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  1. I actually prefer reading on the Ipad to the Nook (B&N e-reader). I find the Nook too "dim" and the screen too small for my 42 year old eyes. I can adjust the contrast and text size on the Ipad until it is just right.
  2. Oops... I should also mention that he can test out of any of the charter school courses, so there is nothing restricting him from taking either Geometry or Algebra 2/Trig in seventh grade. So far, option 1 looks like the way to go... Thanks for all of your quick replies!
  3. Hi everyone, My son is young (10, going into 6th grade) and gifted in math. Last year he completed the Art of Problem Solving (AOPS) Algebra 1 (on our own) and LOF Algebra. I am debating what to do this year. He may be going to traditional school for grades 7-12, so I would like him to fit into the regular math sequence, and to take the AOPS online classes rather than completing them on our own, so that we have grades and documentation. My three options for sixth grade are: 1- Introduction to Number Theory and Introduction to Probability and Counting 2- Algebra 2 and Introduction
  4. My husband went to medical school at the University of California, Irvine, and my sister-in-law went to medical school in the Caribbean at Ross University. She is now working in a nursing home - she specialized in Geriatrics. She didn't have a problem finding a job, but she did enter a field where there is more demand. I would think it is probably easier from a Caribbean medical school to get into the more in demand, "general" (and lower paid) residencies like Internal Medicine, GP, FP, or Pediatrics than to try to get into a competitive residency like Dermatology or Cardiology from a Carib
  5. We are reform Jews, and secular homeschoolers. Our kids do attend religious/ Hebrew school, but that is not part of our homeschooling day. In our large synagogue, I believe we are the only homeschoolers...?! From my experience, it seems that very few Reform/ Conservative Jewish parents homeschool... many of them are almost fanatical about the PS system, and I find myself having to constantly defend our reasons for choosing this path.
  6. We live in Southern California, and were told the replacement value on our pool is about $75K. The is for a large, lighted/heated, freeform, gunite pool with a diving board one one end and a built-in spa with waterfall on the other. There is also quite a bit of flagstone hardscape around the spa and edge of the pool. We're glad it was already installed when we bought the house! I've always believed that if you want a pool, it makes a lot more sense to buy a house that already has one, if possible. You usually don't get all that pool installation money back when you go to sell.
  7. Our neighbors have a pair. They both work, and exercise the dogs at night. The dogs sometimes get out, and they have to run down the street chasing them and apologizing because they are not friendly to our kids or our two dogs. We have a lab mix and a golden retriever, so our kids are comfortable around dogs, but are intimidated by all the ruckus caused by these two. Personally, I think they are best suited to a 20-something couple without kids, preferably triathletes or at least marathon runners...
  8. Both my kids qualified in both Verbal and Math, and we attended the award ceremony just out of curiosity. They had a speaker talk about the CTY programs, and then handed out certificates to the kids. After walking up to receive his certificate, my son commented that it "felt strange to win an award just for completing a test." :-) We haven't taken any of their classes or camps, because they are very expensive. We were hoping that they would offer merit scholarships because our kids scored so high on the SCAT, but no such luck.
  9. I'll wait for your reply! Although now I feel guilty that I'm on here rather than cleaning the garage...
  10. How do you teach these? I just received the books. Does anyone have any suggestions? It looks very different from Caesar's English and the Voyage series. Thanks! Laurie
  11. Life of Fred, for 4th grade up. Kids can do it on their own if it is done as review.
  12. Thanks for your replies! I checked out the "Hey Andrew" website and it says "Biblical Greek." What does that mean? We are Jewish. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, Please offer some feedback on my plans for my rising 6th grader: Math: Finish AOPS Introduction to Algebra (we are currently on chapter 15); AOPS Introduction to Number Theory Language Arts: MCT Word Within the Word, MCT Magic Lens, MCT Essay Voyage (he completed MCT Voyage series/ Caesars II this year with the exception of the writing where he is a level behind) Literature: Literary Lessons of Lord of the Rings; extra reading and read-alouds History: Finish Hakim History of Us series books 6-10 (did Hakim books 1-5 this year,; we finished SOTW in 4th) Science: Science
  14. How cute! I think she would look great in a one-length bob that just brushes her shoulders, a little longer in the front than the back, with some wispy bangs. You could always add some clips to the sides... wish I had little girls to dress up! I had one of those "Dorothy Hamill" cuts in the 1970s when I was little... hated every minute of it and have not had short hair since. I would nix the really short hair...
  15. My son finished Singapore 6B, including CWP and IP, in 3rd grade. In 4th grade we completed a PreAlgebra book (McDougall-Littell) used in the public schools here, just to make sure we were not missing anything. I'm glad we did, as this was his first exposure (I think, I'm trying to recall here) to negative integers, polynomials, surface area/ volume of 3D shapes, and several other topics that are included in our state (California) standards for 7th grade. We did only the guided practice and challenging word problems in each chapter, and then spent the rest of our math time working through
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