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  1. Hi, everyone! Thanks to Patty Joanna for sending me a link via FB. Let's see: Currently reading Bishop Ware's The Orthodox Way; PJ had recommended The Orthodox Church when I was "searching" and curious, and I devoured it. Last night we had our priest and his family over for dinner, which was a blast. My DH and he had several hours to talk. DH has been *wonderful* about all of this, has attended every DL with us, even though he isn't 100% sold on Orthodoxy. There is no one thing that he has rejected, even if some elements--the usual suspects: praying to/communicating with saints, icons, the Blessed Virgin Mary, etc--seem so foreign and "Romish" to him. The upside is that he really, REALLY likes Fr. Patrick; they're two of a kind, personality-wise. I keep praying and praying. The kids and I are ready to be catechumens--we're just waiting on Daddy. Can't wait for Mass tonight for the Presentation of the BVM. Honestly? As a Protestant, I don't recall EVER longing for the church service during the week between Sundays. Ever. Oh--I should mention, if it sounds like we use different terminology from the rest of you, that we are a Western Rite parish. We use the Divine Liturgy of St. Gregory the Great, so the entire "sung Mass" is in English. But we're fully Orthodox, I assure you. :hurray:
  2. I agree. By contrast, Mr. Michael does not: Though he does not forbid Protestants to study in the CLAA, he doesn't believe that an "anti-Catholic" will last long in any of CLAA's advanced courses. Further, he considers it a "waste of time" if a parent spends "half of their time explaining to their children why they don't believe half of the stuff taught in the courses." To sum up, he believes that "we [that is, Catholics and Protestants] can share hymns and holidays, but we really cannot share genuine classical education."
  3. :001_huh: But...isn't this thread why you joined the board here yesterday?
  4. Sigh. If you read this thread, you'll note that (a) Drew has not participated in the thread at all and should therefore not be held accountable for the fact that he hasn't laid out his objections to CLAA here (or anywhere else, so far as I know, beyond the corporal punishment issue, which came up quite some time ago on the LCC Yahoo Groups list) and (b) Chris has already said that he's happy to PM his 10-page treatise on CLAA to anyone who asks him for it. I assume that somewhere in those 10 pages, you'll uncover his objections.
  5. That was my experience as well. I contacted Mr. Michael directly and was told that an "anti-Catholic" (which I am emphatically NOT, as I believe my Catholic friends will attest) wouldn't last long in any advanced course at CLAA. But hey--that's honest and forthright: I wasn't put off by that. It was the forum that put me off CLAA completely.
  6. No, although CC provides memory work in some core subjects. But "cover" them? No.
  7. YES--so glad you asked! I use the Spatula Spreader every.single.day. http://www.cutco.com/products/product.jsp?itemGroup=1768 It cuts AND spreads--hummus, mustard, peanut butter, whatevah. It is AWESOME. AWESOME!! It's the one and only knife you need for lunch. :cheers2: ETA: I received mine as a wedding present nearly 12 years ago and have used it almost every day since then. I've never sharpened it, and it's just as sharp now as it was then. Wish I could say the same for myself. :001_huh::D
  8. He might like The Sign of the Beaver, My Side of the Mountain, Men of Iron, or Adam of the Road. :001_smile:
  9. We spent between an hour and 2 hours a day doing first grade. :001_smile: ETA: This doesn't include read-aloud time (another 1-2 hours a day, total) or "quiet" time, which is usually 2 hours a day spent in their rooms listening to audiobooks and drawing.
  10. Oh. my. GOODNESS--my daughter would love to do this! Thank you!
  11. Mr. Popper's Penguins! Oh, it's so very delightful....
  12. :iagree: Focus on those phonics. One other thing: For whatever reason, A Wonder-Book was a HUGE hit here, whereas they were somewhat less enthused about the stories and pacing of Tanglewood Tales. Weird.
  13. I know Lynx uses FLL with littles--and so do I, because Lynx is my hero. :D
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