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  1. I remember having guinea pigs growing up. The work wasn't all that bad and they were very hardy. We carried the poor creatures with us everywhere and dressed them in doll clothes. :D Hope this helps!
  2. Warick can't survive the shot. If he did he would tell Grisom who the real mole is. Never liked the under-sheriff....but never thought he was the mole.
  3. I was quite pleased using Saxon all the way through high school. The kids enjoyed math all the way through as much as you can enjoy math and be a teenager. My son refused to change programs when he reached the higher levels of math. My daughter tried a couple others only to come back. She liked the consistent spiral review.
  4. My kids loved them! They are well worth the investment. And after reading what others said about the computer version, I would definately go that route.
  5. I just learned to answer to every prounuciation of my name. Now I hated my last name growing up....Krebs. I was tease so very much.
  6. My dh gets them in trouble. Like the time he said he wanted to play tag with them. He was it and hid on the roof. When they went by he jumped off and ran after them. Needless to say, I had to watch them after that.
  7. My son just finished the book. But I had him watch a version of the movie two months ago knowing the book was coming. Since he remembered the movie ever so slightly, it made it easier to read the book quickly. Upon finishing, he wanted to watch the movie again. This made it easy for me to assign a paper comparing the two.
  8. I would remail the whole thing, cover letter and resume. If anyone asked, I would explain the mistake.
  9. Just keep plugging at it. It sounds like you have a good plan. Sometimes it takes kids a while for it to click. I can not tell you how many times I changed programs until I found something that worked for me and my kids.
  10. I was born in the late 60's but my mom didn't breastfeed me. It would have stunted her social life. :D
  11. I am so glad this question was asked. Saved me from asking it.
  12. OH....I was totally floored. Parviti did play a better game though. I just thought enough people liked Amanda enough to vote for her. I do not think she would have done any better against Cirie though.
  13. I dito that. It will make it much easier on you if you do one history with all three. My two enjoyed working together.
  14. My hubby just wants all of us to go sailing with him. Is there a hobby that yours would like everyone to participate in for the day?
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