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  1. Thank you for clarifying! I was starting to think dd is even slower than I originally thought! ;) (Glances at dd who is now on her third AoPS session of the day as a result of my misinterpretation of dereksurfs earlier post which led to my boldly stated declaration that this slow pace will no longer be acceptable... :smilielol5: )
  2. Am I understanding correctly that your ds finished half of AoPS Intro to Algebra in just a few months? That's speedy! Is he doing Alcumus and all the challenge problems? Thanks!
  3. DD11 is still working through AoPS Pre-A. We have had many disruptions--some beyond her control (life transitions within the family). Others were purposeful--DH works with her on more advanced math concepts so she will be familiar with them on the ACT, and she is spending time on Khan Academy. Those take time, but they are worth it. It is also good for her to be getting math from additional sources. (The more the better--within reason of course. ;) ) Another significant disruption has been pesky adolescence. :rolleyes: After many, many battles I realized she wasn't battling math, she wasn't battling AoPS, she wasn't even always battling ME (quite a shock --that one ;) ). The first couple months of Pre-A were spent getting used to AoPS, then it was a matter of how to deal with AoPS during rough patches of um,er-- inner growth. ;) . What it boils down to is I think we've finally worked through all that and are back on track. (If it sounds like I am trying to convince myself, it's because I am! :p ) In the end, she enjoys AoPS. She's not speedy with it (partly because it's not all we're doing), but it's working. She will probably finish Pre-A sometime in the fall.
  4. Ruth, Thank you for the detail of your post. We are on a path close to what you describe. I am reassured that we are not wandering around lost, or worse yet--headed off a cliff. Thank you, once again, for shining light on the path.
  5. LOL There is no problem there whatsoever! People comment on her questions and conversations all the time. That was a joke. If I honestly thought ignorance was bliss, I wouldn't be on the boards or spending the $$ and time on her education that I do. ;) ETA: I also wouldn't be on the high school board planning for the future. My point is that while it's good to listen to others and get different perspectives, it would be foolish to ignore what is right in front of my eyes. It would be foolish to fix what is not broke, no matter how many people on a message board tell me it is because it simply cannot be done that way. ;)
  6. But then I see her happily explaining something she learned in her textbook, happily going through her flashcards/notecards, or enthralled in a science book in her free time. Then I relax and remember that sometimes ignorance is bliss. If my ignorance in the correct way to go about things has gotten us this far, something tells me it will get us where we need to be.
  7. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I can't decide if we're doing things "correctly" and I feel reassured or if I feel panicked because I have messed up to the point of no return. Of course we're still in middle school-- I can still change my corrupt ways. Maybe I only "think" my dd knows anything. Maybe she's just "memorized" her way thus far, and it's all a facade. Maybe she's just staring blindly at all the science and literature books she reads during her free time and has no true understanding because we used flashcards. :svengo: Honestly, I almost need to talk myself down from sending her somewhere or scrapping everything that is working because it's really not-- in all my ignorance, I've just been fooled into thinking it is. :sad: I don't know. . . We're in middle school and part of me wishes I hadn't opened the thread. :001_huh: I was so happy with how everything was going until I read this. Now I suspect we're doing it all incorrectly.
  8. Thanks for this. I think I was misinterpreting memorizing for "need to know" or "learn" in previous threads. I see where memorizing info that you have no connections with would be futile. My thinking was more in lines of making sure it's in long-term memory and not short-term. My daughter enjoys learning correct terms and "memorizing" them, but mainly so she can use correct terminology discussing the topic and understanding it, so I was confused for a bit. Now I see I was using the term in a different way. Thanks! It makes sense now. So it's like AoPS. She doesn't memorize the formulas, but she can explain why they work and use them. We are only in middle school, but I am learning lots from this thread. Thank you. FWIW, we use textbooks as a spine to give a broad overview/summary of topics as a foundation for the many other books we use in each subject.
  9. It doesn't here. Quite the contrary. ETA: I think we might mean different things.
  10. LOL! Yes, on most days there is much fun and laughter. We sometimes need to remind ourselves to settle down--this studying business is serious stuff! That never lasts :party:
  11. Yeah, chapter 2 was a toughie! ;) I agree that some extra practice is a good idea. Hang in there-- chapter 3 is better. :) The other day my dd made some snide remark about how she thought I had found a challenging math program, but AoPS is easy! I reminded her about chapter 2. Her smile faded. Then, not thinking this was rebuke enough, I warned her about chapter 5, which I'd heard about here (maybe from wapiti). This was enough to get her to return to her work humbled and slightly unnerved. :tongue_smilie:
  12. LOL...there is so much pressure when posting on a relaxed thread, isn't there??? Somehow I missed the high school part in the first post. I'm a little hesitant to say anything else because I haven't dealt with high school yet, so it might all be flights of fancy. :tongue_smilie: Do keep us posted as you figure out what works for you!
  13. I started to respond, but then as usual on these relaxed threads I became befuddled. Are you wanting to maintain a relaxed feel with no schedules or schedules with a relaxed attitude? We are intense scheduled homeschoolers that spend much of our 8ish hour days happily working and often laughing. We take rabbit trails, but take care to never lose our direction entirely. Rabbit trails and changing directions are two different things. It's important to know the difference. I can answer from that perspective, but not the other one. If you are looking for how to not stress about not having schedules, I am clueless. ;)
  14. I find this thread interesting. I wonder if people are using the term relaxed in different ways. Does it mean no structure or no stress? One can have structure and be totally relaxed. One can have no structure and be stressed to the max. One can have no structure and no stress. Then there's having both structure and stress. Lots of combos. I guess I'm still unsure what relaxed means. It reminds me of trying to define rigor. ;) Or does it mean fewer subjects? I'm getting stressed just defining relaxed! :tongue_smilie:;)
  15. We stopped outlining in history until we were about halfway through WWS. I think we will now start outlining in history again to see how the skills are transferring to situations with less hand holding. We won't be outlining in history every day, though. This is just our approach. I'm sure there are others. :)
  16. Writing With Skill by Susan Wise Bauer :001_smile:
  17. Thanks! I saw your link for crayons. Did you ever find a sharpener that works with them?
  18. Thanks! What are you using for map drawing? Is that taught in these books or somewhere else?
  19. I am getting ready to order the book, but thought I would see if people actually used theirs before I spend the money. Sometimes books look good, but are only used a few times. Would anyone care to share experiences? Thanks!
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