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  1. I think I need one of these-- :chillpill:! :tongue_smilie:

  2. Constructivistic is obviously a lovely big word for me to throw around, since I AM an experienced elementary school teacher, so that others realize how intelligent I am! See? You "little people" just don't understand all that I do, since I am an experienced elementary school teacher so therefore am better than most of you!


    Did I mention that I'm an experienced elementary school teacher?

  3. "You rock, my dear, seriously. I award you kudos, maybe a fraction ;) of kudos."


    Aww, you're too kind! BTW, are those constructivistic kudos? As an experienced elementary school teacher I can accept no less! :tongue_smilie:

  4. yes I can log in now! Thank you!

  5. Oh my, hope they are okay soon! My oldest is graduating from highschool next weekend! Where does the time go?!

  6. Hi Gretchen! It's been awhile!!! How are ya?

  7. Happy Late Birthday!!! :D Hey, are you guys going on the Guatemala trip? It looks amazing, but we can't go! :( How are you? I miss hearing from/"seeing" you!

  8. Hi Lolly! How are ya?

  9. Mindy, Hi there!


    How are you doing with all the snow? How much did you get? We heard you got 40 inches....true? WOW! We got less than 1 1/2 feet, but it keeps melting a little, then snowing more, then meltins some, then freezing, then snowing, etc. Pretty crazy! Our little area doesn't know what to do with this kind of weather, since we don't have it that often!


    I hope you had a great Christmas, and will have an amazing and wonderful new year!


    God bless,


  10. :001_smile:Thanks Hon, Merry Christmas to you too!

  11. Glad you're doing well! Okay, I'll take your advice and not get out. It's scary out there anyway! :D

  12. No, I didn't hear about your back! What happened? I'm sorry, and hope the therapy is helping you! It must be, if you went running today! Yes, pm me and tell me more!


    We haven't had our cookie exchange yet. How'd yours go?


    Blessings on your celebrations this month!

  13. Oh wow..........that felt GOOD! Thanks for helping me with my GREEN fix!!! :D

  14. sleepy---PERFECT! You rock! :D


    Thanks! :grouphug:

  15. Hey there! Wussup? I was not TOO far from you over Thanksgiving! Well, I guess not too close either, but I think closer than here. But, now I'm babbling. Me thinks I must go to bed soon! ;)


    Just thought I'd stop by, on one of my rare moments on-line lately, and say hi! Happy Holidays!

  16. Hi, Remember me? Huh? Do ya? Just cuz I haven't been here for a month......


    How are ya? Hope all the rockers are well!

  17. PARABOLA (I still know how to pronounce that correctly, I'll have you know! ;) )! How are ya? I'm here, at least for a little while, so am writing up a storm on these message areas!


    Happy Holidays! (In case I don't get on again 'til Spring! ;))

  18. Hi! I know I've been MIA for awhile....but, ummm, it's been ever so long since I've had any GREEN! Got any extra to share, just for old times sake? :)


    How are ya? Happy Holidays!

  19. Lolly.......Hi there!


    I've been busy too, and haven't been on much. Hope you're doing well!!!


    Happy Holidays!

  20. GOod, you haven't been here much either---I've been MIA for some time now, and haven't written a message to you yet! So sorry! Hope you're livin' well and doing okay without the rep system!


    Happy Holidays!

  21. Angie, Have you been to my page recently? Well, in the last month? I wrote back, but just NOW figured out that I'm supposed to write in the conversation area. DUH! So here's my reply to you! :)


    How are you doing? Are you still running? Are you on here much? I've not been here for quite awhile, but would love to spend at least a little more time here!


    Thinkin' 'boutcha! Happy Holidays!

  22. JANE! Hi there! :) I am getting this all figured out still. I wrote back to people on my own message area, but noone wrote back. Then I figured out that I needed to continue the conversation this way. Duh! I need to get out more! :)


    Happy Holidays! How are ya?

  23. BTW, got any more chocolate?! ;)

  24. Sleepy, How are ya? I am admitting to my friends that I just figured out that I'm not s'posed to just answer on MY message area, but am s'posed to answer like this. Ohhh, being on rarely has delayed my learning by a long-shot!!! I DID answer you a month, almost, ago! You can check my message area.


    Happy Holidays to you Dear!

  25. Hi there! Yep, it's been awhile again! Hey, I just figured out to write the message here instead of on my own message area.........brilliant, eh? I miss ya'll since I can't get on here much now!


    Oh, my dear EL

    I truly do wish you well

    As busy as I can be

    I want to let you see

    How since I'm not on a lot

    My rhyming's really gone to pot!

    So now I say, Hmmm, Oh well...

    The rhyming I should leave to EL!"


    Happy Holidays to you! Hope all is going well with you!

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