that Bra fit is important. I dont think I started wearing the right size bra until my late teens. I just would keep stuffy my growing chest into whatever bra I already owned & was overflowing everywhere...
  4. So since DD was about 3yo we have been debating homeschooling. DD is now almost 5 with a late birthday so she gets an extra year at home before being old enough for Kindergarten. Well, we are "officially" homeschooling this year for prek to get a feel for it & see if this is something we really want to do. It is going pretty nicely! But Ive noticed when strangers talk about school I CANNOT bring myself to say the word Homeschooling:blink:!! I just smile & nod that she is excited for K next year & no she is not going to PreK.. But my bigger problem is family! We are very close to them & have always valued their opinion.. But I know homeschooling is something they will automatically be against without a thought.. When I mentioned it to my mom she jumped right to dances, socializing & the usual stuff HS are use to, I think she wanted to cry.. And I know my DH side of the family wont be very happy about it.. I'm just afraid I wont be able to stand up & defend our choice & actually go through with HS. I'm worried when it comes time to sign her up me & dh will bend under the pressure & just say "well why not, let just try it" and never look back unless we are forced to (dd getting bullied or something like that). Im afraid of making the wrong choice & my child is the one that will suffer.. :001_unsure:.. Any advice?
  5. We do more than 4 problems a day, maybe 2-3 pages depending on DD. We dont do every page in a lesson & I try to stop before she wants too,its great to leave them wanting for more ;). We are only on Lesson 11 I think (weaning from the green). and its SOO slow! But Im sticking in there! We usually will watch the dvd on most days just so DD may pick up on something she may not have the first time watching it.
  6. What are some of the books your K'er just fell in love with? Any books you think "every" K'er should be read? What books on tape/cd did your K'er love to listen to? Right now my DD loves the book "Nothing" by Jon Agee & we just checked out other Agee books that she is enjoying, it seems she has found her first favorite author :001_smile: !
  7. We are doing a light schedule for my DD, I schedule everything weekly but because we are taking our time, sometimes it last for 2 weeks :lol: . I have MUS & OPG that we do a few times a week. We read 1 bible story weekly, and may do some type of activity to go along with it (ideas from abcjesuslovesme.com). Every week we learn about 1 animal, do a letter craft (A alligator, B bat) and then classify them on our board. DD likes to paint & does so often for fun. I would like to add a little more. Nothing heavy. I cant decide what is best for her age. Id like something that is planned out for me, if its not then most likely it will not get done. I was thinking about: the states, countries/continents, history, composers, artist or character traits.. Would learning about composers/artist at this age be good? Ive heard of HSers focusing on 1 composer/artist a month. Is there any curriculum out there that lays it all out & is age appropriate for a soon to be 5yo-- that is not too pricey!? :D Anyone have any advice, or a good curriculum that would fit a stb 5yo?
  8. thanks! I guess I will have to go get some mint ice cream & blue mints :D for DD.. She only knows mints as red/white peppermints.
  9. My Dd is on L. 11 (weaning from the green) in the Primary book & we are trying to come up with some fun names for the different blocks. We are having problems with naming 2. So what did you name your blocks? Here is our list: 2. Oranges 3. Little Piggies 4. Lemons 5. :confused: (dd said lakes) 6. Grapes 7. Clouds 8. Chocolate 9. :confused: we cant really think of anything, its a close color to #5!
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