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  1. I would love that. Lately if I’m not sittin with them staying in top of them they get distracted. I could blame puberty because they have been independent in the past. But that’s where we are now for whatever reason. 😭
  2. I have a second FB account that’s anonymous. It’s come in handy with his new job when I want to comment but I have to watch what I say and where because my name is attached. A friend just changed her last name in FB because her dh is a police officer. Obviously she has a lot to say but it can’t reflect on him. Plus safety is a factor. Everyone that knows her understands why she changed her name. No questions asked. All that to say, sometimes it’s freeing to have an anonymous account. The people that know you will know it’s you but no one else will. I also get it’s difficult enough juggling one social media account so why would anyone possibly want another? 😊
  3. I am curious why this guy isn’t being tied to any group. He was open carrying 3 weapons at the LV protests in full body armor. He approached the federal courthouse building, which was being protected by multiple police, and refused all orders to show hands. Police fire non-lethals. He reached for his gun and was shot dead by police. That screams he’s part of that bugaboo (keeping that autocorrect 😂) movement. Jorge Gomez, 29 years old. No known ties to anything? Really?
  4. Oh I'm also worried about relying too much on Great Courses. I have multiple GCs planned and no matter how many snacks I provide, I'm not sure it will keep their interest. They are a little picky with them. I think they will like the Medieval England and Vikings GCs but I'm also pulling from others (thank you Great Courses Plus!!). It's easy to plan time using those. I always pause throughout and we discuss. My ultimate plan (if I ever have the time) is to create courses using GC and upload them for free for everyone to use. ETA: and upload all of my homemade course plans for free. I mean, why not? They won't do me any good once my kids have gone through them.
  5. This article is dated 6/1 and it must have been referring to the LV group. Mattis is right about Trump dividing us. If the feds do their job, it won't matter what side the extremists groups fall on. If they incite violence, they will get caught and prosecuted.
  6. I'm doing medieval history too! I can't help you on time management. Our days are not always consistent. Our history, lit and writing will all be in one big block. I'm considering starting science and some lit next month. I plan to utilize dh's Excel skills and have him make some templates for me. I don't have to track attendance or hours. I figure when we are done with the course I've planned, they've done enough to get the credit. I keep our weekly schedule I print out to track work. I'll also have their completed work as proof. I created a blog just for high school that I may or may not use, but it will have all of the course descriptions on there and other important information about our homeschool. I always plan for too much and then have to scale it back. Which is fine because there's always something that doesn't work for us or isn't as interesting as I thought. I do worry my level of work is not up to high school level but I'm also aware that they don't start 9th grade writing perfect papers. I usually reassure myself by tracking progress and ensuring the work is challenging. I look forward to more responses because sometimes I worry I'm doing it all wrong. I don't read ahead, just plan ahead and read alongside. Maybe that's not going to work for high school, but that's what I've been doing for middle.
  7. Found a home for my china until I can get rid of it. My cabinets already feel lighter. Dh hasn’t noticed yet. I’m sure he will soon though. 😂
  8. I do feel like I confuse most people I know because I am more of a freethinker and don’t fit in one political party. At least I hope I am! I have been watching more news than ever before for obvious reasons but still seek out the full press briefings to decide for myself before watching any news about it. I read the studies and find independent sources as much as possible. I stopped listening to my morning radio show. I think it’s helped keep me more centered and able to state my position more clearly. All I know is I can be difficult to figure out and come off as contrarian or so I’ve been told. Whatever. I’ll take it over regurgitation.
  9. Being the first in my family to homeschool, I got a lot of this question when I didn’t put my oldest in preschool. Even though they could see I rearranged my life to avoid putting him in preschool, they were concerned. I’d just say I’m happy being home with him and I have no plans to send him to preschool. They were somewhat used to me not conforming to expectations so they knew they weren’t going to change my mind. I’d be polite and not go into specifics. I found the more I go into the details as to why I chose to homeschool, the more ammunition I gave them to argue. So I tried to keep it as neutral as possible. People take staying at home and homeschooling as a judgement on their choices. Fast-forward to today. Those same people have commented how well-behaved my kids are. They noticed my kids aren’t constantly physically fighting each other. They do bicker but that’s about it. They have witnessed the strength in character of my oldest who resisted peer pressure from his bad behaving cousins and called them out. They’ve seen our relationship bond continue to be strong all through the years. They have asked how things are going with covid and I must admit not much changed for me. My schedule got a little more loose and I was a little more distracted but my kids have had a stable home life. It takes time and it’s not easy, but leading by example is the only way to get through to someone if it means going against the norm. The proof is in the pudding.
  10. True. I think of WTM forums as long format podcasts while FB is talk radio.
  11. I did ask a question to the mods a few months back to see if it would be against the rules to post/sell lesson or curriculum plans on here. They seemed really receptive.
  12. This is an interesting service my governor is supporting.
  13. Thank goodness we have some good law enforcement here. We are not afraid of arresting our officers. Two in the last month! Getting the book thrown at them it sounds like. There should be special circumstances for those that take advantage of this situation.
  14. 😱🤯 That's my city!! Someone posted in the emergency incidents saying they witnessed some guys in a truck filling up gas cans and filed a report. (see previous post for more details)
  15. My sheriff did an interview this morning. He had a couple of points I'd like to reiterate. 1. The National Guard was reluctantly deployed by our governor. He stated he didn't want to and didn't plan to but we had two shootings in one night resulting with an officer on life support. The sheriff clearly stated the NG is not a panacea. The sheriff and the governor understand that the NG are not trained for this and they were strategically deployed to only bolster ranks as security for buildings. They were not left on their own to fend for themselves or make decisions they would be unprepared to make. We had our most peaceful night last night. 2. Protests have been mostly peaceful UNTIL the crowd is told to disperse and then there is resistance or stragglers. Dispersal orders come from a commander and are given over a bullhorn 3 times with 10 minutes between each order. So protesters are given 30 minutes warning to move with a proper dispersal order. It is usually after the dispersal order is given that rocks and bottles are thrown while most protesters move on. Once a dispersal order is given and you have not left in the time frame allowed, you will be detained and arrested for failure to disperse. That is how journalists got caught up in the sweeps in my city. 3. People from out of town are the ones causing a lot of the problems. We had a report filed with the police of a white man in a truck with out of state license plates that was filled with pallets, getting multiple containers of gas. 4. Our city passed an ordinance prohibiting backpacks, purses, coolers and other large containers in protest areas.
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