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  1. This is my second year, and we haven't used and don't really plan on using the Acts & Facts cards (too expensive). We just check out relevant books at the library. I would suggest the timeline cards if you don't have them already. Also, you can save a little money by downloading the MP3s on CC Connected instead of ordering the CD's. It is $6 per month, and you get all kinds of other extra goodies like printables, etc. Welcome to CC, I hope you enjoy your year!
  2. Does anyone have a link for these? I tried to Google it, but didn't find what I was looking for. We have been using Bob Books, I would love to add these in.
  3. LOL - OH MAN YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! I can't believe I didn't think of that! I even have a couple of those hanging around... sheesh :lol:
  4. The timeline is my favorite part, so I wouldn't skip over that. The new CC cards are wonderful. I loved the VP cards, but I REALLLLLLLY love the new CC cards :) They have nice maps that highlight where the event took place on the back, the artwork is beautiful and they incorporate more eastern history which the VP cards don't cover as well. OH and they are laminated :D So, all that to say, if you can, I would go with the CC cards, but if cost is an issue, the VP cards are selling really low on places like Ebay right now and still make a great timeline. I haven't purchased the Science cards... I don't think that I will. I just print off that week's sheet from the resource CD to put on our board. These cards don't seem worth the cost to me. I sure hope you can find those cards at your Target. If you do find them, I think you need two sets. There aren't quite enough cards to do all of the weeks, so I am going to use one set the first semester and one the second. Cycle 1 is ancients, if you want to do American History, you will need Cycle 3.
  5. I would start with Cycle 1 if you are treating memory work as a completely different subject. It is highly unlikely that Cycles 2 and 3 will line up with where they are now in SOTW. You could also check EBAY and see if you can find some other cycles cheaper... then maybe you could start there? Just a thought I had. I wouldn't say "need", but they are incredibly helpful. You can pop them in anytime. Are you talking about the little memory cards that come on a ring or the history flashcards? I love the little flashcards, but think they are pricey for what they are. I was actually going to buy them this year, but I found the exact same thing at Target for $1.99. They are separated by color, are the same size and are on a ring. I literally danced in the store. I don't mind writing in the sentences each week to save some cash ;) After you have gone through a cycle, I do think this is sufficient. It will also come back to them when they encounter these facts in their other schoolwork. I have seen this and my son is only five. I hope that helps!
  6. Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there has found a good history encyclopedia or atlas that has a young earth point of view? We are going through Story of the World Ancients this year and everything I seem to pick up has an old earth point of view. Thanks for any pointers!!
  7. We LOVE confessions around here!!! I just go through the pre-k letter by letter and choose which activities we will do that week which cuts down on a lot of printing. I also laminate everything so we can use it forever. Something else to check out on her site is the language arts packs. We have made a Stuart Little folder and are working on the Willy Wonka one. They are SO fun.
  8. A Wild and Wooly Night - our absolute favorite Stone Pizza - such a great book that I never see mentioned!
  9. The cards are totally worth it, they are amazing. I have seen the previous edition of the guide on Ebay selling realllllly chrap and it is not that different from the new guide. You could also try to get the Veritas Press cards on Ebay too and use that timeline to bring your cost down. The VP timeline is also great in my opinion. The new CC timeline has more Eastern history and geographic info on the back, the VP timeline has more church history. I really think either one would greatly benefit a child's reference point for history.
  10. I know, she is amazing. Everytime I am on her web site I am overwhelmed with love for her! :) she makes my life so much easier and CC so much more fun!
  11. Hi Hope! We are doing Classical Conversations with a Kindergartner. Here is how it works at our house: CC is of course once a week. The rest of the week we just take the memory work and do it after calendar time. After that we move in to the rest of our work. We do not do any other work on CC days as these days are full enough. We do math everyday, reading lessons everyday, and Handwriting everyday. Each of these subjects take about 15-20 minutes each. Once a week we do art. During CC season I just build on what we are learning in art in CC. On the off season I pick a few artists that we didn't cover and do some picture studies. For history and science, we read living books that go along with the history and science memory work. We check these out from the library during the week and read them when we have down time. I also get a lot of ideas from http://www.halfahundredacrewood.com to incorporate into history and science. We do our map work once a day also... this only takes a few minutes. Since you are doing CC at home, you could spend a full day on it incorporating extra projects from the web site I mentioned on that day. If you have any questions, please ask... I don't know if I covered all of what you were looking for.
  12. Thank you Classically Minded! That was exactly what I was looking for!:001_smile:
  13. Can I add AAS and FLL at lesson 140?
  14. Hi! I am looking into All About Spelling to use with my son. Should I finish up OPGTR or add it in while going through it? I've also been wondering what comes next? After OPGTR? Thanks for the help!
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