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  1. Thanks for your suggestions! Okay, let me rephrase and say what books, etc. do you recommend for a 17 year old male to read on WWI? I am trying to design a type of unit study on 20th Century and I am on World War I right now, so any suggestions on what to include for reading, etc. would be great!
  2. Thanks! Those look amazing. He just finished All Quiet on the Western Front and loved it. Also, I wanted to clarify, this is for a 17 year old young man to read.
  3. What are your favorite novels to read for the World War I era?
  4. Does anyone have a student enrolled in Veritas Press online Omnibus II Primary and/or Secondary? If so, I have a question. Can you please PM me? Thanks so much!!!!
  5. Does anyone have a student enrolled in Veritas Press online Omnibus II Primary and/or Secondary? If so, I have a question. Can you please PM me? Thanks so much!!!!
  6. I don't know. I just want my kid to like what he is reading in history so he will learn from it :). Maybe I should just stick it out, and sub out Heart of Darkness for something else. I am thinking the Road to Home will get better since he is only on chapter two. Any with the experience of not liking it at first, but then in the end glad they stayed with it...core 300, that is.
  7. Help! I posted earlier about choosing between SL 300 and TOG yr. 4. I decided to go with SL due to ease of planning, etc. Well, this is our second week, and we are both hating it! The spine books are TERRIBLE, and my son has not liked any of the literature books so far...The Great Brain, The Heart of Darkness, The Road Home, and one other one that I can't think of the name of. So now I just don't know what to do! I was late getting started this year, and now this... Any suggestions? I am thinking about sending the whole thing back and getting a refund...it is that bad...but I don't know what to do in its place. I could do TOG, but I don't have the books and that will take another week or so unless I could find some at my library to get started with, though I doubt that would happen :/ Help!
  8. Does anyone have any recommended websites and/or blogs they recommend for teens to read on current events? I am not really interested in any mainstream media resources. I would lean towards something with a Christian worldview. Also, I have to admit I do like alternative news sources that lean toward "conspiracy theories" ;)...
  9. Does anyone know the name of the online geography course? I was thinking it was a free resource to help you learn the locations of different countries, etc. in game form. I thought it was called serrata, or something similar... Maybe I'm crazy :)
  10. Thanks so much for your reply! I ended up purchasing SL today and am feeling so relieved. I appreciate everyone's thoughts :)
  11. Very good thoughts! Which one appeals the most- well, that depends on which day you ask me :) I am going around in circles. We are going to be building a house this fall, and my husband, son, and I will be finishing the inside over the winter. So maybe I should go with Sonlight since all the planning will be done for me. By the way, which one does appeal to you the most? Curious....
  12. I can't decide between SL Core 300 and TOG Yr. 4!!! Does anyone have any thoughts?
  13. thanks for your reply! It was very helpful :)
  14. Me again :) Okay, what about adding in a few books like Randy Alcorn's Money, Possessions, and Eternity (I haven't read this book, but it sounds good :). Anyone have any suggestions that might fit?
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