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  1. I would like to buy my almost 9 year old a “real” Bible, not a kids Bible. Her sister, who has always been a great reader, got one at this age so she would like one as well. This daughter is a struggling reader though. I want to find something that has chapter and verse numbers like any Bible, but she may be able to read it sooner than most versions. Any advice?
  2. As my oldest will be in 6th grade next year I am thinking it is time to move her into something more formal for both science and writing composition. Agreed? Both of these things we have done organically in the past. We do museum programs, state park programs, snap circuits, travel journals, mystery science, language lessons, and so on but nothing formal. I'd love any suggestions of 6th grade writing composition program and science curriculum options. For science we will want a Biblical worldview. For both, I don't want anything overwhelming or incredibly time consuming.
  3. My dd10 has not done much (probably not enough) composition. We have done handwriting and Language Lessons for the Very Young Child along with spelling and reading. We'd like to add a program to improve her ability to compose sentences and paragraphs. She likes to doodle and be creative, so something a little artsy would hold be great. Where do we start?
  4. My 8 year old has no ability to cope with time deadlines. Games that require her to do something in a set amount of time cause her to panic. Are the challenges in mathletics time based?
  5. My DD8 (2nd grade) needs some practice on addition facts. I am not too worried about her memorizing all of the facts or being able to respond on a timed test, but I feel like she needs to get more comfortable with them to allow her to continue doing well in math in general. The apps we have tend to all have a time factor which really stresses her out. She has trouble even trying to do the math because she is so worried about the blah blah that is going to happen in however many seconds. lol. Any suggestions for low pressure apps to practice addition and subtraction?
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