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  1. I'm confused. I didn't say you did, did I? :) Although I suppose given the thread in general, someone might come to that conclusion. (Not because you said it, just from various posts.) I'm glad you posted this though. When you said kiddo did not do a ton, I didn't interpret that as meaning he didn't do multiple ECs just for the sake of doing them. I just read that as he didn't do many. Then I was surprised how many he did and how deep they were. That's why I commented what I did. :) (I had been just skimming posts in various threads and wasn't following this in depth, so maybe my response was out in left field. :laugh: )
  2. In some ways, isn't this a little sad, though? A teen who hasn't found a passion or path might experiment with activities instead and is therefore at a disadvantage, right? Thus being perceived as someone picking up ECs to check boxes. (Not the case here, thankfully, but it's something I've thought about in other situations.)
  3. I agree, but that wasn't my point. My point is that it seems perhaps we I should start phrasing things in a way that doesn't always compare. It seems there is quite enough of that in every facet of these teens' lives. It's a system gone mad. I can't change the system, but I can change how I act within that system. I can be honest in conversations that my teen has a solid list of ECs regardless if someone has more. She has enough. That's all that matters. (Enough to be in the running, not guaranteed admission -- that's crazy talk!) As it's been shown over and over, the kid who manages to survive with the most credits and EC's isn't always the one that's admitted. I just happened to respond to quark's post, and I know she was making the very point that you don't have to have the most to be admitted. I was just sort of wondering aloud about how comparison language sometimes colors what we are trying to say. I will say that I forgot this was the UC thread, and I was speaking in general. I've been on many similar threads today and perhaps posted on the wrong one. Mea culpa. ;)
  4. I agree, but still... when you look at what he did with the math research etc, it may not be 10 or 15, but they are also not insignificant ECs. I have the same reaction when I hear of kids "only" taking 6 or 7 APs. I know many kids take more than twice that, but that doesn't mean that 6 or 7 is nothing. I just wonder sometimes how our own language and the phrasing we use perpetuates the idea that more is more. For the record, I live in a bubble area as well, which is part of the reason I've been thinking about this lately.
  5. This is where everything seems a bit subjective... I look at what he did and think --WOW! That's a lot of extra-curriculars. Yes, I know there are kids that do many, many more. Still, the amount he did doesn't seem insignificant to me. BTW, congrats on the acceptances!! :hurray:
  6. Regarding advisors... My teen chose a mentor she was already working with on other projects. It's been nice to have someone that knows her and her goals and has a long-term connection with her. Some teens who didn't already have mentors have met with various people in the community before choosing. I know some parents on this thread have teens that have taken that approach.
  7. Bumping... Anyone have further comments or insights now that a few more months have passed?
  8. The field trip plan could quite possibly backfire. There may be no sudden change of heart. Instead there may a hearty farewell and pleas to not hurry back. Or, alternatively, there may be just an eye roll. ;) Food was not a feasible negotiating point here either. I'm not sure it should be anyway. In fact, sometimes my approach is just the opposite -- extra attention to the basics of good food, enough rest, and lots and lots of love from a safe distance. (A side note: Anorexia and other eating disorders can involve an aspect of control. Every family and every child is different, but introducing food in any way as leverage might not go as planned...)
  9. TechWife, How is your capsule wardrobe coming along? Are you still using the app?
  10. edited....just thinking aloud, which could lead to thread derailment!
  11. Rethinking effortless... I remembered something that I recently read (I can't remember where) that questioned the idea of "effortless" in regards to dress. Maybe effortless isn't the correct word to use. It takes effort to take care of one's self and one's clothes. Putting together a wardrobe -- capsule or otherwise -- takes effort. Rolling out of bed and going out in public in nightclothes (or clothes we slept in from the day before) is effortless. Somehow I don't think that's the look most of us are hoping to achieve... ;)
  12. All of the following can be done in a minimalist way or on a grand scale: capsule wardrobe that one can mix and match for several somewhat different looks complete outfits that can be worn in rotation identical sets of a signature uniform There are many variables to consider -- not the least of which is how minimalism is defined. So much is in the eye of the beholder. What may be minimalist for one is extravagant to another. All of the above wardrobes can produce polished, effortless looks. They each have pros and cons. Personality matters. Know thy self. (ETA: I'm not a minimalist. Less is not always more. ;) I have, however, at various times done a variation of all three wardrobes I've listed above. I've settled somewhat on the middle path. )
  13. In order for there to be used books to be given away freely or sold for super cheap prices, someone has to buy them new in the beginning. It takes people on both ends for the cycle to work. If you have the resources to spend on books, I wouldn't worry too much about what others spend. I consider money spent on books not only an investment in my family's future, but an investment in the future of the families who will be given the books some day down the road. Often books we've passed on to others have then been passed on again and again.
  14. Regarding defiance: I felt the same way about a video (I think it was a question/answer one) in which SWB makes a similar statement about their family dynamic and defiance. It seemed there could have been a better way to address the issue. I agree with your suggested statement recommending experts. :laugh: :001_wub: The idea of raising a strong and independent daughter is all fine and good until that moment when you realize you are indeed raising a strong and independent daughter. :svengo: (Maybe because of family dynamics, maybe in spite of them. Genetics and all that. ;) ) Knowing which behaviors are weeds that need to be pulled and which behaviors are wildflowers that need the right combination of nurturing, staking, and benign neglect is tough. tough. tough. Knee deep in of mud of defiance, visions of mountainsides covered with wildflowers are less frequent than visions of vans down by the river...
  15. How have you found the sizing with April Cornell? I agree about much of the clothing looking boxy. (At least from what I've seen on the website.) There seems to be quite a bit of extra fabric with some of the dresses. Is it overwhelming for daily wear?
  16. I agree. (An interesting aside: Charlotte Mason mentions something similar in one of her books.) I remember going through a period of disillusionment with various methods and feeling like a failure for not be able to follow any one path. Then it dawned on me that I wasn't at a point of failure, but instead we were in the midst of a period of growth. Now I can look back and see the beauty and magic of the path we took. That wasn't always the case. When we first veered off the path I'd envisioned and dreamed of for years and years, there were many, many dark nights of the soul... :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: to anyone feeling lost, confused, and alone on the path...
  17. I was told there would be changes when I emailed asking questions about the Rhetoric classes. I'm not sure if there's anything posted yet or not. I haven't seen anything. ETA: I might have misunderstood, but it is my understanding that more info about the updated classes would be available by Feb. 15 when registration begins.
  18. I'm curious as well. It's my understanding the Rhetoric classes are being revamped.
  19. I'm curious why you used so many online providers this past year. Did your son have 10 classes, including 3 APs? I'm presuming they weren't all of the same caliber -- live classes, etc. (ETA: We outsource everything as well, but unless we used multiple providers for some classes, I can't imagine needing 10 providers. We aren't doing 10 credits a year, so there's that...) Glad the costs are looking better for you this year!
  20. Given that I'm one of those who pick and choose curriculum providers (to the tune of 3-4+ different online schools each year), I understand exactly. I am still happy to pay the fees that allow for a better experience. I consider the fees a worthwhile investment.
  21. Edhesive classes can be listed as AP, correct? I couldn't find it listed on the site, but I'm presuming the syllabuses/syllabi have been approved. Does anyone know where to find this information?
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