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  1. Plum Crazy

    Help with metronome work

    A couple of things I can think of. 1) Set your metronome to subdivide the beat. 2 clicks or more per beat in the parts she speeds up and slows down. 2) Slow it way down and force her to play to that speed. By slowing it down, she'll be able to hear what she's playing. 3) Record her playing with the metronome and play it back. She'll be able to hear where she's going off. 4) Play the metronome and have her practice counting while she claps along, taps her foot or slaps her leg.
  2. Plum Crazy

    Constantly having to log in

    Pretty sure you fixed it. Thanks! 👍
  3. Plum Crazy

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    I thought the baseball card guy didn't purge enough, but I think that's something that will require him to go through it multiple times to get it down to a manageable level. For the shoe guy, I liked that he started actually wearing the shoes and appreciating them, not just shoving them in a closet to have and not enjoy. That shows a different way of looking at things. Again, that's another one that would probably require multiple purges. Hopefully, now that they know how to purge and organize, it will be a more regular process. It's really hard the first time after putting it off for so long and having so much stuff. It's not so bad when you have less and less to go through. Going through the same things again a few months later, I've found to have a different mindset toward some things and it's been easier to get rid of.
  4. What subject(s) do you want to apply credit to? BHP provides high school plans for Science, World History, IB, one semester or full year. For science, I'd have to add some additional reading, videos and labs. It briefly covers the basics of every science. I'm only using it for middle school and added in a lot more. Great Courses Plus had some good lectures that I could use to follow along the sequence. For World History, you spend a lot of time in units 8-9. 2-3 weeks is the usual for each unit, but 8-9 get 10 weeks each. I'd add additional reading and videos to that, too. For English, I'd add more lit, do the investigations along with some additional writing. I added in media literacy to complement the claims testing. There's a lot of supplemental material you can use depending on where you want to focus. This is my BHP plan for 7th. Some of it could be used for high school.
  5. Oh good that's what I used when I replaced the seal and flange ring.
  6. I replaced a broken flange and seal by myself. I didn’t have to move the toilet far to do it so it wasn’t that bad. If I had to lug the toilet in from delivery or from the store, I might just hire a plumber if I didn’t have help.
  7. I’m having some trouble figuring out the best way to get accounts for the kids for Lynda. I think I have to get each of them their own library card (already been on my to do list) so they can each create and access the courses they want and have it save their progress. Is this right? Assuming most libraries have the same subscription structure for Lynda how did you set your kids up?
  8. When dd had difficulty with addition and subtraction I set her up with Montessori style tables and strips where the answers are there, she just had to look them up. Eventually, she memorized all of them and moved on. If you really don’t like the idea of using a calculator, then a multiplication table might help move things along and prevent sloppy mistakes. I let mine check their work at the end using a calculator.
  9. Plum Crazy

    Birth control pills in your mid-to-late forties

    I'm pretty sure ablation is outpatient. My doc offered that or some form of bc to minimize my cycle, but I'm not to the point where I want either. One thing that surprised me when I went keto is my periods came a week early which was not cool. It didn't change how heavy I was though.
  10. Plum Crazy

    Type 2 diabetes

    Look into keto. I had borderline gestational diabetes with my middle that I could control with diet. It's veg and meat only, but keto has you eating fat so you aren't as hungry all the time. I got really irritable going through carb withdrawl but once I got through that, I didn't want it at all. Beans and anything with dietary fiber can be subtracted from your carb count along with sugar alcohol.
  11. For the headaches, I'd get some screen filtering glasses. I picked some up for my kids since they do spend a lot of time using screens. It helps. There's heavy duty ones that are tinted yellow or orange or milder ones that filter blue light. I have some too because this forum and other websites that have a harsh white background is hard on the eyes. I got these yellow tinted glasses on a lightning deal for ds and these blue light filtering for dd. My middle ds13 is one of those kids that doesn't like to do things he isn't interested in. He'd read some books voluntarily and others he'd resist and go slow. He would go out with me if the place interested him; otherwise he'd pass. Dd is the opposite and likes to go with me even for fast food run. He's an introvert, just like his dad. He has no problem leaving his computer to work on a project. Right now he's teaching himself piano chords and scales. Maybe find some TinkerCrates kits or something similar that he can do on his own? We started Big History and he made his own Google Doc clipping articles and notes from websites about everything he was learning. I've had to use the strewing technique a lot with him. If it's around and he's interested in it, he'll end up picking it up and working on it.
  12. On Steam. I've had this on my wishlist for while (going back to the original) but never picked it up. If you have it what do you think?
  13. Plum Crazy

    Constantly having to log in

    I'm using Chrome on my pc. I closed the tab and came back about 15 minutes later and had to log back in. I use Safari on my iPhone and iPad.
  14. Plum Crazy

    Constantly having to log in

    I'm afraid to jinx it, but I think it's getting better. It was really bad on the 4th, but I haven't had to log back in for awhile. 🤞
  15. Plum Crazy

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    She explains in later episodes that thanking and showing gratitude helps relieve feelings of guilt for getting rid of so much stuff. That’s why a lot of people struggle with clutter. They spent money on something and feel like they should keep it or it’s a waste. If you acknowledge it did it’s job for a time, then it’s easier to let it go .
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