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  1. Help me out... what's CLRC? Thanks for the help. Looking up the Latin now you recommended.
  2. Trying to come up with a accelerated plan for next year for my 2nd DD. She seems to have her greatest strengths in LA and music and creativity. She is 11 and will be continuing with some of our regular curriculum next year, but I would like to add some other things in for her. I may also consider online LA classes that are for gifted kids. She has been using: Memoria Press Literature guides (1 grade ahead) Fix It grammar (middle school) IEW writing (medieval next year) Diana Waring History Revealed (this one allows her to do amazing creative projects and dig deep for presentations and reports) Duolingo Spanish and Getting Started with Spanish All about Spelling (finished) Figuratively Speaking Guitar and Voice lesson weekly Piano lessons weekly She's also a competitive club travel team soccer player How can I challenge her and allow her to continue to pursue her love of writing, reading, language arts, foreign language? 1. What options are out there for LA online for the gifted? I looked at the Stanford one and it doesn't have good reviews. We are looking for something that won't contradict our Biblical worldview at the moment. Open to suggestions that are secular, though. 2. What is a good 2nd foreign language option? And what curriculum do you recommend? I was thinking about latin, but not sure what to add next. What is a good starter Latin for her at 11? 3. Wondering about a creative writing program that will guide her to write short stories, poems, maybe novels, etc...... I saw a mention of Cover Story, but I am not familiar with it at all. I'm thinking I would need to drop IEW for her if we add this area? Does that sound right? 4. Should we add a vocab program that focuses on roots and which one? 5. Poetry memorization and study..... suggestions? 6. Literature reading list that is advanced but content isn't inappropriate? She can read anything put in front of her, but sometimes the content is just too mature. Open to other suggestions. I don't know that I will do all these options, but looking for direction. This is new ground for me. Thanks so much.
  3. Any suggestions/recommendations for foreign language curriculum? She's 11 but her most highly gifted areas are language arts. My daughter has been taking spanish (picked spanish first be her interest and her cultural background) but ready to pick up another one, maybe latin? What about the vocab studies that include latin or roots?
  4. I have known for many years my 2nd DD is gifted but I haven't quite known how gifted. We decided to do standardized testing this month. ST isn't required in my state. I have had my dd working one grade level above her age since Kinder. Anyway, her Stanford 10 results are beyond what I anticipated. Can I get some recommendations on how to move forward schooling a gifted child? She's only 11 but tested Beyond high school in more than 1/2 the test. She completed 6th grade work this year (age wise though she is 5th). She's a hard worker and very creative. She's musical and plays both guitar and piano. She's also very athletic and plays soccer 4 days a week. Where do I start in this process for her?
  5. Looking for a Medieval History (that is Biblical worldview/Christian) that will be appropriate for my 2nd grader next year. My older girls will be using Dianna Waring History Revealed Medieval/Middle Ages. We tried to bring her along this year with Ancients and it wasn't great. I would prefer something targeted for early elementary for Medieval/Middle Ages. I haven't seen many options for early elementary Middle ages. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  6. I'm contemplating using Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science next year. I see that there is a CD full course option. Has anyone used this? Did it work well for your child/ren? What are the pros and cons of using the Cd vs just the book? Also, do you need the student notebook? Thanks.
  7. Well I'm thinking about curriculum for 2017/18 now in February again. Ha. I'm predictable. Update from this year: IEW Student Writing Intensive A Continuation Course** LOVE IEW Fix It Grammar 3 (every other week, taking 2 years to complete) ** Liked better this year Figuratively Speaking (every other week) ** great addition, loved having this book Memoria Press Reading Guides 6 with scheduled lesson plans ** Like, good fit for us and the schedule provided better structure All About Spelling ** Still liking Plan for next year: Memoria Press Reading Guides 7 with scheduled lesson plans All About Spelling (will finish during the next school year) Maybe MegaWords after done with spelling IEW Fix It Grammar 3 (2nd half) IEW SWI CC B???? ???? So my questions and thing I need help with for next year are: 1. Planning to do the 2nd half of IEW FIx it Grammar 3, but would like another book like FIguratively Speaking to pair with it. Open to suggestions.... Can be in a diverse array of LA topics but not vocab or spelling. Open and go as far as teaching or self paced would be best. A supplemental book is fine. 2. What is a good next level after IEW SWI CC A? Is it IEW SWI CC B? May consider a topical IEW instead. We will be studying Medieval History. 3. What level do you begin with MegaWords?
  8. I am looking for suggestions and recommendations for Foreign Language options for my oldest 2 daughters. They will be 5th and 6th grade by age, but they both are functioning around a 7th grade level. We haven't done a formal foreign language yet, please don't judge me about that. We have done some fun informal Spanish non curriculum stuff in the past few years. My oldest loves French and my 2nd one likes Spanish. Self taught cd/video or online class would be best. We are already pretty packed in our school day and I have the younger 2 who are 1st grade and 4th grade. Thanks for any suggestions. ETA: I want to try French for my oldest who is 11 and Spanish for my next two who are 9 and 10. Cost will be a factor. I am willing to stretch the budget for a great program that will need little help from me, but I have 3 to buy for. Any different suggestions for Online/self paced French for 11 year old? Online/self pace Spanish upper elementary (2 students)?
  9. Anybody selling their History Lives set? Id like to buy it.
  10. Thanks for the ideas. I'll look into IEW Pals. We use IEW for my older three, both writing & fixit grammar.
  11. Any suggestions on a church history course(s)? Middle school ages. Or would it be best to wait till high school?
  12. Do my youngest is working through AAR. She is 6 in May. She was kinder age this year & finished AAR 1 and 1/2 of AAR2. She also started AAS1. I noticed there is no grammar in this program. Any suggestions on what to add in & when to start it?
  13. See last post for new questions. Needing some suggestions on LA for middle school grades. Currently we use: IEW Student Writing Intensive A *** LOVE IEW Fix It Grammar ** Don't love Progeny Press Reading Guides ** OK All About Spelling *** Love So, I'm not 100% sold on Fix it Grammer. My oldest 2 are finishing year 2 of Fix It grammar this year. I am considering needing more for grammar. I LOVE IEW SWI A, so keeping that for writing. Will finish AAS in the next year of 2, so don't want to change that either. Needing help with the Grammar & Literature side. Is there a program that includes grammar and Literature? We tried TLP last summer and it was ok. Any suggestions? What LA do you use? Thanks for the help.
  14. Yes you need the manipulatives forsure.
  15. Tell me what are some differences between Sonlight and TOG? I have only used Sonlight. I know you use a bunch of library books with TOG and my tiny town library is very lacking.
  16. RSM b. My third one started level B in kinder. I was taking the older two through the Transition Level & she was just tagging along listening. By the end I realized she could go almost everything in the transition book for level c. So I called rsm & they recommended level b. It wasn't too fast but we took our time. We used the older version & it took more than one year on level b & c. My youngest is on level a now. She had no math background but it is pretty basic. Almost done with it now.
  17. I figured it would be hard. I mostly am looking for keep the older 3 together on science... but both those curriculums say they are targeted for those ages. I find it hard to believe though.
  18. We will be finishing Nancy Larson Science 4 this year after using it since level 1. This is the last level available, and although a level 5 may come out we are ready to move to another program. My girls will be 1st, 4th, 5th, & 6th. I forsure want to keep the older 3 in science together. They have always done science together. It would be a great bonus if the 1st grader could also come along with us. She hasn't been able to in Kinder with NL science 4. 1. Looking for a Biblical worldview science that teaches creation. 2. I don't love the experiments part so less is more in that area. 3. Able to combine grades 4, 5 and 6 (maybe 1st too) 4. 2 -3 days a week best prefer 30 mins max One options: Answers in Genesis God's Design Series. Maybe the Heaven and Earth set for next year. Can a 1st grader really follow along? How long does it take to do a lesson? How many days a week to complete the set in a year (2-3 days a week)? Do you love it? Does science get done at your house if you use AIG? Second option: Science in the Beginning Can a 1st grader really follow along? Can I youtube the experiments instead because not a fan of daily experiments? Do you love it? Does science get done at your house using SIB? Other suggestions????? ETA: What about: Christian Kids Explore Science... tell me about this one. Can it accommodate a 1st grader? Times per week and amount of time per day? Experiments often or little? Considering God's Creation.... same questions... Can it accommodate a 1st grader? Times per week and amount of time per day? Experiments often or little?
  19. I'd choose Right Start. It took me a full year to love the program and to learn to teach it. I didn't think in the way it taught, but now I do. My kids have an excellent foundation in math, and it is because of RightStart. We have used level A-E and the fraction book too. I look at TT as a supplement in my house. I personally don't feel the lower levels of TT are enough for math in my house. It is still a good curriculum, but we tend to be a bit more math focused because my husband is an engineer. We will be transitioning away from RSM after level E, I think anyway. I can't get a good feel about Level G and I am not too interested in VideoText. I am hoping TT will be enough for middle school grades after having such an excellent foundation in math from RSM. I haven't 100% decided what we will use after RSM.
  20. Yes, we do both every day for my 10, 9 and 8 year olds. Since I have 4 kids to teach at one time (3 levels of RSM, 3 levels of language arts, 4 levels of spelling, plus science, history and bible together), it actually really helps me to have time alone with each one. TT really doesn't take much time each day. 15 -20 mins usually for my kids.
  21. We have been using RSM concurrently with TT for several years. I don't force which level TT needs to go with RSM levels. I just started them a few years back on grade level and they keep working through TT. I like that TT is done independently because I have 4 to teach, but I feel the foundation that RSM provides is much stronger. So we do both. My oldest needed extra math to reinforce, that is why we added TT.
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