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  1. We had an awful time getting rid of pinworms (I have an autoimmune disorder, so maybe that my issue, but it took forever for me to get rid of mine once my kids got them). Pinworms are my personal hell, so I would avoid having people with it in my house if at all possible.

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  2. My oldest was largely self taught - learned at age 4 mainly from learning letter sounds (remember that annoying Leapfrog letter sound fridge magnet set?) and  following along when I ran my finger under the text I read aloud. My other three kids were not this way! She did eventually need to learn phonics for spelling, which she found incredibly tedious.

  3. We have been using TOG this year. I bought one quarter online (it was Year 2 Unit 4 - to correspond to where we were in history) as well as Year 3 used print version. I have 7th, 6th, 4th and 2nd graders. Previously we have used Sonlight or Story of the World (with activity guide for lit / further history, maps and activities. After one semester I am basically done with TOG. I do not like the middle school (dialectic) book selections at all. I found them to be unnecessarily long and/ or repetitive. The lower and upper grammar were fine, but I think the real value of the program is being able to use it over a large range of ages. The overall cost of the program seems very high for what is provided. Most of the teacher notes are take from the World Book Encyclopedia - not vastly different from reading the wikipedia for the subject covered. My hope was that we could seamlessly synch the younger and older kids with TOG, but it ended up making my oldest kid hate history (she was doing dialectic). The activities are not much different from the SOTW activities. The online version was irritating to use. Overall I have decided to go back to SOTW for history - just adapting for each age range.

  4. I just saw this and dug out my fitbit that's been gathering some dust. Yay for some motivation. That thing kept falling out of my um, underclothing. I need to find a better system.

     So I did the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell workout on Amazon Prime this morning, remember looking at it and checking my steps, but then when I went to go take a shower found that I had lost my fitbit, it had fallen out of my clothes. So yes, that post was prophetic....  :sad:  :nopity:  :ohmy:  But then my 9 year old found it at the end of the day! So tomorrow I am on! 

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