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  1. We used Google Docs to share information about my grandmother’s health between family members.
  2. I saw that in an episode of The Good Wife. All kinds of advice about who to friend and how to eat.
  3. I was at the airport yesterday. There was a DHS drug/bomb/both? sniffing dog at the secure checkpoint. They pulled my bag aside because I had 3 1lb bags of ground coffee. I knew it would get my bags searched. My son works at Starbucks and gets a free 1lb bag weekly. I am swimming in coffee. They swabbed the bags with a drug detecting wipe which set off an alarm for some reason. They had a supervisor come over and swab closer to the opening of the bag and it came back fine. Makes me think there are a lot of false positives out there. They let me keep my coffee grounds Now all my clothes smell like a coffee house yum Meanwhile there was a guy the had one of those multi-use credit card size tools in his wallet. It had one minuscule sharp edge and they confiscated it. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. My dad sort of met me at the gate. I had to walk a ways but it wasn’t all the way to baggage claim or the curb. They do shoo me along when I pick up my brother from the airport in my car. Can’t be idle for too long so you have to loop around again and see if your passenger is there. Which doesn’t make that much sense to me because passenger pickup is in the short term parking lot in a separate building far away from the gates. I did wonder if security was more strict this week and if fewer people fly.
  4. I went to DC on a middle school trip in the late 80’s and the White House was the only thing we didn’t see because the line was too long.
  5. Yes many of my sons math pages are war scenes with stick figures. My daughter writes me love 💕 notes. Now that’s why I ♥️ homeschool.
  6. I have been enjoying BB lately. Better than the Onion a lot of the time.
  7. I don’t think they are up for an estate sale. She has severe short term memory loss so they are taking one project at a time. I know my dad would love to get it all cleared out but he’s taking it slow and letting her go through things. It keeps her busy. He just needs help finding places that will take the stuff once she’s done going through it.
  8. The nursing home called back and said they can't take them, but to keep trying other nursing homes in the area. I hoped to find a place before my visit. I know my dad will be happy to clear out the garage.
  9. I called a local home that specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s and they are going to give me a call back. I told them it’s enough to start a library if they don’t already have one. 😊
  10. Just called the Braille Institute to see if their library would take them and they said they don’t take books on tape or cd anymore. 😞
  11. My parents are downsizing and have bins and bins of books on tape and CD. Some aren’t even opened. She tried the local library, but it’s small and they wouldn’t take them. I suspect that might have something to do with storage until the next library sale, but that’s only a guess. They don’t use eBay or Amazon to sell anything. Most of the books are from the 90’s-2000’s and are mysteries. ETA they are in San Diego if that helps.
  12. Ok but that’s a matrix from the military that has strict rules and regs for everyone without any leniency for judgement. Parents know their kids a whole lot better than the military, than dorm monitors, than the WTM forum. I don’t think child development and parenting is that cut and dry. ETA: I’m sure there are reasons the military doesn’t allow 17yos to be alone at night that don’t apply to Quill’s situation. We can all guess what those reasons would be.
  13. Yeah. If I tried to live my life to avoid every one-off horror story I've ever heard in the news, I’d never be able to leave my house. When I go out for errands, my kids turn up the music that I don’t listen to, louder than I would allow and rejoice in a little freedom and independence. I don’t think we give our children enough trust and respect and as a society, we’ve ended up with anxious kids that can’t handle the slightest bump in the road. Guess I’m a terrible parent.
  14. Yes. I’m a bit more free range. He likes the idea of free range but can’t apply it to our kids. I want my kids to have opportunities to take some healthy risks, to show us they can be responsible and independent. Staying home alone I would consider a healthy risk; especially with family next door and checking in. Dh would think of everything that could go wrong so we’d have to come up with some strict ground rules and ensure frequent contact. We also have wireless cameras in the house (to monitor the dog) that we could turn on to access and check for shenanigans if we wanted to. But really it’s up to you. You know your kid best.
  15. Only if the authorities believe there was neglect involved. They don’t have a pattern of bailing on their kid for weeks at a time with no contact. It’s a one-time thing. She’s taking precautions. A family member lives next door. They aren’t drug abusers. Those are the sorts of criteria authorities would look at to determine if it’s neglect. That’s exactly why they leave the law open to interpretation. They don’t want to lump abusers in with a family that goes on a quick vacation with plenty of preparation and contact.
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