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  1. Mapping the World By Heart is the one I'm using based on the raving reviews and the author himself (video). I ordered it on sale at http://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/. Become a member for free and you can order if at 25% off this week.
  2. We stayed in Arlington at the Washington Suites...loved it! Huge rooms with kitchenette..we had a large family and it suited out style. Plus, we purchased the Metro pass for each person for the week, and rode it religiously. Really good investment. Much better than staying in DC i think. Order your tickets for the Washington Monument on line, and plan extra time getting there..they will be strict on your time of ticket. We went 2 years ago also during the week you are going. We saw the fireworks at Arlington Cemetary and it was a great show.We got there in the early eve, and sat ne
  3. I think you need to go to http://www.diannecraft.org. I saw her speak at our homeschool conference last spring, and it was LIFE CHANGING. She teaches all about the right brain...which is revealed in a lefty often! I have 3 lefty children, not all exhibit right brain tendencies.... my child I used her brain therepies on was a righty, but it totally helped. Just simple hand /eye/ reading exercises that you do with your child every day (4 days a week for 6 months)...tedious, but it is just like any form of exercise...pays off in the end. Training your brain to be integrated to using both pa
  4. I have been doing the free download for the past 7 weeks with my 7th and 9th graders...with much success. Thank you! We are currently in our 8th week...and out of material. I keep looking on the website for the completed book...not sure if you have the next few weeks available for folks like me...until the book can be purchased. Thanks again! Amy
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