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  1. Ok, I am so excited after researching Dancing Bears Phonics/Reading curriculum. My 7 year old has issues with reading left to right, and I think the cursor technique might be a HUGE help for her. She did pass the little reading test line, so she could start at Fast Track AB. So, wondering about the difference between Apples and Pears and AAS. Which do you prefer and why? My DD is a terrible speller at this point, and has great difficulty in writing composition as well. Is one program better in her case? Any information on how either of these programs work for you child would be helpful. How long does each lesson take? Daily, I assume.
  2. I would still welcome more ideas. I realize that a language arts "SET" is not ideal for a gifted child, but in my situation I really need a self paced curriculum for her next year. It will be her 1st grade year (by age), so I doubt she will miss out in any way. I realize she might not be getting to her full potential next year by doing this type of curriculum, but I can't figure out how else to teach her 2 other sisters. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the input, more is welcome. I am unfamiliar with some of the abbreviations: MCT Grammar KISS Grammar IEW TWSS Also, why wait till 2nd grade for MCT grammar? I don't know anything about it, so that's why I'm asking. She is able to classify a sentence forwards and backwards and write stories with ease. Thanks.
  4. I posted a question similar to this a few months back, but I still am not sure where to head with my oldest daughter on Language arts curriculum for next year. She is a mild struggling learner who is age 7, 1st grade this year. She is staying on grade level right now with reading and grammar, only because we did a remedial reading program by Dianne Craft ALL year long. It has helped her reading fluency, dysgraphia and dyslexia tendencies tremendously. She still has some mild struggles reading completely fluent, but mostly her struggles are now with spelling and writing (not handwriting, but writing composition). I am puzzled what program to pick for next year. I am planning to continue to use Dianne Craft techniques with whatever program we get, plus continue the brain training program. My DD will complete Shurley English Grammar 1 this year, plus Sonlight reader grade 1 readers. She also has completed the Go Phonics readers this year (for dyslexic readers) with the Dianne Craft Phonics book/program. She is testing just at grade level, which is honestly a miracle. What is a good transitional program for children who are now trying to transition from remedial to age level? She will be 2nd grade next year, but again her spelling is awful and her ability to write any type of story, letter, journal, etc.... is very, very difficult. What are good programs for writing for a child who struggles to get thoughts on paper? And what about spelling? I will still use the Dianne Craft approach, but wondered what is out there for spelling for a challenged learner. And then of course grammar? Shurley English did work for her bc she is an auditory learner, but need way more writing for her and at a more basic level.
  5. Hi everyone, I am so overwhelmed with what curriculums to pick for next year. I have 4 daughters ages 7, almost 6, 4.5 and almost 2. Anyway, my oldest DD is learning challenged, so she needs MOST of my attention, along with my 3rd DD who will be Kinder next year. So, I am looking for a language arts set/package curriculum for a gifted child age almost 6, who reads at a 3rd-6th grade level. She was a kindergartener this year (but did all 1/2nd curriculum). Her comprehension is about 3rd grade but she can read easily up to 6th grade level. I had her tested at a local Sylvan and her results were off the chart. She passed every single phonics sound at 99% (even the highest level ones). Her spelling is fabulous. We have worked through the 1st 1200 commonly used words list, I got from Dianne Craft. She is already in the 600's for spelling. She is also an excellent writer. She can write friendly letters, 2 point paragraphs, stories, etc.... No problem. I was thinking I want about a 3rd grade level for her to start with next fall? I honestly (say this with guilt) need her to be on a self paced curriculum with language arts, that she doesn't need much help from with. I was hoping for a program that has grammar, writing, reading, maybe spelling too. She did Shurley English Grammar 1 this year, and excelled beyond it (but I don't have time for SE next year with her). She also read 2nd grade Sonlight readers and Abeka 2nd grade readers which she has finished. In addition, she finished Explode The Code 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 this year. She also finished the entire Hooked on Phonics set grades k-2nd. So, I bought the Hooked on Phonics Master Reader set 3rd-8th grade, in which she finished the first level (3rd grade). Please help me!!! I am so lost as to what language arts curriculum would be good for a gifted child, but also self paced and require little help from me. Don't get me wrong, I will still be helping her, but her 2 sisters will need more help from me next year. I want her to reach her potential, but honestly I have to keep her oldest sister functional or she won't keep on grade level. Is there anything that will work??? I don't want to hold her back because I am so busy.
  6. My 2nd DD (of 4) is age 5. She will be 6 in May. This year in school, we call her a Kindergartener. She is actually do much higher level work, though. I am struggling to know how far to push her. In my opinion she is definitely gifted. This year we started her on a 2nd grade reading program - Sonlight 2nd grade readers, plus Hooked on Phonics 2nd grade, plus Explode the Code 3. She finished all those programs. She is now reading Hooked on Phonics Master Reader set (which is 3rd-8th grade, I believe). She is already through the first level. She also finished ETC 3, 4 and is 1/2 way through 5. I recently did some online screening/testing to see where she falls for reading. On Sonlights reading screen online she tests into Level F (which is ages 10-13)!!! No way, do I think I should skip her ahead that far. On another online test she scored 3/4th grade in reading comprehension. That is where the problem is, I think, because she can read most anything but doesn't always understand the story because she is only 5. So, suggestions regarding what program or level to use next year. Do you just go up one level from this year? I was thinking she could keep doing her Hooked on Phonics, ETC progressing at her pace, and then do Sonlight 3rd grade readers? Is that too low, or good? What about phonics? Is it ok to move forward if she reads with no problems? She also spells great. Thanks for your input. This is a good problem to have, I realize especially since my oldest has the oppositive issue.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I will explore the AAS and other curriculums. I did email Dianne Craft, so I am waiting to hear her response. Will post when she replies. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  8. Didn't realize there were so many other Physical Therapist Moms who were homeschooling. I too am a PT that specialized in pediatrics when I worked. I have some questions too regarding VT. I did see lots of my patients going to VT but hadn't thought to consider it for my oldest DD. My oldest DD is 6 years old in the 1st grade. I would call her a struggling learner. She tests on age level, but everything is a struggle for her. Every new concept is a struggle. Reading is a struggle along with writing, especially free writing (not handwriting per see). We have been using the Dianne Craft Brain Integration manual along with Dianne Craft Phonics Program. She is progressing well, but still struggling with reading. She DOES read but her fluency isn't great at all. She mixes up letter and sounds all the time. She skips lines on the page and misses whole words at times. I can tell she sometimes is combining the next word with the previous word when reading. (ex: The cat ran. - reads: A rat can). I have suspected dyslexia but have no desire to get a dx. I did an online dyslexia test 2 months ago, and she barely sqeeked by as normal, but all the words she got right had been in her Dianne Craft program on her cards. She learns them from picture cards in color with the word embedded in the picture. What specifically will VT address? Is is indicated for her? I highly doubt there is one in my area, probably have to drive 1 hr - 3 hrs depending.
  9. This year I have been using the Dianne Craft Phonics program with my oldest DD age 6, 1st grade. She is a struggling learner but is staying on grade level (barely at times). I think the program has helped a great deal, but we will finish the Phonics book by May. We have been using Go Phonics readers along with the program (they are suggested for dyslexia, which I believe she has). She will finish all these readers by May as well. Where do I go next? I haven't done any other program with phonics for her this year. This is her first year homeschooled. She does read Sonlight readers - I Can Read Series at bedtime. I am at a loss as to where I go next with her regarding reading. She has gained a lot but her fluency still isn't' great. Her comprehension is excellent, though. Suggestions? What program have others used after Dianne Craft? What works well to transition into? I own Hooked On Phonics K-2 and Master Reader. I also have used ETC with my 2nd and 3rd DD, ages 5 and 4. Thanks.
  10. Can't comment on FLL, but my DD's ages 5 and 6 both love Shurley English Grammar. My oldest is a struggling learner and SE is VERY auditory with the jingles and chanting. This has been a lifesaver for her. She gets it and can do the work with ease now. Both my DD's now can classify a sentence forwards and backwards with ease at ages 5 and 6. Se does have TONS of repetition too. Some people love that, some hate it. We will be doing SE again next year. SE is very intense an in depth grammar IMO. I think the writing portion of SE is weak at level 1, so we supplement with a Plan, Prompt and Write book for Journal writing. Good Luck.
  11. Can you ladies tell me more about biblioplan? Is it similar to a Sonlight? How is it laid out. I was thinking of doing SOTW 2 next year and someone mentioned Biblioplan to go with it. I am unfamiliar with this program. Does it have a bible study for Year #2? I didn't see one on their website.
  12. Looking for a Bible Study curriculum to do next year with my 3 dd's who will be ages 5, 6, 7- grades K, 1, 2. They are actually all ahead even though the oldest is a struggling learner. We did Leading Little Ones to God this year along with Sonlight 1- ancient civilizations. I am seriously considering doing SOTW 2 with activity guide for History at this point. Is there a bible study that would go well along with this? Someone mentioned Biblioplan, but I couldn't figure out what it really was from their website. It looked like it didn't have a bible study for year #2, plus it looked like there was lots more reading than SOTW? I am looking for something that has memory verses, bible readings and commentary to read. A coloring book to go with it would be awesome too- or some kind of hands on quick activity. A music CD for memory verses is great too bc my oldest is a VERY auditory learner. Any ideas? I had considered looking into Ken Ham stuff, but not sure what?
  13. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the input. I am looking into SOTW 2 and activity guide for next year. Sounds perfect for what I am wanting. Thinking Sonlight read alouds from Core C will work. Leaning toward Abeka 2nd grade readers for my oldest who will be 2nd grade. Also, leaning toward Sonlight 3rd grade readers for my 1st grade (who is gifted). Question: Does Abeka have a teacher's reading guide? Kinda like Sonlight that paces the books for you for the year? I know there are already comprehension questions in the books. Still needing a little guidance on Bible curriculum for next year. We are doing Leading Little Ones to God this year. It has been good and worked out well. The only thing I would like better would be to have coloring pages or very brief activites to go with it. Not a necessity but would be nice, coloring pages mostly. Also, without a Core like Sonlight or MFW will want some kind of memory verse schedule to follow. Sonlight has that for us this year. Thoughts on that? You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for all the input. You are really helping! :)
  14. Wow, that sounds like a good option to use SOTW 2.... BUT I am so unfamiliar with it. Can someone tell me more about this book, and activity book? Do you need to pace your own readings in this book? Should you finish it in 1 school year? Will all 3 ages of my girls be appropriate for SOTW 2 next year (ages 5, 6, 7)? How is the activity guide? Is it useful? What about the test guide? I saw one for SOTW 1, but not SOTW 2. Is this useful? As far as read aloud's, I'm liking the idea of using Sonlights 2 list and reading at our own pace. I'm wondering if Sonlight 2 is middle ages too. That would work out great. For readers, need to think more on that. I have sonlight K, 1 and 2nd readers, but like I said can't use the 2nd for my 2nd grader next year bc her 1st grade sister read them this year. I have Abeka 1st and 2nd readers too (given to us by a friend from a private school in town). I am thinking my oldest will be okay to read 2nd grade Abeka readers next year when she is 2nd grade (I hope anyway). I still will need a 3rd grade reader option for my 1st grader bc she is reading so well. Maybe sonlight lists and using our library? If I use SOTW, I think I will need a good Bible supplement study. Any thoughts on that one? Considering A is for Adam, or the 7 C's of creation.
  15. Edit: See later post. Please give me more info on the SOTW. And ideas on a Bible Curriculum. Thanks. I know it is early, but I have been trying to decide what curriculum to use next year. I don't know tons of homeschoolers in my town, and this was only our first year homeschooling. Background: My girls are ages 6 (1st), 5 (K), 4 (pre-K), and almost 2. DD#1: 1st grade this year. Mild struggling learner but on grade level. Possible dyslexia, and mild ADD symptoms. We have used Dianne Craft this year with GREAT success for memory strategies and making learning stick. DD#2: K this year. GIFTED. She is reading on a 3rd grade level without evening trying. She has already finished Math this year and moved on to the next grade. DD#3: Pre K this year. I am starting her in K next year, even though her bday is Sept 6th. She is reading early readers with 3-4 letter words. She is still sounding out words, but knows several early sight words. Most of her readers have 1 -2 sentences per page. This year we have done: Sonlight 1st grade: ancient civilizations for History and Bible. Leading Little Ones Supplement for Bible. Did not love bc too much reading at them in my opinion. Not much hands on. Shurley English Grammar 1: for DD#1 and DD#2 - working GREAT for both of them. Spelling: Dianna Craft first 1000 words Horizons Math: age level for both. ETC: for DD#2 she finished books 2, 3, and 4 already this year. She is on book #5. DD#2 Get Ready for the Code, Get Set for the Code, Go for the Code (almost finished with them) Hooked on Phonics: 1-2 grade set completed by DD#2, Master reader 3rd grade + set through first green level. Dianne Craft Phonics with Go Phonics Readers: DD#1- working great but we will be finished by the end of the year. This is a struggling learner/reader program. Science: Apologia Exploring Creation with junior notebook. Do not like this at all for these ages. It is good for older kids, I bet but not this age. Handwriting Books by Carson Dellosa: age level Supplemental books: Kumon Money, Kumon Telling Time, Tons of File Folder games and Center Solutions, Hands on games, History Pocket, Lapbooking for History, etc.... For next year, I am struggling with what History, Bible, read aloud’s to do. I am pretty sure I want to do: Nancy Larson Science 1 Math: Horizons Math K/1 (for the K) dd#3 Horizons Math 2 (for the 1st grader) dd#2 TT3 for DD#1 (for the 2nd grader) Phonics: Hooked on Phonics DD#3 (K-2 set), DD#2 (master reader) ETC: DD#2, DD#3 Grammar: Shurley English Grammar 2 for DD#1, DD#2 Shurley English Grammar K for DD#3 Handwriting books with all 3 (maybe cursive with DD#1) So, any thoughts on a History, bible, read aloud’s and maybe readers that I could use for all 3 girls. I do realize I will need separate reader for each by level. I have looked into: My Father's World- Adventures (don't think I can do the K, or 1 bc we already have LA) Worried this is too high level for DD#3 at K. Winters Promise- Hideaways in History, or American Story 1. Worried the crafts are too time intensive. For bible do, I need supplement to MFW or WP, if I use them? What about: A is for Adam or The 7 C's of Creation Also, for readers I don't feel I can use my 2nd DD's readers with my oldest (her older sister) next year. I KNOW she will recognize she is behind her sister and those were her sisters readers last year. So thinking I need 2nd grader readers for DD#1. I am hoping she will be ready for a regular reader next year. She is reading Sonlight 1st grade readers and Abeka 1st grade reader at bedtime BUT Go Phonics readers during school bc they are better to teach her with. Thoughts? Maybe if I go with MFW or WP they have readers? Just have to figure out how to not let them know they are on a different level. I am OPEN to any suggestions. I am kinda stuck and can't figure out what to do regarding History, Bible, readers. Thanks. Sorry so long.
  16. So, what has everyone used for a multiplication jingle/song? Where did you get it? Any free ones? Can you download any? Thoughts? My oldest DD is a very auditory learner, so I want to find a multiplication jinlgle for her. Thanks.
  17. I have been using Shurley English grammar 1 this year for my accelerated/gifted K and my 1st grader. I plan to use SE 2 next year for them also. Well, next year my 3rd DD will start Kinder. She is reading very basic readers at this point already. She isn't behind but I wouldn't call her gifted either. I am starting her a little early based on her birthday, because she won't turn 5 until September. Anyway, on to my question... I saw Shurley English has a classroom edition for K (but not a homeschool edition). I am looking into it for next year. Has anyone every used this at home? Please share any info about how it worked and if you liked it. Thanks.
  18. So, I know there is so much curriculum out there and this is my first year to homeschool. My DDs are ages 6, 5, 4 and 1. This year my oldest 2 have been my priority so far, bc it is there first year being homeschooled. BUT... does anyone have ideas of a good curriculum/workbooks or whatever for my 4 year old. She is very bright. She has begun to read hooked on phonics readers (the yellow box), but I don't have much time to do 1 on 1 with her this year. She is mostly reading 3 letter words and is definitely early reading. I need some ideas for specific curriculums/workbooks that might engage her but also help her move forward (but be self paced). I know that is a lot to ask for a 4 year old, but I am a bit overwhelmed this year. I wish I had more 1 on 1 time for her during schook. She does do Get Ready/Set/Go for the Code books. I have Kumon handwriting books, and Hooked on Phonics. But mostly she does busy work while we school. She does participate in History, Bible, and Science with us but I know she is ready to be learning more. I just don't know what she can do, without me having the time to do 1 on 1 with her. I was thinking of ordering a set of Horizons Math K, since I already have the TM from DD #2. I know she could do the first 1/2 of the book, since we already finished it with my 5 year old (and it was easy). Any other thoughts? I know there are great phonics/reading programs out there and probably other math programs that would work. I am just not sure what?
  19. Hi everyone, This is my first year homeschooling and I am learning a great deal. I now realize that I picked some curriculum(s) that aren't working. I really dislike the science curriculum I bought for this year. My girls are ages 4, 5, 6 and the baby is 1. My oldest 2 are very bright, and I think my 2nd DD is gifted. Anyway, that being said I wanted a faith based curriculum so I picked Apologia Astronomy Junior. It is WAY too much for us this year. Maybe it will be usable someday, but not for at least 2 years. So, now my dilemma.... Do I skip science all together this year? I hate to do that, but I don't have anything else to use. I have looked into creating my own unit studies but it is too time intensive this first year for me. I want something easy to pick up and just do science but fun. I want it to be not too time consuming. I know that is probably asking too much, right? I just don't know what to do, now. I am so overwhelmed with schooling this year, that making my own science curriculum is too daunting. I have looked into Nancy Larson Science 1, even though it isn't faith based, but it is so so so pricey. I don't think I can afford to buy much since I already spent on the first program. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  20. Fairly new to this forum, and a new homeschooling mom this year. But that being said... Misses: Apologia Astronomy - elemenary edition. WAY, WAY, WAY to advanced for my girls at ages 4, 5, and 6. I want to like it but it isn't working at ALL for us. Looking into Nancy Larson instead, but don't want to shell out the $$$ for it. Shurley English Grammar- so far not a fan. We will see. The girls like the jingles, but not sure the rest is going to work.
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