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  1. great info here everyone! I have an 11 y/o sonwith dysgraphia too!! getting better!!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good book on dysgraphia. My eleven year old was just diagnosed. Thank you
  3. JodiSue, Thank you for the tip on Andrew Pudewa's talk, Spelling and the Brain, on YouTube. Awesome! I have seen him many times in person, but never thought to look on You Tube to find Mr. Pudewa to solve my son's spelling issues. Thanks, Colette
  4. He already read SL Core D. Loved the books...but need more. : )
  5. Does anyone have a Book List for Story of the World Vol 3? I am looking for books for my 10 y/o son to read himself (Readers) for 5th grade. Read-Aloud suggestions (I read to him) would also be appreciated. His reading ability is above grade level. In the past, I have used Sonlight History where the Readers and Read-Alouds correspond with the history. This year he will be doing Story of the World Vol 3 and I would like Readers and Read-Alouds that cover similar topics to the history material he will be studying. Does anyone have such a list? Thanks.
  6. Here's the link! :001_smile: http://wtm-pdfs.s3.amazonaws.com/wwe/wweevaluations.pdf
  7. Thanks Boscopup. Found the link (hard to find but found it buried somewhere) and will give the evaluation. Just what I needed. :001_smile:
  8. My DS (almost 10 y/o) did half of WWE1 in 2nd or 3rd grade, then we dropped it because we had other school priorities. I always meant to come back to it. (Won't make the same mistake with my 7 y/o entering 2nd grade who will start WWE1 in the fall.) DS (almost 10 y/o) is now entering 5th grade and I would like him be able to summarize better when he writes, so I would like to resume WWE. So my question is, "Where do I start him?" WWE 2?, WWE3? He has excellent LA skills (reading, spelling, grammar) and did IEW last year for the first time. He likes to write and will do IEW again in 5th grade. But just not sure where to start him without the WWE books in front of me to compare. Thoughts?
  9. Just remembered another good "boy" poetry book. "Monster Goose" by Judy Sierra. I hope this does not offend any "die hard" Mother Goose fans, but it really is hillarrious. Especially the one "Hush Little Monster Don't You Cry"...yes to the tune of Hush Little Baby. Some girls would like these poems too. My 13 year old daughter does.
  10. LOVE the ideas for 6 week plans. Might try that! :001_smile: CP
  11. LOVE the ideas for 6 week plans. Might try that! :001_smile: CP
  12. Anyway to save this list other than print it? I want to be able to find it again. Thanks for sharing it. CP
  13. I started with ETC Book 1 in K and my son did all 8 books by the end of 2nd grade. I never did and of the 1/2 books. My son did not need the extra practice. I suggest don' buy now and see if he needs it later. In fact I am about to sell 1 1/2! :lol: Someone gave it to me.
  14. I am so glad you are going to order them. I know lots of people skip them, but I think they are essential. I use the Standards HIG version which is pretty easy to use. Without the guide, you miss the lesson and some awesome games and just ways of teaching about thinking about math. You also miss the Mental Math strips at the end of the HIG which are important. The Workbook is relatively easy and is just meant for reinforcement of the lesson in the HIG. I could have whizzed my kid through 3 or 4 books a year, but that was not the goal. The goal was to learn core math concepts that will be essential later in higher level math. I am no math teacher, but my best friend is :tongue_smilie: and she taught me how important the number bonds and place values are. So through her I stopped rushing through math. I stopped worrying that his friends were doing multiplication or division or 3 column addition when we were still doing single digits. Because my son was learning to add by making 10s and understanding what that meant (place value.) One method teaches a process (carrying or borowing which is easy, but doesn't teach the concept that you are working with a 10 or 100, etc). The other method (Singapore) teaches a concept that is more fundamental to math learning. Boy did I butcher THAT explanation and hopefully my math teacher friend will not read this! All to say: Use the HIG. Otherwise switch to another math program that just has a lot of workbook drills (like Horizon or Saxon). Good programs that I am not bashing, but different approach to TEACHING. And you cannot teach Singapore style without the HIG. (Well unless you supplement a LOT with your own math lessons and games, but I cannot do that.) Even my awesome math teacher best friend gets the HIG. And she has TONS of ideas in her sweet head:001_smile:
  15. Forgot to mention I also use "Singpore Must Know 70 Word Problems." He did this toward the END of 2nd grade and is only halway through because we still have 2B to do in 3rd grade. The Word problems show me he can do practical application.
  16. I would also drop the Miquon math so you don't confuse and overwhelm yourself and your son. Just go through Singapore's SOLID math program starting at 1B. Division and multiplication come at the end of 2A AND THAT IS FINE!:001_smile: It sounds like he IS at grade level. And if not, just plod through Singapore and he'll get there. Stop comparing or worrying about things he "might have missed in ps." I can say this because I worried and compared to friends also (all for nothing because my son is now right on target with everyone else and even if he wasn't who cares, right! :tongue_smilie:). Fortunately, I had a friend calm me down every time I worried and WOULD have pushed my son with too much math. Now he loves math and really seems to "get it". It just took a little longer than some others. (For example, to memorize addition and subtraction flashcards.) One other thing I do to supplement Singapore is "One Minute Math". Great practice for memorizing those math facts! It comes in Addition, Substraction, Multiplication, and Division. He loves to do those also. He does 25 or 30 math facts in 60 seconds (or trys to.)
  17. Singapore Math is sorta "mislabed." 2nd grade: 1B and 2A 3rd grade: 2B and 3A and so on... In 2nd grade: my son did 1B and then 2A We never did 1A because I was doing a different math for 1st grade. For 3rd grade he will do 2B and then 3A. I would not "rush" the number bonds. They are very important so my son took a long time in 1B. Make sure you use the teacher's manual (lots of great teaching tips and fun math card games) and do the Mental Math strips at the end of the manual. Some try to teach without the manual, but that would really do dis-service to the program. I LOVE Singpore Math, but it took awhile to get used to.
  18. I did (and still do) lots of CD Read Alouds with my son before he "took off" reading on his own. I always keep one novel in the CD player in the car, that we listen to as a family. (2 sons, 5 and 7.) No choice. You either listen to it or ignore it. My kids love it now, but I had to "train" them at first. I prefer this to Playaways or audio-books with headphones because I like to stop the CD and discuss a vocab word or metaphor or whatever I hear that I think they might not understand. We just recently finished: The Secret Garden Anne of Green Gables How To Train a Dragon Just a thought...:001_smile:
  19. Most of these books (and more) are in the 1001 book I referenced above. It's a gem.
  20. WOW "zero"? Really "zero"? Wouldn't that be nice to not worry about checking my library cards constantly to avoid fines.:001_smile: But then I'd miss MY books.
  21. We are at the library 2-3 times a week and there are tons of books being taken out. And often the ones I WANT! :lol: Hope that inspires you. Perhaps your area is a "fluke". Oh and we got a lot of DVD's too, so perhaps that was ME you were looking at!:tongue_smilie: Seriously, we get a LOT of educational DVD's AND entertainment DVD's (Mommy approved, lots of classic movies, NEST videos, and very little Disney movies or media-tie-in's like Dora or other TV stuff I avoid). I typically have over 100 books out of the library at a time. I typically have 5-10 DVD's around to watch when I need a rest or the family has earned a family movie night!:001_smile:
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