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  1. We're getting ready to move overseas and I was wondering if any of you have experience with Apple tv. I'm wondering if between that and Netflix we could have a semi-normal tv experience while in Germany. I've heard that their shows tend to be a bit more "free" than I'm comfortable with, and well, in German. :001_huh:
  2. I just got a Kindle about two months ago and now they come out with a new one. Good grief! Should I pass this one on to my DD and order the new touch screen for me? Would my in laws who bought me the Kindle be upset? Will my husband go for this plan? Is the boat wood or aluminum? (veggie tales joke). I'm pretty blessed that this is my biggest dilemma for today. :lol:
  3. I just read the trilogy by Jennifer Erin Valent that starts with Fireflies in December. Very good, light books. I read all three in just a couple of weeks.
  4. We only have a phone line so our alarm system can call in if it goes off. Some systems are going wireless though so the land line isn't even necessary anymore.
  5. I love this! What a fun memory that will be for them. I may steal it if I ever find any Dr Seuss socks, hope you don't mind!:001_smile:
  6. Please tell me you run a cycle with just the flyswatter! :lol::lol:
  7. Fly swatters have to be one of the most disgusting things in the world! I don't like it being near anything so the garage would be ideal. However, I live in OK and the fly population is near plague status so it needs to be handy. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS! Where do you store yours? :confused:
  8. So yesterday my home phone rings and when I check the caller I.D. it actually says "phone scam" and then the number! Easy enough! Anyone else have criminals being that honest about their phone scams? :lol:
  9. The very first badge should be The Newbie Badge! You earn it after your, "I just wanted to introduce myself" post.:lol:
  10. So our family is getting ready to move, a big move. An across the ocean kind of big move. This means there will be about a month that we'll be without our school stuff. I've tried to work us ahead a bit to compensate, but I don't want to stop completely either. Some of our things are small/light enough to take with us some aren't. I guess I'm just looking for a little advice on how much I should try to do. Here's my plan: Sequential Spelling Book on the Kindle, DD's choice(for literature) Burgess Animal Book (for science) Pictures in Cursive(because she's addicted to it) Math-here's where I need help. She's using TT and we won't have the computer and the workbook is huge. Is there a good workbook out there for practice? History read aloud on the Kindle Ugh...this feels overwhelming. I just don't want to lose the momentum we have. Our year has been GREAT so far. How do I keep our mojo? :lol:
  11. Oooooo, this is a good one! I remember playing with one of these when I was little. I'd love for my daughter to have one! Thanks for sharing!:hurray:
  12. I have this DVD on my shelf, its been there since I bought it.:glare: Reading about all you ladies doing it makes me want to dust it off. Should we start a support thread? Tee hee!:lol:
  13. Dd 8 is still mixing up her d's and b's when she prints. The only consolation I have is that she corrects herself, but it still happens daily. Is this normal? I expected it when she started writing, but here we are 4 years later....
  14. Maybe I should say, "relaxed" instead of lazy. Today is my DD birthday, we've been tearing up school so far this year, she and her little sis are getting along wonderfully, and it just feels good to not push through our day. I think birthdays are a great reason to slow down and have a make it up as you go kind of day. History can wait until tomorrow, right?!
  15. Do any of you make digital scrapbooks? I'm wondering what websites have the best prices and options for layouts. I'm most definitely not a "traditional" scrapbooker, but I really like the idea of doing it all on the computer.
  16. I didn't even watch the whole thing. The first 30 seconds was enough...creepy! On a completely different subject, I love his fireplace.
  17. Is anyone else watching the Little League World Series? DH and I aren't big baseball fans, but we watch the LLWS every year. There's something so genuine about watching these little guys play. There's no quit in them and they're having so much fun. And to make it even better, this year a team from Montana not only made it to the tournament, they're in the championship game! This Montana native is so proud! :party::party::party:
  18. Thanks for posting this. I heard the book was good, but the movie was just okay so I want to read the book first. :hurray:
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