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  1. Hi all I will be doing modern world history with my 12th grade ds this fall. We are using A Short History of Western Civilization along with TTC Foundations of Western Civilization II. I will be having him write some essays and a longer research paper for the course but am looking for some other project type ideas for him. Does anyone have some suggestions for things they have done with history to make it more than reading and paper writing? Thanks Chris
  2. Hi all, Since SWB does not have a modern world history text published yet, can anyone recommend a good book for my rising senior? I am looking for something to use as a spine that I will build literature, documentaries, etc around. Thanks Chris
  3. I have the solutions manual. The ISBN # is 0-13-237215-0.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I do believe he needs more practice so that he can develop a systematic approach to solving them. I ordered the Algebra 2 Word Problems and we will see if that helps his understanding.
  5. Hi all, My ds is struggling with word problems. We are using DO precalculus this year and the class is going very well except for this one area. He can understand and work through the examples he is show in the text but when it comes to something different than what he is shown, he really struggles. He is a bright kid and a good math student. Can anyone suggest some resources we can use to help him in this one area? Thanks in advance! Chris
  6. Sorry I havent been on for awhile. I just pm'd you.
  7. Yes, Jetta my ds is the one who wants to be an actuary. Thanks for all the great responses! The water is much clearer now. Because he is going to be a math major, I want the foundation to be strong. We will easily get to calculus before he graduates so we are going to stop the algebra and trig book after chapter 12 and pick up precalculus in the fall. I don't want to short change him in any way and I think the year of precalculus will cement all the concepts before we tackle calculus. Thanks again everyone! Chris
  8. I am looking for some help in order to determine what math my ds should start in the fall. We are currently working through the Foerster Algebra and Trigonometry text for Algebra 2. We plan on finishing the book by mid-July (we didn't start the text until January). I have the Math without Borders DVD and Foerster precalculus text for the fall. I thought my plans were set until I talked with a friend today. We were discussing online math classes and I was telling her about my search for an online precalculus class a few months ago. At that time, I came across the Veritas Press online academy. I was telling her their precalculus class uses chapters 9-15 of the Algebra and Trig text as their precalculus. So she questioned me about having my ds complete another precalculus book when he will already have covered what Veritas Academy considers precalculus. Now the waters are muddied for me. My question is: Would there be an issue moving to calculus in the fall after covering the precalculus topics in the Foerster Algebra and Trig text? Would he be missing something by not completing a precalculus text? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Sue, If he completed Abeka pre-algebra, he may find MUS Algebra 1 very easy ( I have tutored with MUS Algebra 1). I have used MUS with two of my dc. My dd used geometry through precalculus and my ds used parts of the Algebra 2. Does your ds have any career goals in mind? I ask because I am not sure it will adequately prepare a child who is considering a stem field (IMHO). My dd is currently an English major at the local state university. She used MUS geometry, Alegbra 2 and precalculus. It was a good fit for her as she is good at math but does not like it at all. I feel MUS served her well. Prior to using MUS she had completed Lial's Introductory Algebra and before that we used Abeka. She had no trouble transitioning to MUS from Lial's and Abeka and she did 90% of her work independently. I would however check her daily work to make sure she was understanding the concept. My ds started the year with MUS algebra 2. He used TT for geometry and Lials Introductory algebra for algebra 1. He is a STEM kid and wants to be an actuary. He quickly became bored and so we switched to Foerster Algebra and Trig using the Math Without Borders DVDs. He is thriving in this text. It is challenging and takes things to a level MUS does not. I check his daily work but he watches the daily DVD lesson and then completes the problem set. We choose to work the problems that have the DVD solutions and it is plenty. So I guess what I am saying is to assess where your child is and what their future goals may be. Can a child use MUS and go on to be a STEM major? Sure and many have. I do feel MUS gives a solid basic high school math education. It may just fit the bill for what you need. Chris
  10. I wish we would have used the Foerster text for Algebra 1. We used the Lial text Introductory Algebra. It was ok and got the job done but I like Foerster so much more!
  11. I have used both Saxon and MUS at the higher levels. Saxon's incremental approach and method did not work for any of my dc. MUS worked very well for my dd who is now an English major at our local state university. This year I started my ds out on MUS algebra 2. By November he came to me and said he felt it was too easy. So we pulled the Foerster text off the shelf and have never looked back. He is thriving with this curriculum. This is a great text for the why of math. There are plenty of real life application problems that are multi-stepped and my ds's problem solving skills have taken off this year. I can say there is no comparison between the Foerster text and MUS. The Foerster text delves into concepts in a way MUS does not. In addition the problems are so much more involved than MUS. MUS has its place and it works for many students such as my dd. However my ds has aspirations of being an actuary and will therefore be a math major. MUS was not enough for him but Foerster provides the challenge and foundation he needs. He likes the text and the MWB DVD's so much that he wants to continue with precalculus in the fall.
  12. We are using it right now with my DS. He is using the Algebra 2 Foerster text. We like the DVD. It has been helpful because David Chandler shows some ways to do things that the book does not. In addition we use the problem sets that he works out on the DVD. It is nice to have the worked out solutions. We don't always watch the lesson nor do we always need the DVD solutions. However it's nice to have that option available and IMHO you can't beat the price. We like it enough that I already ordered the precalculus DVD and are looking forward to the availability of the DVD for calculus his senior year.
  13. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed. Not sure why I wasn't turning some of this up in my search! Chris
  14. I am planning on using Understanding Basic Statistics next year for my ds. This is the book used by Chalkdust. I have the video and books and am trying to work out a schedule. Has anyone used this book in the past and could offer some advice? It looks like we could possibly do this in a semester? I have tried searching for a syllabus for this and am striking out. Thanks Chris
  15. I am familiar with all except Bridgeway and Buxmont. We use Mason Dixon and I know several families that use Susquehanna, PHAA and Erie. I know these three are open to anyone. Chris
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