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  1. My daughter will be a senior next year. She plans on majoring in music and is looking for a meaty Music Theory class. I've checked into PA Homeschoolers who has an AP class but the pre-requisites are too demanding. Any ideas?
  2. You can't go wrong with Robert Greenberg's marvelous offerings from the Teaching Company. "The Music of Richard Wagner" is currently on sale. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=299538&highlight=the+history+of+western+music If you ever find yourself in Chicago, check out the Lyric Opera. They are exquisite! How wonderful of you to pursue this for your daughter. Kudos to you!
  3. This has given me much to think about. I've purchased your suggestions and am enjoying the reading very much. Thank you!
  4. Christine, thanks for your helpful reply as I too am looking into all this for the first time. My dd is a rising junior. So far we have planned to take AP English Language through PA Homeschoolers. However, my main question is how many AP classes can be handled at a time? She has not taken any. I see you have three AP classes scheduled for your dc. What curriculum or sources are you using for these classes, and what's your opinion on concurrent APs? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! -Amanda
  5. Reading some great discussion about curriculum I would like to check in to but alas, I have do idea what all the abbreviations mean. Can anyone help this newbie? MFW? AHL? Thanks!
  6. My dd loves studying philosophy and has worked through some of the TOG lessons, has read other introductory books, but would like to delve further. We're looking for an online course, or self study curriculum that has a more structured program. A lesson plan for The Story of Philosophy, which we own, would be great. Translation: I want someone else to come up with the questions and assignments! She will be in 11th grade. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!
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