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  1. I’ve had to write several emails to newbies that were referred to me by mutual friends. My emails have become looong as I add and edit every time I send it. It desperately needs to be pruned. What would you include in an email to a newbie? What is your best advice? References?
  2. I still have Medieval Mom's 8th Grade Book List. Jim Trelease The Read Aloud Handbook
  3. Dh and I were having this conversation the other day. I opted out of Thanksgiving with my mom and we're going to my cousins. The thing is, my mom does not make it a pleasant experience. We don't want to be around her. We do want to be around my cousins. We all adore them. So when it comes time to have the kids start inviting spouses and kids, we hope to be the place that they want to be and everyone feels welcome. It does make a huge difference being close distance-wise and having to travel long distance with little kids. Growing up I had to travel between my dad and my mom every holiday. Stuck in traffic on the holiday, every holiday sucked big time. When I got old enough I was pretty plain about not wanting to travel for holidays ever again.
  4. I just got an email from Calvert Academy advertising their services. Weird considering I've never even been to their website.
  5. Yes. I see many hours spent researching and going outside the box because the box is too expensive! I have no stipends or discounted options. DE is only free if I go through a charter in which case they would need accredited classes to transfer. It all snowballs so quickly and there's no going back.
  6. I had to look up this awesome chem class since mine will be starting high school soon. $650 is way out of my price range. 😭 That's probably how this whole cheap online outsource thing starts. I'd end up using Thinkwell or some other less expensive curriculum and then supplement. I don't use anything as-is though. I'm always adding way too much to my plan so we have plenty of resources to choose from.
  7. Yeah, I went back and read through the posts and found a few posts by one member that sees how it's possible depending on goals and kids. Most of the posters supporting 2 hour high school were on FB and I've already said my opinion about that.
  8. I don’t do grades. My state doesn’t require any and I know their skill levels. I plan to when we get to high school. Most of my outside the box type ideas come from electives and are highly interest and project-based. My middle taught himself 3D modeling and Blender then started to make a weapons rack in Blender with various weapons through history. Middle got so excited learning in science last year that he created his own google doc so he would have place to put his own notes. He would copy and paste pictures and write down terms he wanted to memorize. It’s his own version of OneNote. He likes to return to earlier pages and think about what he out there. Dd is crafty. She had an American Girl dollhouse project. We took XL Home Depot boxes and cut off the lids. Then cut up some extra boxes and wrapped them is decorative paper to make interchangeable walls and floors. The she started looking for and making doll furniture and decorations. This part was all her. For example she filled tiny cups with glitter glue and stuck a tiny colored toothpick for the straw. The cups now looked like they had punch in them. She learned how to look at ordinary objects in a different way. I do well when we center learning around a theme or idea. I made my own pirate-themed unit study a couple of years ago. We had a lot of projects and field trips based on that. They still talk about that.
  9. I missed your original post and just wanted to say I’m so happy for you that the situation has turned around. It must be such a relief. {{hugs}}
  10. Blue Collar Homeschool Group on FB currently has a post asking what the typical day is for your 8th grader. The answers so far range from 3.5 to 7 hours. A few of the lower range are only counting book time (or time on easy-peasy) and then they go off to do some entrepreneurial work. It is interesting to see the priorities.
  11. I made the appt for oldest’s driving test and wrote down the wrong date. We showed up a day late and instead of being able to get right in, we had to wait standby and hope someone else was a no-show or cancelled. It added a couple of hours to our DMV day.
  12. Your post reminded me of Asimov’s Cult of Ignorance essay. He was railing against some of the same things we see today. People not trusting the experts (anti-vax), and not reading enough to be knowledgeable and participate in democracy. I linked the whole essay after the quote. “It’s hard to quarrel with that ancient justification of the free press: “America’s right to know.” It seems almost cruel to ask, ingenuously, ”America’s right to know what, please? Science? Mathematics? Economics? Foreign languages?” None of those things, of course. In fact, one might well suppose that the popular feeling is that Americans are a lot better off without any of that tripe. There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. I believe that any human being with a physically normal brain can learn a great deal and can be surprisingly intellectual. I believe that what we badly need is social approval for learning and social rewards for learning.”
  13. When I get stuck I usually make a copy of whatever I'm trying to do and paste it into a different area or Paint so I can play around with it. In Word, if you select the picture and one or two new dropdown menus should open up. Format has frames and crop in there. If you see a shape you could use, you could try adding a frame and then removing the border.
  14. I also believe that the posts and people we see asking questions on this forum, FB and elsewhere are a teeny tiny fraction of the real world. There has to be a good chunk of homeschoolers busy living their lives and doing their thing that have never entered this forum. We have a lot of viewers that don't post here. FB is not a true representation of all homeschoolers either. My dh always tells me that FB (or Twitter) is a vocal minority. There are not as many people on there as it seems. Mostly, it's the same people responding every time. It's the same people asking questions. So we're seeing the same thing over and over.
  15. We've been experimenting with independent work and time management. This summer I started giving them their list of what's due for the week which make it hard to tell how much time they are spending. I'm not sure we're rigorous, though we do cover a lot. Middle has mild dyslexia and is a slow worker on some subjects. There have been weeks where middle decides he wants to try to get everything done as early in the week as possible and will get up at 5 am and work until the evening. Most weeks he finishes one subject at a time, working on and off throughout the day. My youngest likes to do a little of each subject per day and take frequent breaks. She's in full tween mode and needs lots of rest, so she sleeps in fairly late, but works on the weekend to make sure she finishes everything. Music is part of family life here, so I don't count music as school time. However, middle wants to learn piano for high school and I will make a course out of it, so time spent on the course would go toward school time, but practicing between lessons doesn't. Once upon a time I was in band and we had loads of practice after school. That's just a part of getting better. I'd say when we were doing all subjects together we were going from 9-4 M-Th. That had a lot of breaks, some extra time built in for waiting on the one kid or the other. Now we have a 10-4 day doing science and history once a week where we read together, write, do labs, and watch videos on the topic. So far this has been working for us. My middle was Mr. Weights and Measures and everything had to be equal, which just wasn't going to happen with one having a mild LD.
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