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  1. Thank you Nicholas mom, Chrysalis Academy, and Harriet Vane. More great thoughts! I appreciate all that you have shared. :hurray:
  2. Thank you all for sharing! We have a lot to think about. :huh:
  3. Thank you Lori, for your detailed post! Your suggestions and encouragement are very helpful. We have the Well Educated Mind, and Invitation to the Classics was ordered yesterday. It sounds like those, plus TWTM will give us a good starting point. PS - Gilgamesh is one book that I have some familiarity with, so now I'm going to have to find "Darmok" :lol:
  4. Looking ahead to start planning for high school - We hope to follow the WTM plan for combining History and Literature. In TWTM (2009), it says to make a realistic assessment of how many books the student will be able to cover, and then choose 8, or 12, or 18. Of course this will vary depending on the student's reading skills and length/difficulty of the books read. But how to choose which will make up the book list? The shortest, so you can read more? Whatever looks interesting? A sampling from different time periods? Without being familiar with many of these books, we are not sure what to use as a deciding factor. Also, anyone who has followed this plan - any thoughts, suggestions, things you wish you'd done differently or that worked well? Thanks for your help!
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