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  1. That could explain it. Did you ever hear the stories about Bank of America back in the 90's? They were so big, they'd make mistakes all the time, losing accounts, depositing into the wrong accounts and all kinds of other horror stories that always ended up with the customer getting screwed. Wells Fargo is like that. Keep hounding them, but remain calm.
  2. What a nightmare! I'd be stressing out so much! I avoided an escrow account specifically for this reason. I like to have control over who pays the property tax and insurance and when. The mortgage company on our last house kept paying the property tax late which meant I was getting scary letters. Now I use our tax return to pay our property taxes and insurance and then set aside the rest of what I'll need monthly to pay it in full when it's due. There's usually a slight discount being able to pay it in full anyway. I suppose it could be that one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Our insurance is bundled, but they are separate departments in different states with different account numbers. They just moved my homeowners insurance and changed the account number on that policy. I have no idea why other than they are moving things around. I've been with them for 16 years.
  3. Following along because there’s a couple of spots on the floor of our rental I want to touch up. I had the floor professionally sealed by chem dry and they did a pretty good job. If you have a grout that you can use bleach on, I used bleach based toilet bowl cleaner gel. It’s like a giant bleach pen. Lol. And a grout brush. I’m working on the kitchen counters before I seal them. I wouldn’t want to do it for a large space though.
  4. DE or Cimexa (which is a stronger desiccant) works great on many critters. Get a bellow or bulb for dusting and a fine dust mask. I got all of the light switches and outlets and pried the outlet boxes to dust the wall interior at both our house and our rental. If left undisturbed, the dust can last for 10 years. You can dust your windows, baseboards, the exterior and any cracks. A little goes a long way. You don't want to dust it so thick that the bugs can see it and crawl around it. They are both pet safe, but you don't want anyone around without a dust mask until the dust settles. It can get water on it, so sprinkling it into the mulch would work.
  5. I don't schedule breaks. Breaks always seem to schedule me. 😉 My plan was to work through the summer, but right now I've been preparing our rental for the next tenant. The weather is only going to get hotter until October, so I have plenty of time to buckle down. For now, I have the kids read x chapters and fill out a sentence expansion worksheet (a la Writing Revolution) about someone or something from the chapters. Easy Grammar Plus, Easy Writing, and Key to Fractions are also on their to do list. They are all mostly review, but much needed reinforcement for my middle, so everything we've worked on doesn't fall out of their head. Being workbook type curriculum, I can explain at the beginning of the day and then be there for questions or to work alongside if they really don't get it otherwise I let them finish whenever they want. Sometimes they dilly-dally (it is summer and it's nice when they get along) and sometimes they want to finish early and work on it the night before. As long as progress is being made, I'm fine with it.
  6. This is what I do for my kids tub. They “clean” it but every once in a while I go in and CLEAN it Fume free oven cleaner let soak in for an hour and wipe off tub scrubber - the long pole gives you more scrubbing power or magic eraser If you still have spots, liquid comet or soft scrub with the tub scrubber or magic eraser microfiber cloth to wipe down clorox tile shower spray for upkeep - probably 2 out of 3 kids use this regularly and it seems to spread out the time between deep cleanings.
  7. I do this a lot. Lately I’ve been watching New Tricks on Hulu. It’s a British mystery show but simplistic and fine to just listen to. It has plenty of seasons to work through.
  8. My options, and many are in the same boat, are 1. free severely overcrowded and low quality public school with constant bullying problems and fights, but hey it’s “free” 2. charter schools that do better than ps in some ways and much worse in others (It’s up to the parents to do their research). They may also be “free” but parents should do their best to ensure it’s a good fit for their kid. The good ones have waiting lists in the hundreds, the online ones take all and suffer with poor test scores and grad rates as a result and the ok ones are pretty much plugging along under the radar. The really bad ones eventually get shut down after years of poor results. 3. private school where the tuition is more than the mortgage because there are not enough of them out there and everyone wants their kid out of the public schools 4. Homeschooling with little regulation, no tax credits or deductions, and everything is out of pocket
  9. The problem is, the author was specifically looking for someone to criticize it as the subtitle states. I doubt there is a shortage of people willing and able to criticize spending taxpayer dollars on ParkHopper tickets, but they chose the HSLDA which criticizes the charter school system as a whole. I didn’t see the Charter School Authority quoted and they are the state watchdog for charters. I didn’t see the other California charter groups distancing themselves from this kind of spending. Disney aside, what about Zoological Society passes to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park? Sea World? Scripps Aquarium? Balboa Park passes? There are so many educational opportunities in SD that just don’t fit into a classroom. I don’t think drawing the line based on whether or not the general public feels comfortable with it is really fair either. There are people who want sports eliminated in ps. People who want performing arts eliminated. People have all sorts of ideas about what is educational and what belongs in ps but those usually fit neatly inside a box that belonged to the 50’s. The grass is always greener. To me, people that sign up for this charter school are taxis for their kids all day. They aren’t being told or shown the downside. Instead, it sounds like people at this charter are living it up while everyone else suffers.
  10. Or because they don’t spend months prepping for the tests.
  11. There is a link inside this article to a financial soundness study of CA schools I chose to link the article because it has the school district explaining their numbers and what they plan to do about it.
  12. At the same time, there are many awesome opportunities that public school students have access to that I as the lone homeschooler do not. I certainly don't have all of the resources and available programs that ps has.
  13. Every once in a while I see a flood of “help me spend this charter school money” threads and posts on FB. A big motivator to what could be called frivolous spending by some seems to be the whole ‘use or lose it’ setup.
  14. FTR San Diego is a republican pocket in CA so this article is essentially designed to push certain buttons and provide talking points and not much else.
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