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  1. The Asian Boss video I linked above talks about how vaccine developers will be able to tweak the efficacy numbers higher with some fine tuning of dosing, boosters, and timing after the initial safety trials are over.
  2. This is a long interview that is a week old, but has a lot of straight talk about what to expect after the data comes out. He is the leading vaccine expert in S. Korea. For people like me that don’t know a whole lot about this, I found it very informative.
  3. I think I’m finally wrapping my head around the difference between efficacy and effectiveness, which is an important distinction.
  4. Nope not a doctor. It does address the OP’s question though.
  5. I just read an article about the CEO of Sanford Hospitals choosing not to mask after recovering from covid. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/hospital-management-administration/sanford-health-ceo-i-ve-had-covid-19-won-t-wear-a-mask-as-symbolic-gesture.html
  6. 2020 dumpster fire ornament
  7. ah beat me to it. There was a woman at the store trying to open a bunch of produce bags so I offered her a dab of my hand sanitizer. I have a little bottle attached to my purse.
  8. Dh took it as a teen and had the rare side effect of permanent hair loss. We’ve tried everything for middle son. He thought about taking it but the regular blood draws had him saying no.
  9. Same here. Dd insisted she get her blood drawn to see if she oils get to the endocrinologist. Her blood work came back fine. Both of her grandmothers were barely 5’. She’s been below any percentile since she was 3. Oldest was 98th percentile and 10 lbs when he was born. Two completely different outcomes. The doctor informed her she only has about a year left of growth. She’ll be lucky to hit 5’. We know a petite P.A. who is a rock star and doesn’t let her height slow her down. So at least dd has a role model. I make sure to point out the many petite women we see while out just to re
  10. Here’s what we were told. don’t take pepto or anti-diarrheal medicine. This is body’s way of shedding a lot of dead and possibly live virus. It’s best to let it run its course if manageable. stay hydrated Eat as plain foods high protein/ high calorie if possible. Losing a lot of weight because of GI is common if your stomach is overly acidic, a mixture of baking soda and water will help neutralize it. It will make you want to gag. take care of you gut biome. Take probiotics. stress or exertion can exacerbate it. Rest rest rest that’s all I rem
  11. I ❤️ my BlueAir purifiers. They are top rated by consumer reports. When on low they are super quiet. On high they can exchange the air in the room quickly and are about as loud as a fan on high. The prefilter covers collect all of the big dust particles. I have to wash them every week but it is worth it. I live next to open desert and my house gets dusty fast. Not anymore. I’m thinking of buying a couple of small ones to out by our computers. https://www.blueair.com/us/blue-family-page.html
  12. It would go a long way if they standardize masks. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/10/20/face-mask-coronavirus-standards/
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