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  1. I don't know that you have to wait for Narnia. We listened to the audio books years ago and all of my kids are reading Narnia this year and loving it. Momto2Cs here has a great breakdown of books and influences to Narnia on her blog (http://fromtherootsup.blogspot.com/search/label/Narnia). Your leading up to years have a lot of them! Anyway, I find it helpful for my kids (who are quite close in age) to work together ... I just expect more or less depending on the child. For us it helps foster the family culture we're trying to develop.
  2. The videos up at CiRCE right now are wonderful! I've listened to the first three and will listen to 4 today. I've followed CiRCE stuff for years, so the 2012 thread wasn't all new to me, but it helped me to relax and breathe a little bit.
  3. My daughter loves Heidi, 5 Children and It, The Railway Children. My son likes Our Island Story. My other daughter likes the same ones. We like Kara Shallenberg as a reader.
  4. BBC Dance Mat Typing For practice my kids use NitroType. Both free online.
  5. Pam, Homeless Bird was perfect! I preread it last night and this morning and assigned it to M-girl :) Thanks! I'm still open to other suggestions about books set in India for a 9 year old, though!
  6. It's on here too, though our Buckeyes are already out. Pout. It's the only time I watch much basketball. I didnt do a bracket this year though.
  7. OK, I think I'm through my Joan Smith binge. I don't remember the last time I shirked my responsibilities and read 10 books in a week. (3 in the last couple days) All told, since last Wednesday I read: Winter Wedding Imprudent Lady Lace for Milady The Waltzing Widow The Governess (Not Joan Smith, not really worth reading, choppy, poorly edited, self published, but a quick read. It seems likely I'll read the next installment.) Escapade Endure My Heart Little Coquette (terrible title, maybe my favorite ... murder mystery plus romance. Came awfully close to my "clean enough" line, though. You are forewarned) An Infamous Proposal Never Let Me Go (different, modern-day, weird supernatural psychic stuff) The first bunch were on Kindle. The last 3 were LARGE PRINT books from my library. My husband looked askance. In one week, I read a third of my goal for the year and nothing by or about C S Lewis. I plan to be back to my regular programming tomorrow ...
  8. I'm reading super extra fluffy fluff with extra fluff. I am on my 5th Joan Smith title. I read a horribly edited self published romance novel on Kindle. Really needed some help, but it was an easy and quick read.
  9. Shukriyya .... You'rekilling me. You're going to reveal me for the llightweight reader I am! LOL. I still don't think I liked it (but was glad I read it). [sigh] I, in comparison, am reading my third Joan Smith book of the week. AggieAmy, for this I blame you! (I also requested the 3 my library system has. In LARGE PRINT. I'm 90 or something) I read Imprudent Lady too. Now I'm 23% into Lace for Milady from this morning. I'm tempted to say I like her better than Heyer; more varied characters, settings, and plots. I should be reading Till We Have Faces or cleaning my house or doing laundry. But maybe another day ...
  10. My husband came home from a meeting last night where he talked with a work acquaintance who has a 31 year old and a 5 year old. They realized it was real when their grandchild called him "Uncle Baby" I say go for it! If they can start over after 26 years, 8 is nothin'!
  11. AggieAmy recommended Joan Smith's Winter Wedding a couple of weeks ago, so I sent it to my kindle. Started it yesterday, finished this morning instead of waking the children :). Nice little Regency romance. An author worth keeping in mind for a quick, light read. Thanks Amy!
  12. Sorry ... A social group here. (mobile, so have an ugly link http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/forum/216-midwest-homeschool-convention/) Some of us have been chatting on fb too :)
  13. I read Wolf Hall last year. I never got to the totally absorbed, mania reading of it; I struggled with it the whole time, but was glad in the end that I read it. I wrote a review, and think some of the stylistic choices that drives readers a little crazy, Mantel made were purposefully. It's definitely worth sticking with.
  14. I finished That Hideous Strength this morning while waiting for my children to awaken. It was wonderful, although I was left wanting more tying up of loose ends. I'm glad I finally tried out the series this year. It was worth the time investment. I think reading an annotated version of this and some of Lewis' backing ideas and allusions would be fascinating. I haven't written a review yet, but I have to think about this one a little longer.
  15. Thank You! Still looking for India too ...
  16. I'm still reading That Hideous Strength ... but I'm close to done. I like it quite a bit. My son was asking for books about China to read, and I found Grace Lin's Starry River of the Sky at the local teacher/bookshop. The proprietor gave me her Where the Mountain Meets the Moon on audio CD to listen to (Newberry Honor). We listened to that on some of our weekend driving, am looking forward to finishing it. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Daddy is riding with us ... he hates to miss out on stories. It's excellent so far, so I'm thrilled about the other one (I had chosen it because it has a boy protagonist). If you know of any similar literature for India for a 9yo girl who reads very well (devouring Redwall books right now), I'm all ears ...
  17. Oops. I misread it. I dont keep my to-read list there.
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