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  1. @regentrude Thank you for your help! I've taken two courses at this university before, and in fact, both were summer intensives, which were fast-paced and required many hours during the week. I scored A's on both of them. Should I include this in my e-mail? I'm also going to be enrolled this year, with two other classes. Should I also include this in order to establish credibility? So basically, a rough outline: Hello such-and-such, My name is ____________, and I'm a 16 year old student currently enrolled in UTA's dual-enrollment program. This year, I am taking two courses with UTA (Astronomy and English), building on the classes I took during UTA's summer intensive a few months ago. However, I am interested in participating in classes that are related to my passion - filmmaking. I have been filmmaking for the past two years, and have produced a couple of short films. One of them, in fact, was recently chosen by the film organization Women.in.Film, as first place winner for their screenwriting contest, and was shown at the Angelika Theater this past summer. I would like to grow in my filmmaking experience, so when I found your class, __________, I was extremely pleased. I believe it would be a great help to me in building in my filmmaking experience. I would like to ask permission to sit in on your class for this semester. Just to observe and learn from other filmmakers engaged in the process would be highly beneficial to my educational and filmmaking career. (Should I say something like, I promise not to cause disruptions, and will only observe and watch?) Then...closing lines, Sincerely, the end. It seems that there is a lot missing, and many parts need editing. What would you guys suggest? Thank you again! :)
  2. I'm a 16 year old junior in high school, and I'm taking two dual-credit courses at my local university. However, since the college only lets dual-credit kids take two classes per semester, I was forced to leave off one course I really wanted to take - a prerequiste to a filmmaking course. Now, it might not be impossible to attend the class after all. I'm considering contacting the professor of the course, and asking him if I can sit in on his class. It's a class that's pretty interactive, however (writing, making shorts, etc.) so it's a toss up if he'll let me in. Should I e-mail him, perhaps linking him to a few of my own short films? Or just wait till next year? Thank you for your help! :)
  3. Thank you Nan and Creekland! :) I agree that taking Physics right now with a remedial math class is not such a good idea. So perhaps, for my 2nd "junior" year, my schedule would look like: ENGL 1302 @ CC (I have to take the second prerequisite) for the first semester, and in the second semester, a literature class. Environmental Science @ CC Remedial Math, or if I pass my Math Aptitude Test, College Algebra @ CC German III with my Tutor at home Sociology 3339 @ CC, which is something like Race, Sport, and Sexuality in Media. EC's include writing and publishing a book of poetry, voice lessons and performances, and entering film festivals with shorts and features. Does this sound feasible?
  4. Hi! I'm planning the rest of my high school courses, and I need some advice. :) I came into homeschooling in my 8th grade year; however, I was actually jumping from 6th grade to 8th grade, so I'm a 16 year-old who's going into her senior year. But I am not quite prepared for applying to colleges, so my parents and I have decided that I can "re-do" my junior year. At least I won't be behind in age difference. Moreover, I was wondering if I spent the next two years bulking up my courseload with dual-credit classes at my local university (University of Arlington in Texas to be specific), would it be a good idea? I've already taken two college courses this summer (just prerequisites in English and Sociology). For example, I would try to take an English class (unfortunately, another prerequisite, which isn't quite good-looking in colleges eyes), another Sociology class, a remedial math class (Algebra 2 doesn't get along with me), and possibly Physics. Rest of classes are with a tutor or in a home course, and I do the same with senior year. That way, I could possibly begin college already a semester ahead, and in two years, transfer to a better university. Is this a good, or even plausible plan?
  5. Hi! I've been working with the David G. Myers Psychology curriculum for awhile now, but I seem to be flying through the book without any real reinforcement, other than the weekly test. What are some good supplements and additions to a 11th grade Psychology curriculum, from extra books, movies, or community activities? Always appreciated :)
  6. Well, here it goes. TRANSCRIPTS. I'm in 11th grade, and horribly so, as I have yet to construct a transcript/course descriptions for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. Nothing. Nada. I've only started recording grades in 10th, so let's just say everything is a bit frazzled. Where could I start? What are some recommended formats? I'm currently taking AP Euro History, AP Literature (both with PA Homeschoolers), Psychology, Algebra II, German II, and an elective of film editing with Premiere CS6. Remember, this is a student who's considering majoring in Creative Writing or Comparative Literature or Germanic Studies at colleges such as Northwestern and UC Berkeley - even Columbia. If you all could point to a path, send a message in the sky, hand me some directions, something, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you! :D
  7. @brandigirl Could you relate the name of the book dear patron? :D
  8. Well hello there :) Long time, no type :D I'm going into my Junior year, and I'm looking for a good, thorough Psychology curriculum. I've googled and stalked local bookstores, but no luck. Any high school Psychology curriculums you guys recommend? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am actually the student. Yes, I agree the German. However, next year, I am going to taking a community college German 2 class (this year, I met a wonderful tutor. She teaches German classes and invited me next year).
  10. Do you think this schedule is weak, especially in terms of highly-selective colleges? Grade 10: History of Old Testament (Review of Bible Chapters, Writing Papers, Tests, ect.) Chemistry AP Language (Online class) AP US History (Online class) Geometry German 1 Do you have any recommendations or thoughts? Thank you!
  11. I used to get up at 8 am, do little school work, procrastinate, and do the rest of school work until nighttime. But then I realized how stupid that was, and made a different schedule. I get up at 4 (in the morning!), work till about 10am, then I have the rest of the day for my extracurriculars, practicing singing, relaxing, or any extra studying. I've noticed I have more energy in the early morning, and I do my school work best at those hours(weird,huh?) It's practically super quiet, so I just focus.
  12. Hello! I'm taking APUSH and AP Lang with PA Homeschoolers right now. I'm in 10th grade. I'm doing good in both classes, and I am handling it. But, on the other hand, I am working my butt off and doing EVERY required assignment. In APUSH, a DBQ is a Document-Based-Question. Basically, you write an essay and consider a lists of documents to write your essay with.
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