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  1. Great news about Ashley Porter! I was inclined to stick with Blue Tent for math next year, and this seals it - thanks!
  2. Yes, we did end up enrolling. Lindsey has been wonderful with helping my daughter understand difficult concepts during her office hours outside of class. This is something that has been lacking in other online math classes we've used in the past with my older children. Having that accessibility via "face-to-face" (albeit online with cameras) makes it easier to have a dialogue with the teacher and understand concepts. Her personality is also very friendly and approachable, so my daughter doesn't feel like she is being a bother (also helped by the fact that these are "office hours" so you do
  3. Has anyone taken Algebra II with Lindsey Thompson through Blue Tent? We've been so pleased with Brigid Thompson's AP Language class that I'm taking a closer look at some other classes with Blue Tent. Thanks!
  4. We also gave it a try at the start of the school year, but then abandoned it before reaching the midyear mark. I also felt as if it moved very slowly and just didn't seem to be "enough" in terms of writing instruction. Perhaps it would be a good fit for a younger student (my daughter is 6th grade) or a student who is somewhat hesitant when it comes to writing assignments. In those cases, the instruction and pace may be a good fit. It was a flop for us though which is disappointing since the program is fairly expensive. :mellow: We went back to using some Writing and Rhetoric chapters and
  5. Hmmmm....that is a tough one. I would say yes for an 8th grader, but no for a 6th grader. Seventh grade to me seems that grey area where it might depend on the type of 7th grader you have. For an advanced 7th grader, it might be too young/slow in which case you may want to look at a program like SYRWTLF. I suppose it might depend on how much French your 7th grader has studied and/or whether he or she tends to dislike goofy or silly things. The author does use a dialogue between a mouse and a cow at the start of each chapter and pads in some humor along the way that might be considered chi
  6. We have also been through many French programs over the years, and French for Children is hands down our favorite! My daughter absolutely loves it, especially the chants and DVD. They are supposed to release level B this summer.
  7. It may vary with the teacher, but my dd says about 30 mins per day.
  8. It sounds as if the French classes through Debra Bell's Aim Academy would work for you. My dd has been taking French through Aim the last two years, and my rising 9th grade ds will be in their French I class next year.
  9. My daughter has been taking French through Debra Bell's Aim Academy for two years. We've been very happy with the classes and plan to sign up our rising 9th grade ds for French I next year. I've exchanged a few e-mails with their new French I and II teacher, and she seems wonderful!
  10. Just an update for anyone who is interested - the teacher is offering to open a 1:45 - 2:45 Wednesday class for French I if there are at least 3 students interested in signing up for that time slot. Very good news for those of us needing something earlier in the day! :hurray:
  11. Just an FYI - to avoid listening to the entire video but still have a chance to hear Carole Adkins speak, fast forward to minute 12 and then listen through roughly minute 38. She explains how her online class works, answers parents questions, discusses her French background, etc. Very helpful info http://debrabell.com/2014/05/want-to-know-more-about-aim-academy-check-out-this-video/
  12. Oh no problem! When you go under the heading "Aim Academy" and click "Staff Directory" it will give you a link to click for the entire list of staff and their e-mail addresses. Her address is ceeps908@gmail.com
  13. Just sent you a PM! Hoping we can get something to work out!
  14. In addition to the info you found in her bio, I also know that she has been teaching French with AIM for 3 years and taught French at a co-op for six years prior. If I remember correctly, she has been speaking French since a young child (has a fluent French speaking father). There is very a helpful info video recording that Debra Bell posted to give info about Aim in which Carole Adkins discusses her French classes and her French background: http://debrabell.com/2014/05/want-to-know-more-about-aim-academy-check-out-this-video/ I am in a real pickle now though, as I was all set to sig
  15. I was trying to make this same decision earlier in the summer. I spoke with a math teacher who uses the Lials series, and she said that she would not recommend BCM to Algebra sequence. Instead, she recommends Lials Pre-Algebra before Algebra I. My son finished up MM6 this year, and I have an older daughter who completed Lials Algebra I. Looking at Lials Pre-Algebra, it seems to be a good bridge for my son between MM6 and Algebra I.
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