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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions! We have decided to to teach my son First Form Latin this year and really focus on that. I think we will leave the latin vocab to future years. It all looks great, but I think I should not add other words when we are already doing a latin lesson during the week.
  2. We do not talk of our finances to others. We think that it is a personal matter. Our parents may know when times are hard but they do not know the extent of it. What good does it do others to know how well off you are or how poor you are? We live in a world that judges. If people know how much you make they begin to wonder why did you purchase that if you only make this much and are having a hard time. Maybe you were blessed with some money and were able to make that purchase or maybe you go a steal of a deal. If you make a lot people tend to wonder why did this person not do this or that with their money. I think we are living in a world where everybody knows everything about everybody (thanks to facebook). What ever happened to privacy!
  3. Dogs can get expensive with food, vet bills, and boarding. But, they become part of your family. You love them and why wouldn't you take the time to groom them and care for them. They are a nice companion to have and a great way to learn responsibility for the kids. You'd spend the money on your kids right! So why not a little on a dog! I have to admit though after our dog passed (very sad :001_huh:) it was nice not to have to vacuum the furniture all of the time.
  4. I remember playing one once where you had to match the animal with what its baby was called. Ex: Kangaroo and Joey Goat and Kid You will be surprised what baby names for animals you will find. It can be a challenging game and fun to learn. Also, you could do a fill in the blank nursery rhyme game.
  5. It amazes me also how many people think they are broke. I will hear how things are tough for them yet, they take their family of 6 out to dinner and then to the movies. For us times are tough. My dh has 2 jobs and I stay at home with the 4 young'n and homeschool. We moved to MN 6 years ago. Sold the home in MI just as the economy there was tanking. The very little we got from the sale of the home was used to pay off the credit card that was used to fix up the home so we could sell it. (Got rid of the CC after that.) Homes in MN were twice as much as in MI. We now had no down payment. Lived with the in-laws for 2 years and are now in a rental. Rent is going up so we are searching the house and garage to sell items to help make the rent payment. Once had the american dream, maybe some day we will again. (sigh!)
  6. I would be in trouble! The four I have now all have the initials JMP. If I had to come up with 13 more names that started with J then people might think were the Duggars. :001_smile: Actually, I only like one more J name for a boy and no more for a girl. I guess I had better hope our next one is a boy!
  7. When in doubt don't do it!! I agree about keeping your daughter in your room and having her move her personal items out. If it was me I would rather have my daughter in the room with me than a nephew I had not seen in four years.
  8. When we lived in Watertown, my husband commuted to work in Menomonee Falls (just north of Milwaukee). He found some back ways to work and just loved it. Beautiful commute.
  9. I went to college at Maranatha in Watertown. I graduated in '96. (I lived off campus this last year as I was married. Different perspective than on campus.) I have a sister that attended there later. When we went back for her graduation in 2001, I was shocked at how grown the area had become. I have not been there since, but I can tell you what they had 10 years ago. There was a larger grocery store called Pic-N-Save, Piggly Wiggly, Kohl's, Walmart, newly redone town library (very nice), Ponderosa, McDonald's, Hardee's, Walgreens, Culver's, Perkins, Pizza Hut, hotels, and a hospital. The city has grown so much, yet just a mile or less out of town and you are in a rural setting. It has everything you need and I am sure a lot more over the past 10 years. It is an hour from Madison and an hour from Milwaukee. There is an outlet mall in Johnson Creek, not far away. If you want to live closer to the freeway than I would check into Johnson Creek or Sun Prairie. If I remember right Watertown is about 20 minutes from Johnson Creek and 30 minutes from Sun Prairie. Another city nearby is Oconomowac. This city had a nice little restaurant called Mug and Muffin. I can remember sitting there eating a bread bowl filled with hot chili in the cold winter... anyway, I am rambling. There is a ski hill in Oconomowac if you ski downhill. Just for some added info - Watertown is also home of the first Kindergarten and Octagon House. Here is a link to there city. http://www.ci.watertown.wi.us/ Hope this info helps.
  10. I am not sure which route to go for vocab this year. My DS will be in 4th grade. We have used Wordly Wise 3000 in the past. He will be in Latina Christiana II this year. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  11. I started all of my children off using Bob Jones for Kindergarten and First Grade. I like their phonics and reading program. I continued through the beginning of 3rd grade with my oldest. I then learned about Shurley English and started my DS in this curriculum a few months into the school year. I liked it at first, but found that their classifying of sentences were too easy. It was easy for my son to pick out the pattern. Shurley does not teach diagramming and to me that is important. (R & S does.) Also, we already had a vocabulary program. Since Shurley includes one in theirs we had a lot of vocab words during the week. Plus, I did not like the writing program. Don't get me wrong, my DS learned a lot, but this just was not the curriculum for us. This year we are going to be using Rod and Staff for 4th grader and the rest of my younger children. I have friend who is a classical elementary school principal. She reviewed the R & S and she thought that the topics being taught were comparable to Shurley. Hope this helps.
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