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  1. Hi all! This is my last year to homeschool! Wow! So thankful to WTM and all the resources through the years! The past seven years I have taught English comp/lit at a co-op..classes grew from 24 students to over 100 the past two years. The last four years I compiled lessons for 30-32 week schedules. All are free on my website www.wordlyways.com This year, I was asked to do online classes since my husband's company moved us to Houston 3 weeks ago. I am holding Skype classes for 7th-10th and 10th-12th starting Monday in World Literature. You can review this year's course at my website.
  2. I agree with this on the whole... Two years ago, I was asked to lead writing classes at a local co-op...I accepted so that my 9th grade son would have the benefit if lit. Discussions and peer review for essays, group projects, etc. I have 35 students this year grades 6-12...the range of writing skills is all over the bell curve. I had a 10th grader who scored perfect on the ACT writing and language section, a 6th grader who writes better than most my senior students - several who had horrific handwriting which nearly equalled their spelling, and one even wrote on the backside of the
  3. Well, a start is do what your moniker says, "LOVE 2 SMILE!"...not everyone has those families (except on Little House and the Brady Bunch :)) I love my family, dearly...on a whole with all the turkeys I've known in my life, these are good, loving, there for you people. But, more there for you in a crisis...I just don't have that many crises I can't handle. My mom rarely calls, she'll dote on you like crazy when you go to visit, she'll never visit you (unless a baby is being born)...which is awesome that one week of their 16 year old life! :) My brother has only called me maybe 5x in 20
  4. Beautiful and fun thread! I kept thinking there had to be the possibility that some had the same dress! :) Here's mine, long sleeved in August! Blessed by a hurricane, it brought beautiful weather and the high was 72 in Memphis!! :) A bee got stuck in that long train and we got some really funny pictures trying to rescue it! :)
  5. :grouphug: It's amazing how many warnings there about the mystery of lawlessness, the twisting of Paul's scripture, people claiming to be Christians that bring false teachings, teaching that Christ is a license for immorality, and then disparaging those that follow Him... yet, people still go with them :(

  6. We have used both that you mentioned...I was stung by the price, but over $400 later, I firmly agree it would be entirely worth it! Jump in is an appetizer and IEW is Top Chef Masters...just no comparison. The amazing thing is that the resale value is so high, buy it new and sell it for 75percent of it's value...so great courses for less than $100 I have SWI, TWSS, SICC, EE, TTC and medieval....my kids have benefitted greatly! I still branch out and see what else is out there...tweak stuff to my style but could not beat IEW.
  7. This is always going to bring strong feelings either way, but to answer the original poster's question..for our family AHG is the only choice. As the Bible states we (believers) are not of this world...so therefore we are not to adhere to the conformity of this world...we seek out activities for our children that support and encourage their faith through service to the community, one another, growing skills and devotion to family. We are drawn to these tenets in a large part based on our faith...to be with a group of girls to share these common threads is very encouraging to their faith..
  8. Well, I'm an AU grad, my Dad was an AU grad and hope all my three will be...but a credit is a credit and I guess we'll have to suck it up! :) Or Auburn needs to get in the game and start their own! :) Tara
  9. Thanks for reminding me..my son will be in 10th grade next year...do you have any further information on what upper maths will be offered? Thanks! Tara
  10. We loan ours out to other RS owners, we started out with German, loaned it to a guy who gave us Italian....when we're finished, we'll get our German back and hopefully loan it out for Spanish or French! :) Tara
  11. I'm all about function, take little to no notice of fashion/style....we swim for exercise, not to flaunt cute little bodies...so as long as the suit stays on and allows you to get a decent extended stroke in...I'm all for it...you just can't swim in bikinis...when you dive in a top comes off, bottoms pull down...one piece speedo's without the high cut thigh and we're good. Tara
  12. As a mom who started a troop and is going on leading for our fifth year..I say AHG! But I also add...whichever you choose, try and be a volunteer...our early years could have been much easier if I had families willing to jump in and help...some just don't feel comfortable leading, others are too introverted...but there is always something any type of personality can contribute! :) We meet every other week for 2 hours so that helps us not feel that the commitment is too hectic...and we try to focus a good deal on community service, to be honest, I don't remember doing any service as a Gir
  13. Hi! I've been homeschooling for almost 10 years. I have a 6th, 7th and 9th grader...I wanted to share with you a pilot program at the University of Alabama that plans to be opened to students outside the state within the next year. It is a dual enrollment program, here is what is unique... 1. Your child is eligible with no SAT/ACT scores..it is solely based on their GPA of 3.0 or higher. 2. They may start their Spring year of 10th grade through their fall semester as a senior. 3. Your child can take up to 30 hours which still allows him/her to be considered as a true freshman ent
  14. These books are GREAT!! I've already put Anna and a few others on my Amazon list...trying to find some of the others...y'all are GREAT!!! I knew someone would have covered this ... I'm also interested in books that may cover Paul's journey to Rome....we will be traveling many of the ports he did..and it would be interesting to read about his travels there... Thanks!!! Tara
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