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  1. PS: Someone asked about clwcain and beloved wife. Both are still awesome, still in Dallas metro, and still having kids. They finally had a girl a few years ago! The little princess has 5 brothers, bless her heart. :huh: :laugh:
  2. Thanks to Patty Joanna for the heads-up about the thread! No idea when I started here or when I left or why. But these boards sure made an impression. I made some lifelong friends here--and a lifelong conversion, again thanks to PattyJo. Many blessings to all! :wub:
  3. Thanks for the Thanksgiving cartoon, Api! I haven't been around much lately; things just...changed here for me during and after the election. But it sure was nice to find your cute greeting waiting for me. Wishing you all the best of the season!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Or maybe two? :001_smile:

  6. Hey, thanks! You are one of my favorite people on the board. Nay, on the internet.

  7. Zelda dahling, have I mentioned lately that you are one of the funniest people ever? are. Funny. Keep it up.

  8. I love your sweet spirit, Rose--I have a feeling you'll ALWAYS be missed whenever you leave a place. :grouphug:


    Leila :001_smile:

  9. Hey, thanks for missing me while I was gone. :-)

  10. Thanks for your SWEET message, Beansprouts--you made my day, Curly Girl! :) ~Leila

  11. You have such a spunky and fun personality. I really enjoy reading your posts :001_smile:

  12. Leila, Thanks for the kind words about my avatar in my "wallflower" post, and for all the commiseration! I'll have to look for the book you suggested.

  13. Have I mentioned lately that I {{heart}} you, Doran??

  14. Random visit of kindness. I adore your sense of humor and honesty here, and I'm going to poke at you until you post a real picture of yourself. (Psst!...Beauty isn't about how photogenic you are, you know? :)). Hugs my virtual friend.

  15. Wow SolaMichella, you got a major avatar makeover! And is that an almost aqua sweater I see??

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