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  1. That was my error on the other post deleting thing, so I edited my post. But you're taking the time to post to point out something that was obviously said?
  2. I was on a board once that had a Rumpus Room type area. It was password protected so that only those who really wanted to venture in did. The password was available to anyone who asked for it. It just added another layer of "oops, how'd I get in here" protection.
  3. Hmm... that makes sense. So, perhaps the issue isn't necessarily with how the moderation is done, but with those who "tattle" too much? Though I do agree with many of the suggestions in this thread. I don't really post much on the main chat board. I like to go there if I have a question that I want a lot of different opinions on. Or, like I said, I may step into a controversial topic and add a snarky comment or two which definitely does not lend itself to being constructive and is mostly done for my own amusement. I'm still thinking and processing everything that has happened within the past week.
  4. Why should mods have to sort that out? Not to you specifically, but does no one here ever deal with people they don't care for face-to-face? Why shouldn't a person handle online interactions the same way? Walk away, be civil, ignore the person, engage, etc. If someone chooses to engage face-to-face as well as online, they need to be prepared to have their feelings hurt. It happens and I think most of the time it is unintentional. If someone chooses to engage and gets hurt because there are those who don't agree with them, well, I don't think they need a mod to come around and wipe their tears and hand slap the other person. I am pretty blunt, honest, and not very tactful face-to-face as well as online. I have had people in face-to-face interactions who have approached me at a later time and said they were hurt by the way I phrased things. I usually apologize, as it is not my intent. I just don't see being honest and straightforward as being rude. I know I certainly prefer people to be honest and straightforward with me. If things degenerate into flat out name calling, then yes, someone should step in. I assume in face-to-face settings that someone would step in as well to try to get things calmed down and those engaged should take a break to calm down as well. Not nice things do get said in the heat of the moment. It is my opinion that just as one's spoken word cannot be erased, the offending posts should not be deleted. It is also my experience that after calming down many people will come back, apologize for their heated words, and be able to continue the discussion in a somewhat civil manner or at least move on and not bring that topic up again for a while.
  5. I agree with Sadie. I don't get into debates much these days because I've BTDT so much over the years that I'm all online debated out for the most part. So, I usually stick with occasional snarky comments. I admit I've posted some comments just to see if I would get any warning points and I never have. I have had a couple of posts deleted, but that's about it. So I figure certain posters must set off triggers for other posters. I know there are some that post here that make me want to bang my head on the wall, but I usually just move on and I don't report them just because they annoy me. I have to be honest, I don't think I've ever been on a board where there has been a report button. And I've been perusing message boards since around 1994. Back in the BBS days you were on your own with what you chose to say and to deal with how others responded to it. ;) I definitely think moderators should not be anonymous. They should be regular, participating members of the community.
  6. I cannot speak for other groups, but our group has already moved. No, they don't have to answer. No one ever has to answer anything. But people do answer out of courtesy. Especially when a whole group of regular board supporters and therefore SWB supporters are treated in a poor and rude manner. I would expect a public apology from the rude moderator. Like I said, this board is mutually beneficial for SWB and her company as it is for those who enjoy posting/reading/learning here. When a moderator representing this board which represents PHP products is as disrespectful and rude as this particular moderator was, well, people talk. Me no longer wanting to purchase PHP products due to unfair moderation on this board is not big deal. I have one kid and how much I buy or don't buy isn't a big deal. But I belong to homeschool groups. I live in a large city. I talk to other homeschoolers. Homeschoolers love to talk curriculum. We are here because we are mostly homeschoolers who have used WTM products or have had them recommended to us or have found them on a Google search or whatever. Sure, it's great that SWB opened a message board to promote her product and allows people to join and discuss almost whatever, but that is not a rare thing on the internet.
  7. But Cat, you are commenting on it without knowing any details. You've commented on it several times in this thread already. I understand you want to jump in and defend the boards because you like them, but unless you were actually involved, I don't think there's any reason to comment at all. That's just my opinion and I'm not meaning to be rude. If I am coming across that way, I apologize. I just find it amusing that you have twice commented that you don't know the details and can't comment on it and yet just by posting to this subject have commented on it.
  8. Well, that is you. If you were treated in such a disrespectful and rude manner, you may change your tune.
  9. Cat, You did not see the moderator comments in the private group. The moderator was disrespectful and rude. It came out of nowhere in a private group and our posts were suddenly being deleted. So, while I mean no disrespect to SWB personally, I have no respect for the anonymous moderator who treated myself and my friends like crap.
  10. No, we are all here because we're interested in homeschooling and most likely have read her products and/or used them and/or have had them recommended to us. Free internet message boards are a dime a dozen and this isn't even the only homeschooling forum around. I also know that I have bought more of SWB's products due to interacting on this board as well as recommended them to other homeschoolers. So, this board is mutually beneficial. If this board did shut down, there would be other places to go. The internet is a large place. I do admit though that before this fiasco, this is one board I wouldn't have minded making a donation to to help stay open. Now, not so much. The sudden moderation and deletions in a private group, the rudeness and apparent lying from a moderator, and the fact that the moderator can be snarky and rude and remain anonymous, which I think is horsecrap, is enough to make me turn away from these forums and possibly PHP products in general. I am that upset by how my friends and I were treated by some anonymous moderator here. The moderation on the main boards is fishy at best, the invasion into a private group really takes the cake.
  11. I've only had my first mammogram this year (I'm 42), but I did have a large mass removed from my breast in 2004. They found it while I was at boot camp. It was benign. I asked to see it after the surgery was done and it looked like the top half of a hamburger bun. So, I don't spend my time worrying, but I do keep up with at home checks.
  12. I have spent many years working as a cashier including a few years at Walmart. I shudder to think of being a WM cashier again. I would not have the patience to deal with the rude customers now. When I worked at Kroger's earlier this year, it was difficult to keep in check with a couple of people. Fortunately, most people are friendly. I find indifferent people to be almost as bad as rude ones. It doesn't take much to at least respond to someone politely saying hello to you. When I worked at a gas station people would come in, throw cash on the counter, and walk out. No hello, no saying how much on what pump, nothing. Just rude. I feel bad for the cashiers when I'm behind someone who doesn't even acknowledge that the cashier exists and is actually another human being.
  13. Dense breast tissue is nothing to be jealous of. I have it too though my mammogram was normal. I do have to have a mammogram every year and it'll be followed by an ultrasound too, just to make sure.
  14. I miss the visible likes as well and would like to see them back again!
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