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  1. What I meant is should I tell the kids, '...we will now learn consonant blends...' When you see patterns such as 'pl', 'bl', etc., we want to pronounce them as one unit rather than p..l Is there value in recognizing consonant blends. btw, I am just thinking loud...not sure myself
  2. I am not using Ordinary Parent's guide... In a program that I am using, consonant blends are introduced without specific rules. I see another program online which shows specific rules for consonant blends. Do you need to call out rules for consonant blends? I am referring to blends such as pl in plan, cl in clap
  3. For the Penguin readers, is the 'easy' level the one I am looking for?
  4. I am teaching English to a group of children whose first language is not English. The children are in grades 5 to 7. The books listed in the Well Trained Mind are for younger children. Can you recommend books for beginning readers but which are smart. I like the Dr. Seuss books, which can appeal to older children.
  5. Hi, I have a 13 year old. I want to improve her skills in writing, research. Can you recommend some books which will help? Her reading is very strong. However, writing, organization and research is lagging behind. It would be good to have something structured (at least initially). Ideally I am looking for a set of exercises which I can follow. The well trained mind book had exercises for elementary/middle schoolers. Wondering if there is something for 8th graders. Thanks, - Nilanjan
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