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  1. Because she knows from experience how these "discussions" tend to go.
  2. Becoming the pretty typical MO for this board.
  3. So glad to hear your update! Remember the solid ROCK upon which we stand...ALL other ground is shifting sand. HE IS ENOUGH. ❤️ And He will NEVER leave you or forsake you!
  4. I've been thinking about you, also!
  5. Their uniforms are easily seen on their website. Don't look dehumanizing to me.
  6. One simple TRUTH is that if people would quit committing crimes and hurting other people, then we would not need the police. Problem solved. Maybe this little slice of Seattle can show the rest of us how it's done.
  7. Sure, laugh at me. But you see, Dot, this isn't the first time you wished people to hell who disagreed with you. It's hard to hear what you have to say when you fling such vitriol to people with whom you disagree.
  8. There's a lot of people our there making good money by pandering.
  9. Again, this poor man was murdered! FULL STOP and it should NOT have happened! That's what wrong with this board and why so many just choose not to engage: someone references a person who presents a vastly, unapologetically different point of view than what you deem right and you wish them to HELL and call her story garbage.
  10. That's quite an assumption. This man's murder is gross (and many other things) AND VJ's metaphor is gross. Both are true.
  11. The same could be said about Candace Owens...although she did say b*llsh*t
  12. Denouncing evil actions (and prosecuting)...YES Defunding the police... NO
  13. I'm posting a thank you sign for delivery drivers. Do you think snacks are appropriate right now?
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