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  1. Hello - would someone happen to be using Tapestry of Grace Year 2 and be able to send me a picture or scan of Week 13 reading list - the yellow page on the left with the reading assignments on it? My copy is from about 8 years ago if anyone has one that old! How is that one page missing!!??? Thanks Deb Allen
  2. So are any of you having your students self teach this? I have 7 and the thought of doing everyone's lessons is a little (ok a lot!) overwhelming. Starting in 4th my kids read the lessons themselves...and then I circle exercises that they are to do in their notebooks and place O's by ones we will do orally. If they bomb a section, we go over the oral exercise that is similar. They take the test at the end of the units and if they get a lot wrong in one particular section I assign some oral exercises (to be done written) from that section. But I definitely have not been teaching it! I am not one that thinks everything should be fun.....but this has become very tedious to the kids!
  3. It seems like R&S Grammar bogs down in 6th or 7th grade. My children (all boys so far) start with the 3rd grade book after doing First Language Lessons for 2 years. We do this book together. Then in 4th they work through the lessons and have to do about 1/2 to 3/4 of the lesson practice. Then we do the other 1/2 to 1/4 orally. They do fine and do well on the tests....but then it all seems to fall apart! All the different clauses and similarly named things seem to get very confusing to my boys. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem?? Is there something that would better serve us? I was looking at Easy Grammar, but was concerned about not diagramming sentences. Grammar has become a burden to the children.......do I just plug along, or should we try something else?? Thanks, Deb
  4. All of our sons (4) up till this current one (#5) started "reading" the summer after second grade, so now it is summer and he still can't read......I just figured it would click for him like it did for the others, but.........no click! Now I'm wondering if something else is going on after reading these posts! Deb
  5. I have a Romertopf and I bake all manner of FROZEN meats in there! That's the beauty of it! Take out a frozen pork roast - salt and pepper it, add a marinade of some kind if you want, in the romertopf it goes and into the oven on 300 at 2pm and by dinner delicious meat falling off of the bone! We do this with chicken a lot and then use the bones from that dinner for soup sometime that week. Take your frozen chicken. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika and stick some garlic cloves in the cavity and mmmmmm - yummy moist chicken! Deb
  6. We have at times put up a sign that said, Kind, True and Helpful as a reminder that everything we say should be kind, true, AND helpful! Sometimes they get hung up on the fact that something might be true, but I have to remind them that it isn't kind or helpful! Deb
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