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  1. Keep updating as you know more. Praying for him (and you)
  2. have missed "hearing" your voice here!
  3. How would it go over here if one said: Every American on this board uses their talking to non-Americans manners on here. Or if post #1 replaced American with any other country/culture of choice? And people responded frankly and honestly. I find the discussion quite interesting, but I do see why it may rankle some.
  4. Would she let you clean her house (dusting, vacuuming, etc)? Bedrest makes one feel so helpless. Twenty years ago, I was on bedrest (and meds) for 12 weeks. It's a marathon! I still have such fond memories of the friends who stopped by for lunch and a visit. Just having something to look forward to like a visit helped make the time bearable. My DF-i-L cleaned and vacuumed for us... one of my dearest memories of him. Best wishes as you bless this dear family.
  5. YES! That's it. Wow, thank you! I knew the hive would be able to help!
  6. I'm trying to remember an obscure grammar book I came across a few year ago. I can't remember the title but it was a workbook-style book with a white cover and black lettering. The author was female. The method was to ask questions about the sample sentences: What was the subject....what was the object...etc. I think it also taught sentence patterns or simple diagramming. I think the name was similar to Easy Grammar (but it in NOT that one). It is also not any of the more well-known programs. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
  7. Question for those whose teens got their tonsils removed: Did you use a pediatric ENT or an adult ENT? Any suggestions either way?
  8. Perhaps a whistle on the key ring. or those one of those flashlights that "blind" (disorient) a give someone time to get away or make a spectacle and draw the attention of others.
  9. Found ours at Target. Good to know about what happens when they do break!
  10. I recently got rid of all my chipped (thanks to rough kids), bulky, heavy Pfaltzgraff and replaced it with Corelle. LOVE IT and should have done it years ago! I picked a simple but pretty pattern. We use them in the microwave.
  11. I remember.... Thank you for the lovely update.?
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