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  1. If he did Apologia chemistry, wouldn't he do AP Chemistry instead of pre-Ap Chemistry? Pre-Ap Chemistry, from what I understand, is regular Chemistry at a faster pace therefore you cover a little more material. This is my daughters first year at Wilson Hill Academy. It has been a great experience. If you contact them, they are very good about connecting you with a teacher that can help you decide on the best class for your son. Novarre science is mastery based. My daughter is using it for Physics this year. We have always used Apologia and she likes the change. Because it was our first year of doing online classes I had her do the regular Physics class at WHA. Next year, however, I plan on her doing Pre-AP chemistry with WHA. I've heard wonderful things about WHA Pre-cal/trig class with the teacher Ann Stublen. You may want to check that class out too.
  2. My daughter is taking 3 online classes as a ninth grader at Wilson Hill Academy: Honors Comp with Starlet Baker, Physics 1 with Adair Paul & The Great Conversation 1+4 with Bruce Etter. It has been a great experience! The education she is receiving is far superior to Classical Conversations Conversation's Challenge Program in which we had been involved as well as the expensive, private college prep schools in our area. Are there any others taking classes at WHA? I'm already looking at classes to take next year and which teachers to choose? I am particularly interested in Rhetoric 1 which is taught by Scott Baker or Tom Vierra as well as Pre-AP Chemistry with Ranya Bailey.
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