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  1. That was my error on the other post deleting thing, so I edited my post. But you're taking the time to post to point out something that was obviously said?
  2. Ethan is starting Hip Hop classes next week. They are given in a ballet studio. :) It's actually a really nice family owned Jazzercise studio. The daughter was a professional ballerina for nine years and she stopped dancing professionally, had a baby and opened a ballet studio within the Jazzercise studio. It is a non-competitive studio. They do a recital at the end of the year and the studio provides the costumes. He'll be taking the class once a week. The studio goes to local schools to do free classes and they let our hs group come to one in the studio. Ethan just loved it.
  3. At the risk of sounding nutty, I don't completely discount it, but I also think anyone using it to make money is a huge fake. ETA: Thinking John Edwards here and others like him.
  4. I love supernatural stuff. I am kind of like Mulder about it, I want to believe. Although I am now agnostic, I have been atheist before and have never lost my love and wonder for supernatural stuff. I would love if scientific reasons could be found for ghost sightings and hearings. I also think that energy left behind can currently explain some of it, but not all. I am not super educated about it, just enjoy reading about it and watching shows like Ghost Hunter. :) I also love plenty of fictional shows that deal with the supernatural. :) I am also extremely skeptical! So, I love it, but I'm not all gaga and loosing my brain over it either. I just find it very interesting.
  5. Yep, this is what I was going to say too. :) Here in the US, most people are over exposed to Christianity and the likelihood of an atheist or agnostic previously being Christian is great. For me, I was raised Catholic, then joined a very literal fundamental church when I was about 19 or so. After being with them for several months, seeing how they acted and having read the bible and discovered many inconsistencies on my own, I switched to atheism for many years. At that time, I was definitely vocal against Christianity and harbored an animosity for many years, even after trying to come back into it and being more agnostic than atheist.
  6. This makes me wonder where others stand regarding if there ever was actual proof of a higher power. It would have to be irrefutable proof, not just one person saw it, proof that everyone could see and experience.
  7. I personally don't have any warm feelings about Christianity or being assumed to be Christian. I consider myself agnostic and I certainly don't speak for all agnostics and atheists. I would assume that atheists and agnostics come from many different backgrounds, just as I would assume that the atheists on this board don't speak for or represent all the atheists/agnostics around the world. I would love to see the word God removed from money and the pledge. It makes no sense to me that it is there. However, I am not joining any groups that propagate removing it. It just is not that important to me. I don't know any atheists/agnostics that attend religious ceremonies. To be fair, the Christians I know don't attend religious ceremonies either. IMO and experience, religious ceremonies aren't needed to have and/or believe in a relationship with a higher power. I don't think anyone thought your question was a "gotcha" question. People are just responding with their own personal likes and dislikes and experiences. I guess I really don't see the reason or point of your post? Are you attempting to prove a point or ask a question?
  8. Ahhh... I was thinking it was just the Christmas season. Thank you for clarifying. :)
  9. I agree with you on this one! I just don't get either side of this argument. Well, I do understand where both sides are coming from, but, as you stated, I would have to think that the vast majority of people aren't out to offend. It's the Christmas season, everyone is excited about Christmas for varying reasons, including the fact that it is finally cooler (in most areas anyways!). And, kind of off topic, aren't there Christian women who head cover too?
  10. Yes, this. Just say thank you and move on. That would be the polite thing to do.
  11. I wouldn't say that singing Christmas songs is a regular pasttime for anyone since Christmas only rolls around once a year. I also wouldn't say that singing Christmas songs is a religious-like activity. It is just more of a cultural thing that most people are brought up with. And there is practically no avoiding Christmas songs during the season! They are everywhere. :)

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    Hi all! I have these FIAR books for sale. All are in good, used condition. There may be an occasional note or mark in them, but flipping through them just now, I didn't see anything. Volume 1 is spiral bound, the rest are not. $20 ppd each. Thanks for looking!


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