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  1. Hi Stella! I love this!! But I always love what you have to say. Great to see you here! I have been in CC more than 10 years now, and felt the same way my first year. I almost didn't come back after the break that first year. I almost quit at the end of the year. It's not for everyone, but I am glad we stayed with it. I have heard a lot of people be critical of CC very openly both within and outside of CC about issues with CC. To answer the OP's question - there are different opinions what what makes an education classical. The classical approach that CC uses is a valid classical approach. It's not the only one, but it is classical. The conversations aren't in the Foundations classroom. It's about engaging in "The Great Conversation" and not about what they do on a single day. And CC started with Challenge first. Challenge is very conversational. I do find it to be both.
  2. A Norwex enviro cloth might take it out. I have used to ge Sharpie off my floors.
  3. We always used a realtor to find our rentals because nearly all the landlords were a pain to work with. No showing and not communicating.
  4. Oh wait you mean the CC cards. Sorry you want the Cycle 1 app
  5. The VP timeline wasn't included in the Cycle 3 app.
  6. I agree with Toni! Get to a practicum and talk to your SM.
  7. We haven't had a problem at all with them.
  8. This is me. I can retain it if I read it but not if you read it to me. My dd is the opposite. She is an auditory learner - she comprehends and retains better listening than reading. I am visual, and I have to see it.
  9. I would call them back and ask. We have never received a call from HSLDA. It could have just been a misdialed number directed at a co-worker.
  10. It's because you are not an expert in doggie obedience. You need to send them to the experts who are trained to train dogs. You can't possibly think that you are able to teach a dog all they need to know about obeying your or being a dog because you don't have a degree or proper training. If you knew more about dog training theory and dogs in general - you know like you get in a classroom with other adult people taught by other adult people, you would be better able to teach your dog to obey. We should leave dogs to those people who learned about dogs from other people. So you really should look all day doggie school after all how will they learn proper dog behavior. They don't just know how to dig, sniff, chew and bark! :tongue_smilie: :001_rolleyes: :rofl:
  11. My phone can act as a hotspot if I pay a $45 a month charge for it. I don't do that although it would be great to have.
  12. There was a Reformed social group on the old site. There isn't a thread on the new site yet that I have seen.
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