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  1. The catch being that the technology at PAHS is nothing compared to WHA or WTMA. I would willingly and cheerfully pay a technology and/or admin fee for a more easily navigated, less clunky learning environment at PAHS. Obviously circumstances differ and not everyone, especially those with many children, is in a position to pay the extra fees. My point is that the fees aren't for nothing. There is an obvious return for the money.
  2. Thanks! How have you found the sizing? Is the sizing chart accurate?
  3. My teen didn't find the workload heavy. She did well on the subject test after the class. As always, she did test prep on her own as well, but I think the class was a solid foundation.
  4. Have you ordered much from this company? What are your thoughts on the clothing quality? Is the clothing good quality for everyday wear or is it more suitable for costume parties, festivals, etc. (Some of the clothing seems to be more costume/festival oriented and not something most people would wear on a typical day. Although maybe I just don't move in those circles.)
  5. Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I was thinking there was plenty of time for June subject test registration, but maybe not if we want a particular school.
  6. Looks like sizing down is probably the way to go. Thanks for the responses!
  7. Another question... Some of the items are listed on both the regular site and the outlet site. The price is the same. Does anyone know of any pros or cons of ordering form one site vs the other?
  8. Thanks! I checked measurements, and I'm in-between. My concern with going smaller is length. When you say they run large, does that include lengthwise as well?
  9. I've seen Soft Surroundings mentioned on the clothing threads from time to time. Would anyone be willing to share experiences with sizing? Any recommendations if you are between sizes? Sizes run thus: XS (2-4) S (6-8) M (10-12) etc. What if you between sizes? Such as 4/6 or 8/10 etc? With this company is it better to size up or down? Thoughts about sizing, quality, etc would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Oh no! Maybe I should edit my post to make it clearer! Oops! :laugh: Waiting is hard! I hope everything falls into place for you.
  11. I emailed WTMA and asked. They gave me a special preview, but I promised not to share. (Not really. No such luck. No preview given. ;) :laugh: ) The response was that class information will be updated around Feb 15. (I was going to say early June, but didn't want to panic anyone.... ;) ) From the schedules released from various schools thus far, I can tell that our scheduling for next year is not going to be nearly as smooth as the previous two years have been. We've already had to make difficult choices. I hope more difficult choices about classes aren't on the horizon... Best of luck to everyone! :cheers2:
  12. I often think it's to lure us in... ;) It almost worked! Again, the public school was willing, but I felt like we were a huge bother. Getting information was somewhat difficult. The private school practically rolled out the red carpet. I seriously considered enrolling my teen in the school after our experience. The attitude/vibe at public schools is sometimes that we opted out, so we should just stay out.
  13. We're mid-process with the private school here. This is our third testing with them. So far, so good. (We used a public school for our first round. They were willing, but the process was not nearly as organized and straight forward.)
  14. Our experience with WTMA science classes has been positive. The classes are secular and solid high school level. (Quite surprisingly, I've been more impressed with the science classes than the writing classes.)
  15. Thanks! Are the quizzes and exams on set dates or just when the student gets around to them? Are most of the students working through the class material every week or are there students at all different points of the class at any given time?
  16. I don't know if it will be offered next year or not, but this year they have a class called Philosophy & History of Science.
  17. I think this holds true in many spheres -- including the writing part of the contest. Even in horse shows sometimes judges have preferences for horse color or other factors that affect the judging. Both when my teen places in a contest and when she doesn't, I always mention that a different day or a different judge and the outcome might have been different. Hope and humility... a two-for-one special. ;) :hurray: to those students who placed! :grouphug: to those who didn't!
  18. Thanks! Do you have any insight into how the class is structured? Is it mostly group work or independent work? If it's a mix, how often is there required group work? Once a week, once a month, every day?
  19. It's not just programming either. There appears to be a shortage of *live meeting* computer science classes in general. :thumbdown: Edited for typo.
  20. I wonder if the PAHS Computer Science Principles class is any better?
  21. Thanks! Unfortunately the WHA class day/time won't work. Otherwise that probably would have been my first choice. Is AOPS still all text base for their classes?
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