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  1. What ages are your dc? Home schooling appears to be big in Boone. We are about 20 miles out in TN (dh works at ASU). High Country Christian Home Schoolers group is pretty active. They usually offer classes such as English, History, Art, Music, Spanish, and some PE type classes for a reasonable fee ( ~$5.00 per class meeting). I think the yearly membership fee is around $20.00 to cover building rental (classes held at a church). Classes seem to be geared to middle school and younger. We haven't gone for the past two years as there just weren't enough classes of interest to justify the trip. ASU has offerred classes geared toward home schoolers in the past. High Country Christian Homeschooler web: http://www.hcchs.com...ss-schedule.php
  2. I was 46 and dh was 52 when dd was born. We already had 3 dc raised and on their own, so it was like starting a whole new family. I guess it would depend on the person, but I wouldn't change a thing! I'm now 59 and dd is 13. Dh is a much better father this time around, more relaxed and family oriented. I do have to admit that dd has always been a very easy child. Maybe you should ask me when she is about 15!
  3. Thanks, I'll check with HSLDA. We've been homeschooling for 6 years without any problems from the state. It's how the federal government interprets the "still in school" wording that could be an issue.
  4. Social Security retirement. Dh will continue to work, so the Social Security is just in addition to his salary.
  5. Anyone here on SS and homeschooling? Dh just applied for SS, which will include myself and dd (13/8th grade). Will I have a problem because dd is not in ps? Will using an umbrella school suffice, or do they even check?
  6. Well, this is how we would do it. 1 2/3 X 2 1/4 = 5/3 X 9/4 Cancel out the 3 and the 9, ( 3 into 3 - once/ 3 into 9 - three times) which becomes: 5/1 X 3/4 = 15/4
  7. :iagree: I have walls lined with bookshelves. I can throw out anything else without blinking an eye. But touch the books? No way.
  8. Right there with you...actually way ahead of you. My oldest is 40. My youngest is 12. But I will still get to chase little ones around. My oldest dgs (20 yr old) is giving me my first ggc this month (a girl!). OK, now I feel really old.
  9. The bolded part is what struck me. He wanted to go so you took him. I'd remind him of his poor behavior the next time he wants you to take him somewhere. And it would be awhile before he was taken anywhere! Leaving was the right thing to do, for your son and the group.
  10. F9 will pull up the calendar where you can update/change your holidays.
  11. Click on the "student" tab, and then click on the "attendance" tab. Is this what you were looking for?
  12. In bed by 9 and lights out by 9:30 on school nights. Weekends are "whenever", as long as they are up at a reasonable time.
  13. We always added "between the sheets". Our dc could never figure out why we were always laughing at our fortune cookies...silly parents:001_smile:
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