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  1. Jostens http://www.jostens.com/grad/complete-your-announcement.html
  2. We are reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek" now, the 3rd if you don't include "Farmer Boy" and it is totally fine. Girls are still 8 & 9.
  3. A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. There are lots of editions and you can get it fairly cheap. Lovely poems all about being a child. Two of our favorites are "My Shadow" and "The Land of Counterpane." https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/a-childs-garden-of-verses_robert-louis-stevenson/272006/?gclid=CK_UkOfqmdICFZK2wAodhcsNtw#isbn=0877016089&pcrid=70112866032&pkw=&pmt=&plc=
  4. It is called "Strange Story" http://www.edu.pe.ca/vrcs/resources/poetry/text/poems/what%20a%20story/strangestory.html
  5. If it were me, I would finish Spanish 2 and stop there. And definitely have him get a job...this will help with time management and money management, plus give him spending money. And save Statistics until college. You're right...college applications can take a lot of time. Not sure what the Senior Thesis is...does he really need that?
  6. Johnny Tremain Moccasin Trail Carry On, Mr. Bowditch The Scarlet Pimpernel
  7. I cannot speak to GH Chemistry, but my 10th grade son is doing GH Biology this year and loves it. He is not a math/science person so we didn't want the traditional textbook approach. There are so many resources (videos, labs, online labs, fiction and non-fiction books, websites) she offers from which to pick and choose to tailor the program to your kids' needs. We really like it and my son will be doing the GH Anatomy and Physiology course next year. Then GH Physics senior year.
  8. The Christian Kids Explore...series is one we've loved. It's inexpensive and good for elementary & middle school students. We've done Earth & Space and Biology and are using Chemistry next year. My kids loved it. Can easily be done independently. https://www.brightideaspress.com/shop/christian-kids-explore-biology/
  9. My daughter had the AP Euro History at her public school and they used A History of Western Society (since 1300) by McKay/Hill/Buckler.
  10. Here's a British History course... http://thehappyhomeschoolmom.blogspot.com/2012/08/review-british-history-by-james-p.html?m=1
  11. I know nothing about Biblioplan but have used TOG for 6 years. At the LG level, I wouldn't worry about the teacher notes. I believe they are mostly for you to lead discussions with your dialectic and rhetoric student.
  12. Education.com has a lot of free worksheets for all subjects and grades. They also have a subscription service but so far I have been able to just use the free ones.
  13. I have what u need, I think. It's copyright 2007/2008, Year 2, week 13 Reading Assignment Page. Can you give me your email address so I can email you the picture?
  14. We really liked Noeo, too, but thought it was kind of pricey.
  15. You could try the Berean Builders science which is science by time period rather than one topic, so you'd get a lot of variety. https://www.bereanbuilders.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=ELEM
  16. Little House on the Prairie books Pippi Longstocking books
  17. My theatre major daughter did not need a portfolio, just a resume and an audition. I think only visual arts need a portfolio, maybe MPA majors.
  18. I second "The All of a Kind Family" series. Maybe Michael Buckley's "Sisters Grimm" series, too.
  19. I've been wanting to set up "learning stations" for our homeschool. Different areas set up to work on something educational, but in a fun way. I have several links to investigate when I get the chance. Things like math manipulatives at one, history flash cards (states & capitals, presidents) at another, easy science experiment at another, like that. Here's a link for ideas... http://familystyleschooling.com/2016/10/01/31-days-of-hands-on-learning-stations/
  20. It totally depends on what theatre groups are near you. I've been in shows that rehearse only twice a week and only have one weekend of performances. Community theatre groups are always looking for volunteers to do props or sets or makeup, etc, but normally wouldn't have that huge parental commitment. The homeschool performing arts group here has that commitment so we don't do it. Ain't nobody got time for that! ðŸ˜
  21. Do you any community theatre groups near you? That is usually free (or if there's a fee it is minimal) and way less of a time commitment. You work with all ages, too, which is nice.
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