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  1. Hold on, ensuring every high school graduate can read, write and do basic math is about equity, accessibility and inclusion? I thought it was called doing their job? This is what I meant upthread about lowering standards for equity of outcome vs equal opportunity. Oregon students shouldn’t have to prove they can write or do math to get a diploma, lawmakers decide
  2. Gen X here. I was watching old music videos yesterday. There was a lot of boundary pushing then too. There was also a lot of hope. Hope that we can all come together, enjoy each other's culture and grow. I don't see how separating and labeling us by identities is a step forward. All of this seems like it would drain hope from a kid. I grew up learning about apartheid. We don't need to be separated or polarized any more than we already are. We need to figure out how to come together and work it out.
  3. But what are they going to do with this information? People out there have lingering symptoms and no answers. I'd really like to see a national plan to address this. They are unable to go back to work or have to work reduced hours with accommodations. Doctors are crazy busy and most aren't research oriented or think outside their usual treatment methods. If you come to them with an extremely rare atypical symptom, you just get passed around with a shrug. Our experience with this has been immensely frustrating. It'll be a year next month.
  4. Right. 1) I wouldn't expect evolution be taught anywhere but Science. It's not getting incorporated into every subject. It's something that is easily defined and pinned down to one topic. 2) It's not being taught in those places because the parents don't want it. They were able to fight the school board and say they didn't want it or they want it presented as a alternative. Just as people on this thread are asking for, the topic was fought about, discussed and a decision was made how to approach it. 3) Parents have every right to say what and how their child will be taught the
  5. People aren't denying that evolution is being taught in schools. I was repeatedly asked in this thread to find proof this nebulous topic is being taught in schools.
  6. answered that on page 11. It's a fast moving thread and posts get missed. As I've said many times, I think labeling little kids, separating them into groups, ranking their identities in front of classrooms is not an appropriate way to handle this. People may fit into one identity or another, but have a completely different set of circumstances that negates their so-called privileged or oppressed identity. They are more than that wheel. It's not that hard to read a book and discuss these ideas in front of a class without singling out one kid. I'm not against looking at social studies
  7. It’s what happens when you have a loose framework, haphazard application. That’s all.
  8. Bottom line for me is multicultural education has been around for a long time in all grades as a part of social studies and geography. I taught it in my homeschool. Social studies and history have always been contentious. I remember an article about teachers not wanting to bring up the Vietnam war. I really don't want teachers in all subjects grabbing whatever Teachers Pay Teachers lesson plans they think might work and clumsily approaching the topics of racism and intersectionality. TPT can be great for some purposes, but it's not training and the quality varies wildly. So when people sa
  9. As a Christian kid, sitting in that class.... Family - Reinforce racist/homophobic prejudices Religion - Homophobic prejudices - Right vs. Wrong Judgements [The lawyer] O’Brien says last summer he encountered “a lot of parents with cases (like the Clarks) but no lawyer. … This was an issue people were talking about but not doing anything about. I offered to help parents and that’s how the Clarks got in touch with me. There weren’t any lawyers willing to put their neck out on this issue.” Nevada Current
  10. Despite the defendants’ claims that the class and Clark’s punishment were legally unobjectionable, the school relented in early April, offering to expunge his grade and let him opt out of the course. Undoubtedly, this retreat was encouraged by a federal judge’s declaration at a February hearing that Clark was “likely to succeed on the merits” since the “speech is likely compelled.” The defendants, the judge said, would therefore have to “justify the curriculum under a strict scrutiny test,” the court’s most exacting level of review, which he said the class exercises probably could not survive.
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