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  1. My husband and I saw it last night. We loved it. I learned a lot I hadn't known. I thought it was very well done. Theater was sold out.
  2. this happened to us a couple of years ago. They just forgot my dd's birthday. She was devastated...not that she didn't get a present, but that they didn't even send her a card or even call her. They never come to visit my kids, but they go out of their way to go to other family things. I have had to come to the acceptance that my children will never have the kind of grandparents that I did. HOWEVER, I was very very upset, and very hurt..and angry. I gave it a lot of thought and when I was calm and in a good frame of mind, I didn't hesitate to tell it to my mom *exactly* like it was. "your granddaughter was heartbroken that you didn't think enough to even call her on her birthday. It's really sad mom, and it hurts me that you don't think enough of my children to just send them a card or give them a phone call" The thing is, my oldest daughter is like the golden child. They never forget anything of hers and the sun rises and sets on her. My younger kids are noticing. She was all falling all over the next one in guilt and generally remembers now but I have to remind her when it's approaching. I also have to try to cut her some slack. She's caring for my 93 year old grandmother and that can't be easy. Sigh... :(
  3. I've always hated that necklace too!!!! I can't believe Kay Jewelers likes it. Oh..and those stupid videos of her standing there in a luscious art studio drawing the dumb thing. IT IS NOT AN "OPEN HEART". An "open heart" , IMHO, is a gold heart outline that just hangs from a chain. See now, I think I should go draw one and make millions of dollars. Maybe if I design one and go to Jared with a pitch about how it evolved from me posting on a public message board about my son walking in on me during a teA party. "Cuz if your bedroom door is open, love will always find it's way in...and your kids may too so ya better be more careful!"
  4. Not if I have anything to say about it! Hubby and I talked a bit tonight. His only concern is our ds's lack of a 'filter' about what is and is not appropriate to talk about and when. So like myself, we're a little worried he'll randomly tell some stranger. Will just have to pray for the best. He is just a sweetie. Apparantly dh did not really talk to him tonight. I think I had a good enough talk with him earlier today and if he does have questions, I'll answer them.
  5. you know, this has NOTHING to do with my OP, but all this roadkill talk has me thinking of a place in the white mountains here in NH "Roadkill Cafe". Years ago I was in there and was going through the menu looking at entrees and prices, and all of a sudden, one of the things was "Moose balls $2364.00" or something like that. It was hysterical!!!!
  6. omg..can I die again? So we went to Hobby Lobby and bought TONS of Christmas decorations. I'm trying to get his mind OFF it right???? I got awesome stuff by the way. :) So I'm standing on a chair sticking stuff into the tree, and ds sits on the steps in the living room and says "you know mom, I'm still having a hard time getting over this morning" I look at him. Well J, let's talk then. "Honey, what did you think was happening?" "errr...ummmm...well, at FIRST I thought you were having a panic attack!!!!" Me, red face. Then he says, "and THEN I thought someone must have broken through the window, jumped on you and was attacking you!!!!" Me, ready to throw up now. Then he says, "but I guess you and dad were just having a little fun right?" I said I was not having a panic attack, that no one was breaking in and that what mommy and daddy were doing was very natural and it's a way that moms and dads have fun together and show each other they love each other and that it's just for moms and dads, and that is how not only moms and dads make babies but also all the mommy and daddy animals. He shrugged, kind of giggled, and said "mom? let's not take this any further ok?" To which I replied "ok honey. how do you like the tree?" "Tree looks AWESOME mom!!! You're the best Christmas decorator in the whole wide world" Me: still wants to throw up but I'm sure I'll get over it. :lol::lol::lol:
  7. Absolutely! I was thinking it could have been much worse!! LOL I think a big part of it was the confusion. Hopefully dh will try to talk to him tonight when I take dd out. Other than that, I am not making a big deal out of it to him. I am more freaked out myself! Thank you!! :)
  8. I went to a great conference once called "Movers and Shakers" and Louise Hay was there. She gave a quick little talk about how we all have an "inner bully". She also said "if your child were being bullied, wouldn't you do everything in your power to stop it?" She then said we should do the same with stopping our inner bully. I believe in affirmations, positive self talk etc and I have applied this towards fighting that inner bully and it has helped me a great deal. As a Christian, I memorize scripture and turn scriptures into "affirmations" I had never heard of Louise Hay. She was 85 years old at the time. That tiny little 5 minute talk was worth it's weight in gold and the entire cost of attending the conference. It has served me well.
  9. Right!!?? I often wonder how the Little House on the Prairie parents did it..all in one room like that.:001_smile:
  10. omg that is hysterical!!! I did get a quick email back from his slp. She wrote: This happens more than you know. Yes it is wild for kids to experience that, especially when they view the world differently than "typical" kids do. But trust me, even typical kids freak out about this and its ALL PART OF LIVING. Once you realize your parents are real human beings with feelings and needs, its a WHOLE NEW WORLD. It goes with living so just as ____ may witness someone hitting an animal while driving ( also TOUGH ), it happens. You and your husband love each other and this is one way grown ups are ALLOWED to show it. IT IS ALLOWED and it is NORMAL and it is NATURE. Let him know that all the animals large and small do it as well to have babies and to love each other. Hope this helps. I went and read this to my best friend and she laughed hysterically..."Julie, is she comparing this to road kill?" LOL Thanks! He is a very sweet boy that has a lot of funny things to say. We get a big kick out of him. It's so fascinating, as he gets older, to watch him learning about the world around him, trying to learn idioms and differentiate fact from fiction. It's a challenge but it's exciting to watch him develop and we are thankful for the therapies he has in place that have helped him tremendously. He's told me this morning 3 times how he just wishes last night was a big bad dream. I didn't tell him this, but I felt like saying "so do I honey. so do I"
  11. So, wanna hear something really creepy? and actually funny...but creepy. I told my mom what happened, thinking she could give me advice. First, she was a little mad at me. (as if I don't have teA at the age of 40?????)...mad that I didn't look through my bedroom first? "yeah mom, next time I'll check under the bed and in my closet first!" Then she texts me and says "what exactly were you doing????" I write back "omg mom! seriously????? You're asking me what I was DOING???":lol: I need to transition and go to Hobby Lobby to get some decorations. I think I'll pick up a double size bottle of wine on the way home... One for the book I guess!
  12. Oh don't worry!!! I see MY psychologist tomorrow night and it will be a very interesting hour long discussion!!!! :lol:
  13. He did say, with his face buried in his pillow, that he was NEVER ever coming in our room again!! LOL
  14. Yes, he has a psychologist, and a speech language pathologist (who is AWESOME in helping teach me to communicate with him in ways he'll understand) and an OT. My son has severe anxiety and being "on the spectrum" he sees a psychologist every other week. He has been really helpful. Figures his anxiety is 90% at NIGHT. We have NOT had "the talk" ..but he's going to be 10 this month. It's time. I think I'm going to puke. I have an excellent working relationship with his team and especially the Speech lady. She emailed me this morning to see if I was coming to the next class on communicating with your child. It's kind of a support group/ class where she coaches parents on whatever issue has come up. She's amazing. I emailed her back and told her I really really really wished the class was tonight and told her what happened. I think she'll have some good ideas.
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