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    Homeschooling mom and music administrative assistant
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    <p>Open to all with veterinary questions. Please include species, breed, age and gender in all questions. This group is meant to discuss animal medical issues. Members with experience in management of chronic diseases, nutrition, behavioral issues are encouraged to respond. No specific diagnoses or treatment protocols will be given, only possibilities or probabilities based on each case presentation. The group is moderated by a licensed veterinarian.</p>
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    <p>Server busy? Toast land butter side down? Kelli forget you? Enlist here.</p> <p> </p> <p> :lol:</p>
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    <p>For all who add a comment to a thriving thread, only to have no more replies after you've posted!</p>
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    <p>Those homeschoolers who have the prayer that Christ over friends, family, enemies, everywhere will impact those brought into our lives. Share your praises and your valleys....let's let His light shine and share this incredible journey of homeschooling through faith.</p>
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    <p>Are you a pastor's wife, a ministry wife, or in "professional ministry" yourself? This group is here to provide a safe place to discuss issues related to "life in the fishbowl."</p>
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