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  1. We were able to do Latin and French at the same time. We started French in kindergarten, then Song School Latin in 1st. My 2nd grader now does them in parallel and doesn't mix it up. I used to try to space the lessons out so they weren't the same day or back-to back but now we can do that and it is not a problem.
  2. DD7 did FLL1 and skipped most of FLL2 though we did some ad hoc grammar and read Grammarland. We went ahead with FLL3 in 2nd grade and it has worked well.
  3. The first time round I planned things in advance and had a nifty weekly schedule. It helped in the beginning to become familiar with the materials and how long things were taking. Then planning did become a waste of time for us and now we follow more of a rough outline and "do the next thing".
  4. We just use the book and song CD.
  5. We are doing French and Latin concurrently with DD7. I used to be fluent in French and have been using L'Art de Dire and now L'Art de Lire. I am studying Latin myself for the first time with Henle, while DD just did SSL and is starting Prima Latina. She likes both and we will compare French and Latin words along the way. She hasn't had trouble keeping them straight, even if we sometimes study both in the same day (usually I try to alternate). Latin was a priority for all the reasons other posters have described over the years. I also love French and since preschool my kids have enjoyed the gentle introduction. It doesn't need to be a choice :)
  6. My DS 4.5 is starting K in the fall. He's reading at a 2nd grade level and moving quickly through Singapore 1A. I know his K teacher well since older DD had her 2 years ago and I met with her to let her know where he is at (though I don't volunteer what we are doing at home). I wouldn't worry about kids being bored to tears if they are advanced. There is a lot going on in kindergarten even if they arrive already reading and doing math. DS loves reading. I am so glad I released the brake a few months ago and let him race ahead. Same with math. From older DD's experience, being able to read comes in handy when they are ahead in class because the default activity for early finishers is to go to the library corner and read a book. Our main prep for K is to not interrupt and shout out answers when it is someone else's turn.
  7. We are finishing WWE2 and I am just starting to really see the writing benefits. The questions and narration has always been helpful, but Dictation did not seem to be adding anything and looking ahead to WWE3 and greater emphasis on Dictation had me reconsidering the entire program. In an earlier post, someone suggested watching the SWB YouTube videos and that changed how we do Dictation and it is working very well now.
  8. I wanted to like A Little Princess and we all did like Secret Garden. But we dropped ALP half-way through. Wind in the Willows was a shower gift from my best friend, and I am in my 3rd try at it. Mary Poppins also fell flat. I was surprised to not like Shel Silverstein now, which I loved as a kid.
  9. The Frog, too. But even now, when DD4 has to sound words out it is drawn out and the consonants end with vowel sounds. We'll just correct and repeat without the drawl and when she reads at a normal pace it goes away.
  10. We ended up starting with SSL, mostly oral and mostly relying on the CD (the 2nd half is ecclesiastical). The songs make it fun. Then it went fairly quickly to go through the book and learn the vocab. I am hoping the "Latin is fun" attitude will continue when we begin PL in a few weeks.
  11. DD was 5.5 and 1/2 way through K when we started SOTW 1. We listened to the audio (repeatedly) and did the questions and map work. I was amazed at what she retained, and the connections she would make to other stories, shows, or conversations. With SOTW2 we also listen to the audio but she reads the chapter too. I am glad we started younger. Ironically, it is harder to plan for my incoming K twins. They have tagged along for over a year now, but it is becoming a habit and I am not sure when to start SOTW formally and independently for them.
  12. I have rising K twins and a 2nd grader in public school. For K, we are using OPGTR and Bob Books for reading. We do Singapore Math (Essentials for one, 1A for the other) and some Right Start card games and Sum Swamp. We are also doing literature read alouds (Wizard of Oz, Little House on the Prairie). And Jim Weiss CD's. For the 2nd grader, we are doing more over the summer because we have the time. At minimum, she will begin Singapore 3A and do related math card games, read to me for 15 minutes from classic children's lit at a challenging level for her, and Writing WIth Ease.
  13. My twins will be doing L'Art de Dire, WWE1, and SOTW1 2nd semester. DD will be finishing Singapore Essentials B and OPGTR. DS will be working through Singapore 1A/B and chapter books.
  14. We just finished L'Art de Dire and have begun L'Art de Lire 1. It is clunky, though I bought the download version. I prefer the paperback form of SSL 1 which we are also using. But so far Nallenart is getting it done for beginning French. For other subjects we use a mix of clunky and downloadable, and slicker books so none of us are very turned off by format. We also use Rosetta Stone (slicker), French books and CD's and what French of mine has survived 20 years of being dormant. Nallenart is good for structure and worksheet practice and affordability. I don't LOVE it, but do recommend it.
  15. I second Ender's Game for Sci Fi. It is my go-to birthday and Christmas gift for boys around that age. I would also skip the others in that series.
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