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  1. My teen spends hours each week on several activities. She attends workshops and has a great working knowledge of these activities. She gets no school credit for them. They are serious ECs. When everything is a credit, what is an EC? Putting life into tidy little categories is tough..
  2. Is giving credit for driver's ed and other life skills common? I also wonder about EC vs credit. ETA: I also wonder about EC vs credit vs life skills that maybe don't need to be on the application at all.
  3. I read that as "she will have 30-31 credit hours next year." ? Talk about padding the transcript! 30-31 total for high school doesn't seem too over the top to me. We're having the opposite issue -- I'm wondering if my teen has too few. At least you can leave things off if you choose to!
  4. I'm listing them, but not calculating them in GPA. (Not that it matters, the GPA is the same either way -- weighted or unweighted. It just happened to be the case with the mix of classes.) Edited for clarity: The weighted isn't the same as the unweighted. The weighted with or without the classes is the same. The unweighted with or without is also the same.
  5. What made the math classes honors? Were they all AoPS? I was under the impression doing a class early doesn't make it honors, it makes it accelerated or just taken early. If it's not only supplementing that makes a class honors (it's the text used, etc), would you still leave off the provider? Did your son take AoPS classes? Did you leave off the provider?
  6. So if you felt honors would make a difference and the class was absolutely honors level, would you still list the provider and mark the class as honors (even if they didn't designate it as such) or leave the provider off?
  7. So you labeled Foerster's in 8th as honors, correct? Did colleges count it in the GPA given it was in eight grade? Did you list many eighth grade classes? What about classes that don't have any clear cut years? (They were spread unevenly over two or more years.) Is it better to pick a year to assign it to or list the classes by subject and don't list years? Would you mind elaborating on this? It's mentioned elsewhere in the thread about asking providers first -- is that required? There are some classes that we used an online class as the core and supplemented with other books and lab work and/or tutors to add depth and breadth. Do I need some sort of permission to label them honors? I plan to write a general explanation about what constitutes an honors class, as well as further details in each course description. I plan to list the course description that the providers gives, then add details about the extra work (depth/breadth). Does that sound sufficient? For what it's worth, she also has test scores which will hopefully be another way to validate honors designation. I don't want to come across as padding the transcript, but I also don't want to shortchange my teen. I know this is an old thread, but rather than start a new one, I thought it might be best to ask follow-up questions about some posts here. I would love to hear any other thoughts or suggestions as well!
  8. So is there a definitive answer?
  9. I'm not sure it's modesty. Maybe just the opposite: A belief in the strength of the application even without weighting the grades. ? In all seriousness, though, you are correct. Location and context definitely matter!
  10. Thank you, Sebastian! So helpful! And everyone else, too! Some parts of the Common App may have changed, but some of the tricky parts remain the same. This thread answers many of my questions. Thanks so much!
  11. It's my understanding that's a 5.0 grading scale. Hopefully someone else will chime in, though. ETA: I'm not so sure now. I've read arguments from various sources that say it's a 4.0 scale and others that say it's a 5.0 scale.
  12. Is anyone using (or has anyone used) unweighted GPA only?
  13. I may do quick drafts of a few different ways to present the information to see if one way stands out as the clear winner. If not, I'll just flip a coin... ?
  14. Will you just attach course descriptions for homegrown courses? There is a question in the homeschool section that asks for course descriptions for outside classes. Or will you still include all course descriptions in the attachment?
  15. Unless I'm misunderstanding, up to four transcripts can be added to the common app. What did you/are you sending? In another thread, a book list and course descriptions were mentioned as possibilities. Another option, in addition to the main homeschool transcript, might be transcripts or certificates from online schools. Any other suggestions or thoughts?
  16. Thanks! Somehow I missed that up to four transcripts could be added.
  17. Is anyone including a book list on the Common App this year? If so, where will you put it? I'm trying to decide whether or not to include one. Knowing how difficult it will be may help me decide. ?
  18. Is there a current master thread for Common App questions? I have read through many old threads from previous years, but some of the information doesn't apply to the current Common App. Here are links to recent questions. Feel free to add any I've missed! Common App: most recent grades on transcript Quick common app question College apps for homeschoolers Common App: Book List Common App question Transcripts by Subject Transcripts -- Up to four, what to send? Common app -- applicant ratings question Common App -- hopefully, my last questions! Common App -- Course descriptions a must? Academic References for Common App Common App question to the counselor and signature Common App shrinks my transcript! Academic References for Common App Course descriptions--include planned courses? Keeping a book list for colleges--what to include? Common App: Optional Questions Common App: Summer Activities High School motherlode #1 -- Starting High School / Tests + links to past threads! (Thanks, Lori. D!) High School motherlode #2 -- Transcripts/outsourcing + links to past threads! -- Transcripts/outsourcing, and links to past threads! (Thanks, Lori. D!) Going to College Motherlode (Thanks, Lori. D!)
  19. If there is any doubt about whether or not something would count, my suggestion would be to check with the regional program manager. Scroll down to find information regarding regional program managers. My teen has found our region's program manager to be quick to respond and helpful giving direction and clarification.
  20. I'm still not quite sure I understand. Is it the same as a parent/other adult account? I keep looking for an option that says "practice account" but maybe it's just referring to the parent/adult account. Sorry if I'm missing something totally obvious!
  21. How does one create a practice account? Is there a place to do that or did you just make a regular account using an alias? Apologies if it's been discussed and I missed it.
  22. Of course the stress of high school and college isn't the only contributing factor to suicide. That doesn't mean it never is and that it's not a real problem, particularly in some areas. Suicide is often the result of a perfect storm of nature and nurture. Environment matters. Not identifying a potential problem and addressing it as best we can might have tragic consequences. Of course there are no guarantees. Sometimes despite our best efforts these tragedies happen. In some areas unemployment may contribute to a rash of suicides. In other places, high levels of school stress contribute. Blaming is different than identifying a problem and taking concrete steps for positive change.
  23. It's interesting because there is a bubble here too, but my response has been the opposite -- don't qualify. Give as many specific details as possible (allowing for privacy) and try to leave out subjective comments. Let people make their own judgement about whether it's too many, not enough, etc. We've had opposite reactions due to opposite coasts! :laugh: :cheers2:
  24. My point was just that -- it's sad. This is reality. Acknowledging that doesn't mean I intend to alter anything. Although, I also won't claim to not care at all. I care to the degree I need to care. It would be foolish and costly not to. Life has all sorts of hoops. It's not just college. We each have to decide which ones are worth jumping.
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