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  1. I normally make them wait until after school time because I can be a little ocd about checking off my boxes. I think I need to look into this Liberty Kids series. It sounds great!
  2. :iagree: I did not take Latin as a student but can see now that I am teaching my son (and learning too) that it would have made other language study easier. Latin is a wonderful base for the romance languages but also for understanding English more. You really can do a lot in two years that will benefit him in his later schooling.
  3. The only thing I've used so far is My Father's World. We are currently doing Adventures and love it. It is structured, uses books and has some notebooking. Not all of the recommended books are included, though. You have to supplement some with library books for the independent reading/browsing time. If that totally isn't what you are looking for, at least this will give you a bump in the list to get more suggestions! :D:D
  4. So , would you say it is not too much for a first grader to do the 1st grade stuff and join in with the older one(s) or is the 1st grade curr enough?
  5. Does anyone know if the geography game is in the 1st ed?
  6. This is good to know! We actually gave up on PLL after about 12 weeks this year because of the amount of writing/copying involved. My ds was writing enough with other things that PLL was such a "burden." I really like the simplicity of the lessons so will be looking for the workbook.
  7. Thank you, Crystal! My dd in K does join in with the science and Bible that ds is doing in ADV most of the time. She goes through spells where she wants to be involved a lot and others where she can't wait to get out of the schoolroom! Did you ever do 1st grade with MFW?
  8. My dh hunts so I am comfortable around shotguns and rifles. I would like to learn to use a handgun eventually--knowledge is power after all! ;) My dh has talked about getting his cc, but I don't see myself ever carrying. I can barely keep up with my cellphone these days! :tongue_smilie:I do fully support the right to cc.
  9. Thank you. That makes me feel better.:D
  10. After reading some other threads, I was thinking maybe I could save ECC for 8th, 6th and 3rd grade with my first three kids and do Galloping the Globe next year with my oldest two who will be in 3rd and 1st. Any thoughts on that? Please help!
  11. My oldest is doing ADV this year, and our plan is to do ECC next year. That being said, does that mean that all of my younger children will never do ADV? I don't know why, but that part is confusing to me. Won't they miss out on what ADV is all about? Besides the 2nd grader, I also have a K, 3yo and 9mo. Thanks for any help! Diana
  12. We used Singapore this year for 1A and 1B and loved it. We only did the workbook and textbook because I honestly didn't know the others existed. If my ds breezes through 2A as well, I 'll be looking for the IPs. Thanks everyone!
  13. So funny! That had not even occurred to me when reading the choices. Made me smile!!
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