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  1. Now I have read the poll I have too many options and I can't remember what I normally do. Except that it is definitely incy wincy spider!
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will talk to his doctor about reflux and see if we can try something. With the leave to cry versions of sleep training, I am pretty set against leaving him to cry for more than a short time regardless of if it wakes dd or not. I have tried in the past out of desperation but he just gets more and more worked up and since I’m unwilling to stick with it when he is like that it is obviously not going to work. He also vomits when too worked up and this can happen pretty quickly (5 minutes or so). We have tried settling him in his room when he wakes with rocking or patting, the problem is that he just won’t go to sleep. It can take hours and so is pretty hard to stick to long term because of shear exhaustion (he settles okay at the beginning of the night, so it isn’t a complete inability to get to sleep). I might try the tv idea, we have a pretty baby proof play room that I can close the door and just lay down, if I’m not sleeping anyway I guess it can’t hurt!
  3. He always eats a good dinner and later gets offered full cream milk right before bed (which he only sometimes drinks). He was like this while still demand feeding overnight (doesn't breast feed anymore) so I don't think it would be hunger. He used to sleep with us all night, still had the same unsettled period. When he is sleeping he moves around a lot so unless dh goes to the spare room to give ds and I more room neither of us sleep well so I would really like to keep the initial sleep in the cot. We've tried moving from rocking at the start of the night to patting in cot, then just hand on him but we can't seem to move away from contact altogether without crying and if you don't pick him up to calm him when crying he gets to vomitting level of worked up pretty quickly. In those early morning hours nothing works, not rocking, patting, singing, walking. He either doesn't want to or can't sleep.
  4. Definitely not ready for potty training or at the level of understanding that something like the breakfast suggestion would work unfortunetly. Even if I was okay with letting him cry in the cot, if my older toddler gets woken up suddenly from a deep sleep she loses it and can take an hour to settle back down which isn't going to help with anything.
  5. Ever since he was born my 14 month old has been very unsettled in the early hours of the morning. He sleeps in a cot in his own room until usually between 12 and 2 and then he comes into our bed where he occasionally sleeps but more often does not, sometimes he is actively awake trying to chat and crawl over the top of us for hours (and getting very upset at us trying to make him sleep), other times he is just unsettled tossing and turning or clinging to me. On a good night I get 5 solid hours sleep which would be enough if it was 12-5 and consistent but 9-2 and inconsistent just doesn't work, I'm so so tired come the afternoon and I really struggle with the two toddlers (dd is almost 3). He does have better periods, he still ends up in our bed but mostly sleeps, I have not been able to identify what causes the better periods though. He still gets rocked to sleep at night, but there have been periods where he has self settled and it didn't help re the early hours. Leaving him to cry, or controlled crying methods of sleep training are not an option for me. He is a healthy baby, was very spitty as an infant and still ocasionally gets spitty but doesn't seem bothered by it. There was a suggestion of sleep apnea when he was younger due to him snoring but our doctor seemed to think it was unlikely and he no longer snores. Any suggestions or any btdt advice anyome has?
  6. The guy that did House of Leaves (Danielewski) had a new one out in 2015. I know nothing about it but after House of Leaves I assume it would be unconventional and challenging.
  7. I'd give China Mieville a shot.
  8. Thank you for the recommendation but it doesn't look like the place for me, I've updated the op.
  9. I have never read a parenting book, but I am finding with a baby that doesn't sleep well I'm not left with the energy to parent my almost 2 year old (who is well into tantrum land) how I'd like to and need some tools to help me get back on track. I think I'm probably after something along the positive parenting line from my brief internet readings. Definetly something secular. ETA: Nothing antivax and preferably nothing that promotes alternative medicine
  10. Yes, 'The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success'. It's reasonably new and I have not read it yet so can't tell you anything about its quality.
  11. In Australia Easter has is also a secular holiday (for the non religious, the religious I assume still observe religiously) much like Christmas, so it would be a little odd to have a non Easter related party.
  12. I don't think I've had any in the last few years, but we always mostly got JW's here anyway. When I was kid there were some JW's that would drive out to our hobby farm once or twice a year, my father would happily chat to them for as long as they liked but they knew that as soon as they brought up religion they'd be politely asked to leave.
  13. http://www.gunpolicy.org They are a pro gun control organisation but are not propaganda based and have a lot of data and facts.
  14. Has he read Good Omens? Funny, easy, and great writing. You mentioned GOT, if you think he'd like more fantasy there are plenty of great options that are not as extreme re sex and violence. Patrick Rothfuss is excellent. Stephen Erikson's Malazan books would keep him busy for a while, they are not IMO a a very easy read though, large cast of characters to keep track of and the author doesn't like to explain his world so there is a lot to figure out. Easy compared to some of the hard suggestions here though.
  15. For anyone else interested I've just discovered that there is actually a Smart but Scattered aimed at adults being released in January. It's the called The Smart but Scattered Guide to Success.
  16. Betrayal at House on the Hill is a fun cooperative game. Bohnanza is a great easy to play card game. Space Alert is a crazy cooperative game, I can't get my head around it my my dh and his friends really like it.
  17. Thanks, I'll check those out.
  18. I've seen this book mentioned as helpful quite a few times on these forums, I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any similar books aimed at helping adults to understand/improve their own executive functioning deficits?
  19. As mentioned we mostly listen to northern hemisphere songs about snow in Australia. There are a couple of Australian Christmas songs I really like though. Tim Minchin's White Wine in the Sun Paul Kelly's How to Make Gravy. I don't think either of them get a lot of airplay, but they are reasonably well known. Both can be found on YouTube. They are not your typical Christmas songs so maybe listen to them without your kids first, some religious folk find the Minchin one objectionable and the Paul Kelly one is about a father in prison over Christmas.
  20. I think the $249.23 per day must be per work day, unless they've added FTB payments for the two kids maybe. After tax income for 2 people on minimum wage over a 7 day week would be closer to $170 a day I would think. So then are expenses only supposed to be per work day as well? It's a pretty silly article really, it in no way takes into account real essential costs. You don't even get to buy toilet paper.
  21. He probably does more than me, he cares about things being done a certain way a lot more than me though.
  22. Thanks everyone. I guess I will just have to wait for the appointments and keep an eye on it. The surgery sounds pretty routine, I'm mostly worried about her being under a GA, she is still so tiny (2300g at her weigh in last week). IdahoHomeschooler, I'm in Australia and pretty much everything here is done by referral from your GP. She was pre-term and growth restricted but otherwise healthy.
  23. My 5 week old dd has what is probably an inguinal hernia, it was picked up by my local child health nurse on Tuesday who told us to go to our GP which we did and my GP gave us a referral for a scan. So she has a scan on Thursday to confirm, this was earliest appointment we could get after calling a lot of places. The problem is I am getting a bit paranoid constantly watching her for signs that it has become strangulated. It may already be incarcerated, the GP didn't seem to try to push it back in so I don't know. I've only had her home a week and a half and she is my first so I really have no experience in what is normal which doesn't help, nor does Googling but I do that a lot anyway. I'm not even sure of the need for the scan, from my reading it doesn't seem like they are usually needed to diagnose a visible hernia and it is just going to delay getting it fixed. I'm wondering if my GP has selected the best course of action or if I should take her to someone else. Can anyone offer any reassurance or advice?
  24. The fact that there are some fantastic fraternities and sororities out there does not negate the fact that (in my somewhat educated opinion that is backed up by many sources as a quick search of the literature will show you) as a whole fraternities and sororities have negative social impacts. A pet hate of mine is the idea that unless someone has directly experienced something they could not possible know anything about it and are not entitled to an opinion. I actually believe that people who are outside of something can sometimes offer greater insight because they are not caught up in their own particular experience of said thing. (Notice my use of the word sometimes, I am not dismissing he idea that experiences can help in knowledge of something). And how exactly does disliking the Greek system come across as being anti-American, surely it is one small part of US culture? (Another pesky outsider who agrees with Sadie that fraternities are stupid)
  25. Of course there will be some non-Christians who don't see it, just like there are some women who don't see male privilege. Doesn't mean it doesn't exists :) Reporting and claiming of bias are two separate issues. If there are a lot more Christians present but the complaints of bias are equal, then either non-Christians are more apt to complain or there really is a bias as you'd expect the complaints to be in line with population totals if there was no actual bias (this is a bit of a false dichotomy , there other options but I don't have all day). But if the reports are not equal because of numbers it actually creates a bias, 1 vote degenerating Christianity gets 10 reports and is moderated. 1 vote degenerating atheism gets 1 report and is not moderated. It is not an intentional favoritism by the moderators, but the very makeup of the forum and the rules of moderation (they look at a post when it has multiple reports) creates a bias against minorities. That's not to say there are not also personal biases that the moderators have, that may very well come into play as well. But since all the moderators use one account it is very hard to tell. Also, your post implies they I attributed more reporting by Christians as twitchy fingers, I thought I did the opposite and attributed it to more numbers.
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