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  1. So part of the problem is she is at ballet 25 hours or more depending on if there is a preformace. She has no free time with Challenge A workload. She was drowning. So I want to make this do able for her and allow her some free time. She is mildly dyslexic, but loves to read. But enjoys reading what she wants to read. She hated the books being picked for her in CA. I have her. I was thinking of keeping geography but not having draw it. We have visualizing world geography so I may use that. I have some IEW paragraphs that she could use as a source to write a paper, but it seems to easy almost for her. She hated the LTW so I want to drop that. Honestly did not make sense to me anyway. My friend gave me Veritas press history book for 1815- to the present. She like that time period so I don't mind her learning more, but wondering if it is going to be challenging enough.
  2. So my 7th grader decided they don't like Challenge A. So we are dropping out and starting fresh. Only now I don't know what to do with her. I was really counting on this working for us so I had no back up plan. What are some good options? Thinking online classes this winter. Right now I have Hake grammar, pre-algebra Teaching textbooks, jay wile physical science, What else should I get?
  3. I have heard about this in marriage but what about homeschooling? I am just not feeling the love this year. I have been homeschooling since my oldest dd was a 1st grader. My girls are in 7th and 6th grade. They seem like they are just not enjoying school any longer. We are in CC and my oldest in Challenge A. She seems like it is stressing her out. I am trying to give it tell Christmas. My boys (3rd and 1st grade) are normally pretty easy to work with. This year it is like they are totally different kids. The whining, complaining, dragging their feet every time I ask them to do anything. I am only having them do the basics like reading, handwriting and math. That is it! I can not do anything else because that literally takes us all day. They are constantly hiding from me of taking breaks. I feel like a failure. I want to quit.
  4. I can not believe he is going to be a 3rd grader... it sounds so big:( Math: Saxon 3 History: CC memory work and reading from Child's History of the World Science: CC memory work Latin: CC memory work Lang. Arts: WWE 2, FLL 3, handwriting without tears cursive, Spelling you see C and for reading I may go with Sonlight's program Some fun stuff from timberdoddle-Robots Dream
  5. My dd just started the same meds this week. So far so good. She has been really sleeping in, I had to wake her up at 9:30 this morning. She went to bed at 8:30. Other than that she seem good. Nothing remarkable yet but going to give it some time.
  6. So it is a little complicated but my dyslexic 8 yr old son will be a 3rd grader in the fall. He is finishing the Logic of English level D in a couple of weeks. He can read Little Bear and Frog and Toad well. He likes reading real books. So I am looking for a program that uses real books. Looked at Sonlights list not sure I love all the books but it may work in a pinch. Is there anything else like Sonlight? My mind is blank...
  7. Things are looking better thanks for thinking of me. She started attending a small Catholic school close to our house. She loves it there. There are 9 other kids in her class and it is very family oriented. She is doing well and I have seen major changes from her already. She is wearing pants for one, which would have never happened before (sensory issues). also she is excelling at her school work. Making all A's And B's. The teacher does not give homework so I am totally hands off when it comes to school. It is helping with our relationship and I just get to be mom to her. We are both liking that.
  8. Mine son did LOE but had some hang ups as well. Have you looked into Saxon Phonics? It is OG based as well. My son really took off with bit this year.
  9. I had a neuropsychologist evaluate her. She could not get a good read on her intelligence as she refused most testing. I wonder about bi-polar as it does run in my family. She did diagnose her with depression at the time... But I see it as more of her personality. She has the "woe is me" attitude.
  10. Something has to change. My 10 year old dd was identified with PDD-nos at the age of seven. She is very high functioning but behaviorally she is a hot mess. She seems to do better with other people. We belong to CC and she can keep it together there. But at home it is a hole different story. She hates doing anything school related. She does not want to study her CC memory work, hates her math, complains and whines all day long. She has worn my patience. She takes so much time and energy from my other three kids it seems unfair. She basically wants me to do everything with her..write her answers... Quiz her on vocabulary, CC work, etc. I just can not keep doing this. It is exhausting. I have a eight year old and a twelve year old that are dyslexic plus a kindergartener this year. Questioning putting her in school or unschooling her. She has a high interest in science and animals but will not go out of her way to learn on her own. She barely will read a book but is perfectly able. She basically is happiest when everyone just leaves her alone. She want to play endless games on line, watch you tube videos of my little pony, draw pictures, or sew. What would you do with this child?
  11. I just had my 7 year old son seen my a neuropsych. His got the diagnostic code 315.00 and it is dyslexia. It is written as language disorder with impairment in reading aka dyslexia. They do not have a specific code for dyslexia, but that is what that code means. He also got 315.1 and 315.2 for dysgraphia (writing) and dyscalculia (math).
  12. I have no one to brag to that will understand what a big deal this is. My 7 1/2 year old (who is dyslexic and has dysgraphia ) just tied his shoes!!! We have been working on this for a long time. His hands just do not corporate with him, yet some how he did it... Four times. Yes it takes him multiple attempts and pure consatration but he can do it! Jumping for joy.
  13. DS#4 is official in Kindergarten in the fall. Here is my plan so far LOE Foundation level A Saxon Math 1 Handwriting without tears CC memory work SOTW history (tagging along with older siblings)
  14. I would see if you could work out a payment plan. My director is very understanding about these things. I know that even with me tutoring next year that I will owe a ton next year.So I have starting paying her $100 a month and plan to continue doing this during the summer. I figure it as a payment plan like a car payment. I believe CC is the best decision for my family and will make cuts in other activities to make it work.
  15. Visualizing World Geography is wonderful. You can get it at homeschool co op
  16. My dd has severe dysgraphia. We tried an OT and besides running us into debt they did not do much. I just do not have her write to much. I usually act as a scribe for her.
  17. I have one doing Apologia Astro. this year and she really likes it. I really do not know what to use next year, cost would be about the same. Are there any reviews for WP Anatomy? Do they have it on e-books? I can not seem to navigate their website.
  18. Now I am looking at WP Anatomy and it looks fun. Wondering which would be a better fit for my crew.
  19. The teacher manual and student book is really all you need. If you want to play games with her you may want to get the phonograms game cards.
  20. I have the same issue with my dd. I have tried everything and it really just does not matter. I am to the point now of just excepting the fact that she will always be "behind" in math and to try and just get the basics down.
  21. I would check for food and environmental allergies.
  22. Nothing you need to add...it is handwriting, spelling and phonics in Level A.
  23. We love LOE. You do not need all the extra stuff. Just buy the Teacher Manual and the Student Workbook. You can make your own phonogram cards on index cards. I rarely use the game cards.
  24. He actually saw a developmental optometrists. He did say he had poor tracking but did not mention doing any vision therapy. My son has been seeing a speech therapist since the age of three. He was a late talker and is still having problem with the "L" sound and "R" and some blends. What could they test him for?
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