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  1. Yeah if mine were that picky I wouldn't be packing his lunch either.
  2. I love that! Now that the kids are older, I could totally pick up lunch and meet dh at work. He's only 15 minutes away. It would be nice to do once in a while like a date. We rarely go out to eat, which means this would be a treat for both of us.
  3. My boys can take care of themselves. They make their own lunch, do their own laundry, clean their own room. My oldest cooks his own food. Just because dh and I have a routine where I throw some packed food into a cooler, doesn't mean my kids won't be prepared or capable of taking care of themselves.
  4. Does he really expect it or was he just taken by surprise after changing an established routine? We've changed our routines over the years as dh's gone from working out of his car to working at home and now working out of the home.
  5. Yes. It's not a big deal to me since I'm a morning person so I'm up anyway making coffee. He's not a morning person and the fact he's been getting up at 4am for years is still surprising. We usually have leftovers that the kids pack up after dinner, which makes it super easy to pack up in the morning. He doesn't mind having the same thing every day which makes shopping easy. Right now his breakfast is cottage cheese and a fruit cup. Before that it was yoplait yogurt and granola. Easy peasy. He has a cafeteria, but doesn't like most of what they serve.
  6. Plum

    Before HGTV

    There was an article in my feed this morning about everyone tiring of the open concept plan that Fixer Upper always defaulted to. I have sort of an open concept and yes, kitchens can be loud and so can TVs. Sometimes the noise competes against each other and I end up hearing the tv better in the bathroom than in the room with the tv.
  7. Plum

    Before HGTV

    Kind of depends on the market doesn’t it? It wasn’t that long ago when people were buying sight unseen just snatch up something before they got outbid. We’ve bought in all markets. The only thing that really got in our way was clutter. There was one beautiful house that had so many knick-knacks and plants that is was hard to see past it and it made the rooms seem so much smaller. We might have liked it otherwise. Maybe this would depend on where you are buying and selling, but basic design and cleaning goes a long way. If at the very least clear out clutter, remove as much furniture as you can and don’t have any crazy colors. You can always offer a painting credit through escrow.
  8. Plum


    If you have a Home Goods store near you, they usually have a big selection of wreaths for a reasonable price.
  9. I’ve been looking into this recently. There are thin soundproofing backings you could line the shared wall with. If that’s not enough, then I’d line it with a thin plywood since it’s a closet. I plan to do this and put up board and batten behind our shared wall. I’m not a big fan of the acoustic foam panels only because they would be a dust nightmare for us. There are companies that can come out and insert soundproofing foam inside the walls between the studs. My BIL did this himself along his exterior wall that lined a busy street. It made a big difference.
  10. Oh man there have been a lot of good tips here. Auto-pay and paperless = less mail I unplug my landline and use Do Not Disturb on my phone pretty much all the time. We plug the phone in to call out because cell reception stinks. I’ve trained my family to text or call my cell and made it clear my reception is so bad depending on where I am in the house, the phone will go straight to voicemail. It’s true, but also kinda nice. I can call back when we are not in the middle of school because despite their age, the second I answer the phone, they peace out. Kids do their own laundry. We have enough cheapo laundry baskets so everyone could have a filled basket of clean laundry in their room. I have an old laundry basket tucked in the corner for clothing donations. I have a big bin in the corner of the garage of donations of toys and household stuff. I schedule donation pickups with my favorite charity frequently to clear out the clutter and motivate us to go through our stuff. Take advantage of having a son that loves to drive and will go to the grocery store, go to Costco, and fill up the tank. We stick to a regular grocery list. I do wish I could pair down sauces, but oldest loves sauces and big jars of jalapeños. Oh well he’s shopping now. We take a random day off from school and clean. For a mental break, we listen to nighttime rain shows on Amazon Prime while we do school. We don’t do chore charts anymore. I ask, they do, if I have multiple chores I need them to do, they divvy it up between them. It’s usually no biggie. I’ve been trying to get them to SEE the trash needs to go out and then take it out without me having to ask. It’s an ongoing process, but they’ve been doing ok. I’m up really early in the morning and have a couple of hours to go to the store, plan, pay bills, do the dishes, whatever needs to get done. The kids make their own breakfast and lunch. OneNote is my long term memory for passwords, bill info, house measurements, part numbers, homeschool plans. While my plain ‘ol spiral notebook is all I need for daily lists. No dry cleaning, no sewing, no ironing We wear pretty much the same stuff every week. Dh wears scrubs to work and then changes into a t-shirt and sweats when he gets home. I wear mostly leggings and long tunics. All of our clothes are in the closet. We have IKEA Brimnes dressers and Kallax for the t-shirts in there. I love that the dressers are super deep. I KonMari’d my clothes and it’s so much easier to get to everything. I just fold it one more time and stand it up. It makes it super easy to put clothes away if I fold as I pull them out of the dryer.
  11. Haven't had a chance to read this, but plan to. Just saw this come through my feed and thought of this thread. One Thing
  12. Lifehacker has a post How to Block Horrible Videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that might be helpful to some.
  13. I can relate! Care to have a glimpse into your possible future? I remember when we were working on Explode the Code where they ask questions. One of them was “Can Tom have a soda?” His response: I don’t know. Is he allowed to have soda? What time of day is it? Is he eating? Is it diet? And bajillion more questions. He’s 13 now. He’s super logical. He knows how to push buttons, though he’s not always aware he’s doing it. He’ll keep challenging because he knows he’s right. We have to tell him to just drop it sometimes. He drives his little sister nuts telling what she shouldn’t do, like holding the cat for too long, because he cares and can see that something will go wrong, which it usually does, which of course makes her embarrassed and frustrated. All I can say is clear and narrow boundaries help....a little. He’s dh’s mini-me. Dh was in GATE as a child and had many of the same tendencies I see in ds. He’s found ways to channel it. He’s usually right, which is so annoying! But he is really good about knowing when to drop it. They do get better as they mature. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as ds approaches his teen years. You’ve already gotten a lot of good advice here. Mine always has to see the purpose in lessons, which can be hard to see sometimes. For example, I sometimes explain where the math concept he’s learning will lead. Spelling out why helps. I always try to have one hands-on project that is all his responsibility. He’s been getting into engineering and 3D modeling. I got some engineering kits and he’s teaching himself the 3D programs. I showed him how to access and have left it up to him. Amazingly, there’s no arguing when it’s all his decisions. 🤗
  14. I always taught them to count up as they take the money out of the till and then count it up while handing it to the customer to be sure you are right.
  15. Did you see the PE option? In my state, they do a 3-day retreat in Utah for PE credit. It cost quite a bit extra, but sounded like fun. Does yours offers the same?
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