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  1. I ended up with just $10 for today, she said that was what her mum suggested. I feel like I maybe should have gone up to $15 since that seems to be the going rate but I’ll see how she goes first and then decide what to do if we are both happy to keep going with it weekly. This is her first babysitting job.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Ausmumof3 said:

    Is it babysitting home alone or babysitting with another adult nearby in a mother’s helper role.  My 14 year old DS has been doing other work and earning $15-$20per hour however he can pretty much do as much as an adult in these roles. 

    Babysitting alone, but no requirement to do anything other than supervise and play with him (no meal prep etc) at this stage.

    She's a neighbour and there are plenty of well known adults nearby if something she can't handle comes up but she's a sensible kid so I don't think that's likely.

    I think I'll have $15 in mind going into the discussion and see where we end up.


  3. 7 minutes ago, Melissa Louise said:

    I'd probably pay $15/hr but that's Sydney prices. 

    Thanks, that gives me a start...she's new to babysitting and hasn't set her own rate and I didn't want to low ball. My rates from 25 years ago are a little out of date.

  4. Anyone know what a reasonable amount to pay a 13 year old to watch a 5 year old for an hour is? I have no idea!

    Edit for more info:

    Would be an ongoing thing once a week and actually less than an hour but I figure it's fair to pay her a full hour or it may not be worth it for her.


  5. 1 minute ago, Melissa Louise said:

    Makes sense, I guess. 

    Just having a hopeless kind of day. I've been bright and easy and the go-to person for all the struggling fam and friends for eight weeks, and this just tipped me. It's actually really horrible hearing helicopters and ambulances all day, watching the numbers going up and up, and having non-hesitant pro-vaccine loved ones who can't get a recommended or any vaccine. I'm worried we are going to get to 50%, open up, and ds will be back customer facing with Delta loose and zero protection. Or DD will have to be back in hospital at some stage and contract it there. Or she'll get AZ, get a clot and/or get sick before she can get the second one. 

    I'm sorry, it sucks!

  6. 5 minutes ago, Melissa Louise said:

    If you're so behind, why are you opening it up to 16-18 yr olds ? None of this makes sense to me. 

    I truly do not understand being attached to a state identity. 

    It's very Not Labor. 


    I assume hesitancy but honestly I don't really know.

    I don't really understand how having a state identity is any different to having a national identity.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, Melissa Louise said:

    What I'm beginning to understand, though, is just because I think state identities are b/s -never in my life have I thought of myself as a New South Welshwoman, just a Sydneysider and an Aussie - doesn't mean the country isn't full of ppl who have some sort of bizarre state identity, well before any national identity. 

    I think of myself as a West Australian, not necessarily before 'Australian' but probably on about the same footing. I don't think it's any more bizarre than a national identity. I would say WA people have always had a fairly strong state identity, maybe due to our isolation. Politicians tend reinforce this with an us vs them narrative. Covid has also reinforced it, the secession jokes were all over the place last year.

    Our premier has definitely taken a protect WA first stance which has kept him extremely popular. I'm not saying I agree with it, I think we can afford to decrease our share of vaccines, but not giving away our doses is consistent.

    We are also behind the curve with vaccinations, opening it up to younger people might make it seem like we are doing well but we have the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated people in the country, we need to get more people over here vaccinated to have any hope of opening up our borders.

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  8. Cross posting from the covid megathread. This seems promising regarding protection against the delta strain. Not sure which vaccine but would have had the Pfizer or AZ depending on age and when they had it.

    'The highly contagious Delta strain of COVID-19 infected everyone who attended a Sydney birthday party except for the six people who were vaccinated, the NSW Government said.'


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  9. 1 new case in WA today (caught from the case returned from NSW). I am surprised we are not going straight into a short lock down given previous responses and the proximity to school holidays.

    People are reporting 6 hour plus wait times for testing in the area the cases are from. Positive - people are getting tests, negative - a couple of the exposure sites were schools and I know I wouldn't wait in line for 6 hours with young kids.

    We have 177 close contacts from the mine camp, most have returned negatives already, some results still pending so that's looking good.



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  10. 2 hours ago, KSera said:

    What were their outcomes? Does awareness seem to be helping with early and better treatment?

    Of the latest 5 cases one has been mentioned as being in intensive care and one in a stable condition in hospital. The lack of medical status of the other 3 would imply they are doing okay.

    A Melissa said it is certainly increasing vaccine hesitancy but I feel like most of it is confined to that particular vaccine. Most people I know would be more than happy to get the Pfizer but we have a very limited supply of that so it is only going to high priority under 50s at the moment.


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  11. I picked up a couple of games outside our normal interests to play with the extended family group. Telestrations was a big hit, a lot of fun and if you are terrible at it it just makes it funnier. Concept is interesting but we only last a few rounds before we are ready for something else.

    For the little kids (4 & 6) I got My First Castle Panic which they enjoy. I also got Rhino Hero but they don't have the dexterity for it yet, they knock the tower over too early to find it fun.

    My husband and I got Pandemic, only played once so far and we weren't that taken with it. Found it a bit boring but will try with more players when we get a chance.

    I also got a backgammon board, I haven't played since I was a kid and am enjoying that.

    @happypamamais Space Escape the Peaceable Kingdom one? I've been trying to find it but no one in Australia seems to stock it!

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  12. 17 minutes ago, SamanthaCarter said:

    Oh fun! You might perceive me as thinking Aussies are cute, but: 

    I got to spend time with a friend visiting from Australia. I hadn’t met her irl yet, it was just online. She had never seen a squirrel before! The rest of us had not considered that, and were delighted at her appreciation for them. It was a real ice breaker! Most of us don’t give a second thought to squirrels and think that an Aussie would be never be delighted by our boring wildlife. 

    I loved the squirrels when I visited friends in Seattle!

    We don't have any small cute animals that you can actually see easily (they all like to hide) so it is quite novel.

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  13. 3 hours ago, peacelovehomeschooling said:

    For my husband to be okay.   We are waiting on a confirmation of polycythemia vera (appt is Nov. 25th).  I just want him to be healthy and for this to essentially be a non-issue in his life.  For him to live a long healthy life despite this diagnosis and for it to never progress to anything more.

    Best wishes for his appointment.  My mother was diagnosed about 2 years ago and she has not needed any of the more aggressive treatments, just low dose aspirin and regular check-ups.  She does still suffer from increased fatigue but has no other symptoms or side effects.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Ausmumof3 said:


    i once made the mistake of “rescuing” a magpie who seemed abandoned.  I took it to my sis place who has done a bit of rescue work and she sent me straight back with it.  Thankfully mum and dad flew down with food!  Instead of rescuing I had been kidnapping!


    I'm surprised you didn't get made painfully aware at the time that you were kidnapping, magpie parents are scary! 

  15. My daughter had mesenteric adenitis after a virus, inflamed lymph nodes in the abdomen.  I can't remember what the initial virus was but I don't think it was stomach related. It was extremely painful at first, she could barely walk for a couple of days, after that it was a lot better but she would often seemly randomly complain of stomach pain. Thankfully it only lasted a a few weeks but our GP said it could last a lot longer and it could flare up on occasion. She did get stomach aches more often than typical in the months after but not severe ones.

  16. Why does it matter if someone wears the same thing every day? Most employees should only be expected to be clean, tidy, and fit the expected dress code.

    I work in an office 4 days a week, I wear the same pants (slacks) every day unless they get visibly dirty and I have 4 shirts I mostly wear. Plus spare pants and another few shirts I wear occasionally. Sometimes I don't even wash my shirts after every wear, I work in an air conditioned office so I don't get sweaty and if I don't spill anything on them they stay clean.

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  17. Well now I am wondering about a Tamora Pierce series I just got for my daughter. She generally likes fantasy and adventure novels and it seemed an innocent enough premise (Circle of Magic series) I generally research things fairly well and didn't see any red flags but after this thread I am going to have to read it myself and see!

    If my memory is correct the Circle of Magic serious is aimed at a younger audience than her more popular Lioness books, I remember nothing in the way of sex or even really romance (maybe a little?) in the Circle of Magic books.

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