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  1. have been using sotw for many years...... my dd (11) just informed me that she finds it boring. ok, probably my fault because i don't really do the extra activities that go along with it. started looking at history odessey to switch things up a bit. what are your thoughts on this program? it looks like it just follows the sotw spine? should i make a change?? thanks! :grouphug:
  2. thoughts on writing with skill, and winning with writing???:lurk5:
  3. wonderful suggestions! can't wait to look these up!! a friend suggested a program called CPO today- anyone familiar with that program?
  4. not to sound lame, but i want to be truthful. :lol: i have purchased REAL by pandia, and Real Science 4 Kids among others. my prob. is getting to them. i always feel like everything else needs to get done, or we are behind etc. i will have a 3rd and 6th grader this year. ideally, i could find something we could all do together. i love science! and i feel bad that i can't work it in. thanks folks~~~
  5. hi~ we decided to drop our latin coop. i would like to find something my dd (11) can do sort of independently. she has completed 2-3 years of latin, and finished latina christiana 2. looking at galore park~and others.:) advice please.....
  6. great, looking these up. what about writing tales, or writing strands?
  7. lily grace, did you just finish tt pre-algebra?
  8. she is an avid reader, so spelling is not bad. she just finds it boring....
  9. help friends, i am re-organizing our home-school a bit this coming year. i appreciate your help and advice... i always appeciate your wise advice. my daughter has done 3 years of latin, and we are taking a break. she will be going into 6th grade. because her program was a bit involved (latina christiana), she had a lot of homework, vocab, so we did not do a lot of grammar & writing. so much grammar with the latin..... this coming year, i know i need to make up for that. what should i look at? i have seen iew~looks a little intimidating:confused: whta else????
  10. i want easy... we have used spelling workout for years, and my dd is sick of it! she is very bright, and has many years of latin. any advice for spelling?? thanks!!! :001_smile: lisa
  11. hi folks, been out of the loop for a while. my 6th grader has done teaching textbooks 6 (in firfth grade), and is in the middle of 7. plan to finish this summer. my worry is that it is not covering everything that she needs. she likes it, i just dont want to mess around with something that may not be as effective. i want her to to have something that will really prepare her for pre-algebra. we like the comp. aspect of it, (and that someone else does the explaining). let me add, she loves khan academy, but i have checked, and there does not seem to be a lot on there to get a whole grade
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